Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Process

Digestion (processing)

The Source is our Breath
The Field is the the imagination
Grounding is "Reverence for Life" (Golden Way ~ Jesus) ~ Andy Skadberg

from journal 3/25/13

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Building Bridges of Service

Today I decided to revisit some of my older blogs. This one is still appropriate, I believe.
Sunday, September 7, 2008 

from my Solomon Source blog

Today the idea that has been bubbling around my head is of building bridges. There is this desperate "reality" of locked-up systems - of money and encumbered bureaucratic entities. Dealing with these "apparent" obstacles and entities is exhausting if one finds oneself falling into the trap of frustration and resistance - as per the amazing quote from Carl Jung "What you resist, persists".

However, during this very reflective time, since the beginning of 2008, I have come to believe, and now know, that this "reality" of systems is only as real as we believe. We human-beings made it this way - we can change it.

In the past year I have been exposed to people who are spiritually and consciously advanced so far that I have to stretch myself beyond my current thinking paradigm to grasp a small portion of their message. And yet as I make the effort, I find my problems and struggles melting away like ice in summertime. These beings (and there have been beings through the ages who have been similarly enlightened) show me that there are dramatic changes happening in the world and the "Golden Age" is coming.

And yet, on the other hand, I work and see and meet people who are so far away from this "new reality"- many people walking the streets, working at their jobs, struggling with their families and lives. They cannot comprehend much beyond their day to day existence. How are we to assist these people?

I think this is about building bridges. We need to bridge the gap between these two, apparently, disparate realities. Another idea along these lines would be one of an "interpreter". Since I began my professional career in the early 1980's, I have found myself in positions where I can see both sides of situations. I won't bore you with examples, but the most distinct is between "scientists" and people who needed their knowledge. It has been my observation that most scientists are not very interested in "interpreting" what they learn down to the level of the lay person. In fact, it seems that often the various disciplines actually encourage their science to be more and more obscure, complex and incomprehensible to us "regular folks". And yet when this new knowledge can get into people's minds and hands, sometimes astounding changes are brought about. Two acclaimed scientists who were the exception to the rule are Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan. They both saw that the contribution they could make to the world was dependent upon "the masses" understanding what they had discovered. I believe both of these enlightened individuals made their respective sciences meaningful to everyone. And their influences continue even after their deaths.

So, what does this all have to do with Solomon Source? Well this is a Blog, and so it can be based on random thought, and yet these ideas have been in my mind since my Leisure Studies degree began in 1984. I am not suggesting that I am in the league of these great scientists, but I see that there are important "gaps to fill", or "bridges to build".

I see that we need to start connecting the dots of the fragmented "reality" that science has helped create. We need to put the pieces of the "puzzles" together (in context) and communicate applied, pragmatic solutions to people who are struggling day to day with survival. In language that they can comprehend. This was the vision of the Land Grant University system (an idea signed in law by Abraham Lincoln) - and Extension was to be the vehicle. However, this area of Service has fallen way short of its intended goal, in my opinion. For more great thoughts on the role of the Land-Grant, look into John R. Campbell's (past president of Oklahoma State University) work
"Reclaiming a Lost Heritage: Land-Grant & Other Higher Education Initiatives for the Twenty-First Century"

Additionally, we need to be building bridges between the great spiritual truths that are being broadcast globally on a scale that is mind-boggling. Not just as a "get rich quick" scheme, but as a solution to people's day to day struggles. Introduce to people that life is not just a series of problems and obstacles to be overcome, but one of abundance, joy and true freedom. One that is guaranteed since the beginning of human experience on this planet, it's all a matter of our thoughts and conscious awareness. We can deliver a message that will allow people to understand that they can create their own individual "new reality" based on what is truly valuable. As Earl Nightengale suggested - the BEST things in life are free - family, friends, love, life!

We won't necessarily be able to deliver this message from a pulpit or a mountaintop. I think this message will be delivered over the bridge through a true desire to be of Service. A bridge that disregards, and melts the idea of separation, in any form. A bridge that is based on what the greatest teachers have suggested to us in all their messages. That bridge is Love.

All the Best - Andy