Saturday, February 27, 2016

Gods Descending

Office of the Vaster

God services the vastness. From the greatest to the smallest. The "wicked" are supported to experience greater extensions of the one substance via experience. The vehicle is the breath. The moment is where the momentum is created to extend into spheres of new consciousness and expanded awareness. Identity creates involutions and derivations of previously unexplored and unknown. Isolation serves as a catalyst and the corpuscle nature of life, human, expression allows for a dipping down into unknowingness. There is a point where the compulsion to re-connect becomes so strong as to be irresistible. The habits acquired in solitude may have so entwined themselves as to prevent the physical return and this will be accomplished after a soul/Spirit leaves Earth.

There is no judgement in this entire landscape. However, the impetus is expansion, more knowing, continued life. The structure of the physical and e-motional design focuses on pleasuring, sensing and experiencing yet an apparent paradox indicates that pain is the sponsor of pleasure. Pressure invites ease and comfort and "rewards" the process by the cessation of the pressure and/or pain.

There is no possibility of "left to our own devices" - even the stuff that comprises the greater vehicle for consciousness exudes knowing and connection - to love. The perfection of harmony and operation challenges human awareness, yet performs always without a single interrupt.

To embrace and enjoy this process of expansion, of what could be called appreciation is a major point. Allowing One's Love to infiltrate one's inner knowingness of Beingness is the way this is happening. Each breath includes these always existing energies but are now catalyzing a major shift for individuals. The was pre-ordained.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

For You

For You 

Who is this 
Who am I 
We are Immersed in sensual expression 
Pressing from Endless Love 
Combining and Sharing in tangled 
Blending smoothly in twisted embrace 
You, My Love 
Awaken in my heart, its knowing 
Moving through experiences 
Love's kind embrace 
You catalyze the fires of my soul 
To origins unknown in this form 
But altogether sourcing 
All That Is 
I Am That 
But without you I could not extend 
My Masterpiece 
I complete you, in my fitting 
Into your Deep Love composure 
Feelings so deep 
Forever's angst 
To couple and share our essences 
In human form 
As angels dancing