Thursday, September 30, 2010


Breathe . . . .
Breathe . . . .
deeply Breathe . . . .
slowly . . . look around
keep breathing . . . noticing
feel your eyes blink
notice the sensations on your skin
your feet
remember to notice
your breath
are you thinking?
are you hungry?
be calm, breathe slowly
notice the wind
the sunshine
relax . . .
enjoy . . .
pay attention
remember to breathe noticeably, consciously
as often
as possible . . .


Attempting to capture in words -
collective expressions, limitations.
How to describe the essence of a flower,
The feeling of connection, to anything,
The experience of thunder and lightening,
The rapture of sensations of attention placed on toes in the sand.
How can I describe the rain on my face?,
or on my tongue.
The satisfaction of a cool drink on a hot summer day.
A label is a very limited way to describe,
much less explain all the fullness of life,
in any one moment, if one stops to notice -
the breath flowing in,
the little aches and pains,
the joy of embrace of one loved,
the experience in fullness at sunrise or sunset.
Where could I possibly begin?
To describe just one day, one hour, one moment,
of my life, my thoughts, my feelings.
I cannot . . .

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Future Speaks - a Message from Ashira

a message from Ashira channeled by Meredith Murphy
Saturday, 25 September, 2010

Recognizing what is to come, the New Human looks forward with delight and awe at both what has been accomplished and what is emerging, and in being thus focused, creates.

The Future Unfolds in the Present: The Future Speaks.

Anticipation reaches new heights as the unfolding that is taking place now is beyond all measure; it can only be felt within. The lightness of the energy is an indicator of the ethereal qualities of the new, higher frequency space in which more and more of you are predominantly residing, and within this sphere the level of delight is palpable and sustained!

Beyond this, you may anticipate a new human culture beginning to take shape and form. You have experienced flashes of this in your virtual communities together, and what is to follow is the coming together of couples, communities and shared efforts in the space where you live and are—whereas many of the communal experiences you have had prior to this have been online or energetic.

The new human exists simultaneously in all these relationships. You relate to one another energetically. Across georgraphy and dimensions. You relate to one another sitting side by side—and with a local orientation as well as a sense of essence and the expansive game in which you are participating—all at the same time. This is the crafty skill of flowing your focus! Learning to perceive and accommodate multiple inputs and extensions of you—multiple points of view—into your now experience with ease and effortlessly. Here is the new mode of being which you might begin to play with and explore. How might you “stretch or alter time” as a construct such that you can accommodate all of this naturally in
the flow of experience with yourself and others? You are masters at this! You have done this before. Take a “moment” to remember. {smile}

The New Earth is becoming increasingly populated. More and more find their way here; although some do not even yet realize what is taking place as they have moments of total presence, and thus expansive freedom and joy.

The remaining beings who have not yet experienced this newly minted frequency of Earth, are suffering. You can tell them easily for their physical bodies are not even yet going through, consciously, the awakenings you have all felt—no, what is noticeably is the acceleration of emotional drama, financial issues. Fear and self-loathing are being pulled forth into their experience in such fierce and persistent ways!

Their experience is intensifying so much so, that you are hardly able anymore to create a bridge for these folks to cross and follow. Which is perfect and fine—for as you remember that’s not your role anyway!

No, you cannot assist, influence or support them. The inner urgings must preside over the terror of the mind. The shift must come from noticing and beginning to attune to the heart. A sincere desire to find their way must be accompanied by listening to themselves with love and interest. As they begin to listen to their deepest cries from within, as they run out of all other alternatives for possibly escaping this enormous intensification of pain, as they begin to let go and with
compassion to listen to their most treasured desires for experience, they will find their way.

The path has been paved well and you may rest easy knowing your work has been done.

Which we recently reminded you of! And so? It’s onto the art of creating, and embracing your own I AM presence, your own eternal divinity as a specific and unique focal point of All-That-Is, Source diversified, and in a human vessel! A human vessel now being remade--for a permanent metamorphosis is taking place—and the prior version of humanity will no longer exist at some point when the momentum is so great that all will either tip over into spontaneous expression of this newness or dissipate energetically into the void, returning to source to be spun off again, and chose once more—identity, focus and orientation for experience.

The remaining energies of the new earth coming forth are living within YOU. It is up to you to cultivate your imagining. How long has it been since you spent long hours lying on your back, looking at the sky, or with your eyes closed, simply dreaming?

Conjuring up all kinds of possibilities, exploring them—honing them until they felt shimmery in their alignment and perfection, and YOU were filled with unbridled enthusiasm and excitement! This is what we long to witness—YOU from your new platform of expanded identity imagining what suits and resonates entirely with your perspective.

Oh let the music begin! For this is how it will be—the vibration of your song will create the forms of experience that inspire and harmonize with others. The new earth exists as seeds within each of you—which are to be hybridized and cross pollinated, planted as is—in whatever way you see fit, ALL heirlooms of the lush dominion of each experience in which you saw an opportunity to enhance, expand and express through your focus.

Consider the space around you—natural or built—how would you like it to feel? What surfaces delight you? What smells and sounds would they make in contact with your vessel? What colors do you see, in the sky, in your food, in your interaction with other’s energies? Aha! What energy would you like to see, feel, know and experience!

What about fun? What kind of experiences have you wished to repeat? What have you imagined would give you great joy and a soaring sense of freedom? What “impossible” things have you dreamed about? What about adventure—what frontiers would you most like to explore—fully confident of your experience being resourced, sustained and full of awesome surprises?

Then turn your attention to relationships—with all things, how do you wish to meet? Be seen? Greeted? In what ways would you thrive? How might your enjoy the company of life in all forms? How might you celebrate this? What ways would relationships change to reflect the sovereign nature of each of you? How with confidence would you approach creating a new culture together? What structure would you desire? What comings-together would make you count the moments and pull out all the stops to make them mouth-dropping, awe-inspiring experiences? What would support you and make life flow with ease? What is your role within all this?

What resources are you capable of using and enjoying? Can you give yourself permission to have all of these and know that there is more than enough for anyone else to follow and do the same? Can you allow yourself to use money? Can you realize that any symbol, such as money, is only given the meaning you carry forth? Can you free yourself of all fears about the financial and now use money for fun and enjoy creating ways to receive and flow so much of it you cannot believe you ever held back this avalanche of abundance from your own experience?

What about health? You live and breathe in astonishing harmony with everything. Can you deepen this experience of the miraculous medium by which you connect with everything physical and see, hear, taste, touch, smell and feel the Earth? What is wellness? How does it feel? Can you find the ways in which you are well? Can you imagine how expansive wellness might be? Instead of thinking of only not-sick, not-fat, not-tired, can you see what cultivation might include in the limitless potential of wellbeing? Are you ready to learn and listen to your body as to what form and particulars will best serve your desired experience? In particular, what might your body be capable of now that it’s limiting template has been dissolved and it is seeking new “boundaries” energetically and within form?

And what might your relationship to “time” and space be? Many of you are discovering that it has already changed so much. Knowing now your eternal I AM-ness, how might you approach each moment punctuated by this knowing? Permeated with self-love? Infinitely resourced. Clearly receiving instantaneous perspective on all potentials in play as reflected by your inner impulses and felt sense of wholeness.

Your mind is working as one. Your focal point is conscious of the unified field in which it is an intimate, vital aspect. You give your authority to no one, and recognize the intelligence of All-That-Is which miraculously organizes all the harmoniously impulses which guide you from within. You are comfortable with change and with rest and gathering. You are attuned to and oriented to energy and sensations. You live in and through a form, as well as formlessly. Your choices and focus jump across time and space, located as you direct, your evolution rippling backward and forward and radiating out in conversation with All-That-Is thus informing everything. Each aspect of source is in a profound relationship of dance and choreography with you. There are no limits and no end.

So lighten up!

Take a nap. Feel some pleasure. Heal yourself. Love yourself. Prosper. Turn toward the great central sun and know the source of information and light which flows through many other sources to you. There are inputs within and without. Discern the source. Set your standards for merging and participation. Clarify your intentions. Take the helm of your moment and see what speaks to you.

All is lifting up in an effort to align and dance with the cosmic oneness which is.

It is true. It is necessary. The nature of personal reality has been transformed. You speak the codes which have done this. You are the change.

Life in the higher realms as the New Human is.

I AM Naeshira, and I speak from the Records of Creation.

© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications – You are free to share, copy, distribute and display the work under the following conditions: You must give author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life that Transpires

Walk away from the magic show.
Do this and the next performances will be a no-go.
Dancing puppets on a stage.
For millenia it´s been the rage.
It is only real from your energy.
Feelings dark and festering realities.
The solutions, eliminations simply involve,
just turning away with confidence and resolve.
Stepping back and seeing the truth.
The show´s a distraction, of this there is proof.
Past a thin veil there does reside,
a reality of wonder, abundance abides.
Fueled by a force, an energy fueled by love.
It comes from all places, spaces, as from above.
But also transactions, currencies, exchanges below.
From interpenetrating emergences caught in a flow.
Connected, interspersed, integrated and dominated.
With the true presence within all, and interjected.
Continually providing as waves of sound.
Expressing itself as particles, realities that abound.
Its first task was life, undeniably blessed.
Strangely manifesting, creating from the One at rest.
This stepping back, unresisting process,
happens naturally, with no regress.
Being itself contains the code.
We´re all in it, there´s no other abode.
But the challenge we chose to create.
Something emerging, coalescing, a process so great,
that the wonder of life cannot be denied.
The source of our experience, being, can be relied.
Simply by asking ourSelves what it is that we really want.
Which is so deep and shallow, it´s not just a front.
Those things that we watch on "the world´s stage",
the illusion the specter of fear,
our essence the Truth is so near.
It´s really not here, there, or elsewhere.
The model we want or desire is so fair.
Perfect balance, knowing, supporting our trek.
This journey of thinking, feeling and apparent unrest.
Is simply the dream of the dreamer, who resides in our head,
and our hearts, souls, molecules and even our bed.
Everywhere that we look with love and desire,
we will find ourselves and this life that transpires.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dark Places

Thank you for your confidence in me.
Every day I get stronger.
Knowing more what really is real.
It´s been a long journey.
In a very short span of time.
The conditioned luggage I carried along.
Has been a burden I seem to have needed.
But the seeming paradox is.
Those unseen relics cast shadows on my whole being,
coloring and affecting all that I saw, heard and felt.
The person that I presented to others,
quickly introducing all my ills.
But these issues, problems and pains,
when discovered and revealed,
become a tool, a gift, a treasure,
with which we all can share.
These frailties and weaknesses become,
what we all can bear.
In truth these problems and negatives,
have taken us here and there.
To discover new realms of experience,
where none had trod before.
But the blessing has always been,
while we have trudged this shadow-world,
the light of day´s within.
Our greatest fear, transpires and then becomes,
something that we knew all along.
The truth of love, and of the One,
who placed us on the path.
Invited us to take a jaunt,
into a nether world that hadn´t become.
A place where "scary monsters" loomed,
and horrors imagined were real.
But the purpose of all this was,
to discover what we could find.
That in the furthest reaches of the dark,
there is only one thing - sublime.
In all the corners dark and dreary,
where our worst fears reside.
It is only us, you, me and them
which really is only One.
That one is Love and we always knew,
but we had to try to find.
If there was something else.
Thank goodness that we were wrong.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sun Gratitude

I smiled at the sun,
as I felt its warm caresses on my face.
The energy dancing like stars,
giving without pause,
for the thing called my life.
We say the source is love.
In us the sun provides all.
deep, penetrating, permanent
The substance of this world,
all fueled by this form of expression,
so difficult to describe or comprehend.
Little have I contemplated the gift,
from where all the wonder emerges.
Few days have I thanked the sun.
But today I ask for recompense,
for my oversight all these days hence.
And I ask the sun to view my heart,
and spend a moment looking through my eyes,
if it could for just a day,
experience my life -
the fullness of emotions and senses,
the vastness of my thoughts and recollections,
my contemplations, imaginations, and reflections.
That in that one day, in the experience of my appreciation,
while I acknowledge all the depth,
of my gratitude and thankfulness
this day of recognition, could then be compressed
down into just one second.
And the equivalent of that one day,
transformed into that one second,
could then be multiplied by,
all the seconds which passed through my life.
This mathematical expression,
might then approach the fullness in my heart,
and show the sun how much it gives.
My hope would be for that experience,
to reflect back so it could know,
all that the life it gives.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thinking, light, nature, truth, prayer

If we observe nature it shows us many lessons. These can be lessons for our living happily and fruitfully. All things in nature express their true nature.

So what is our nature? Our nature is consciousness, thinking, feeling. This is what is meant to be made in the image and likeness of God. Our nature is to think our reality into being. This means that we create our reality. Our nature is also that of light. Of course our (physical) vibrations are lower than those that we imagine to be the light from the sun or from a light bulb – but we are of the light. But the thing that we have been conditioned to not see, as a result of our senses, which are totally mesmerizing and consumptive of our conscious attention, is that through thinking and feeling (which again is the nature of God) we can raise our vibrations. We can see this occurring in what we do with manipulating energy of various types. Through the instruments of electronics, and engineering we can amplify signals of energy to higher vibrations. This too was done through thought – someone had to first come up with the idea to do this, which followed to thought processes of making it reality.

But we are thinking centers and what we have not realized, or manifested, as a collective consciousness is that we individually can amplify our own energy. This is likely the consciousness that is being beamed down upon us. Maybe it is coming from the sun, the stars, the central sun – or, in other words, from God, the One. Inviting us to increase our vibrational frequencies to experience a more harmonious reality.

It appears from observing our day to day existence that we are all desiring this. You could deduce such from the level and extent of our complaining. On the other hand you can also observe that we really don’t want a new reality. This is because we appear to not be willing to change. If we really wanted a new experience then we would take the steps in order to remove ourselves from the systems of thinking and feeling to allow ourselves to experience what we intuitively, or from a feeling point, believe to be possible.

As a metaphor, this heavy, or slow vibrational reality is like quicksand. And we are like the man who is struggling to get out, making all kinds of noise and commotion, but as the hand or rope is extended to us we are unwilling to grasp them in order to extract ourselves from the sinking condition.

The hand or rope, in this metaphor, I see as the ancient teachings of the great and wise ones, and as the clear and simple messages streaming in from other places (probably too our own hearts). Many years ago I imagined God as having many radio stations that are broadcasting messages for rescuing myself from my various conundrums. I would talk to other people about not growing any new antennae, so the capabilities must have already existed within me. I just needed to become receptive. Given what I feel is happening now, the number of channels have increased significantly.

The key is to not get distracted by the fragmentation reality. That being the aspect of existence that is based on the idea that there isn’t enough to go around. That perspective is limited to cutting the pie into smaller pieces. This paradigmatic view seems to be the prevailing perspective in human consciousness, but as I observe the greater reality (which are mirrored to me in nature and the cosmos) the “real reality” is one of expanding possibilities. In other words multiplicative in nature. The purpose of the contracting, or minimizing view appears to be to get us to turn around – as in Plato’s cave.

All of the experiences which we seem to be so abhorrent of (pain, suffering, tragedy) all have lessons in them, and physical revulsion (sickness, disease, etc.) that are literally pushing us to go toward the Truth – that truth, at least in the “light creation” that there is only love.

This idea is well captured in thoughts that flowed to me this morning as I was trying to figure out what God’s purpose was in creating in us this unquenchable, or undeniable, obsession with being better. In other words, this tendency for people to focus on what is wrong. Ninety-five percent of our lives could be just great, but we spend an unproportionate amount of time on the 5% that we perceive to be out of order. Here are the thoughts that came to me:

The Truth
Pain’s message is love.
Pain’s lesson is love.
Pain’s answer is love.
Pain’s solution is love.

There is no selection process in life for there is only love. All suffering, despair, tragedy is God’s message to return love, to return to love. The truth is, is there is only love, we just think there is something different. This is just how powerful we are to create something from love that we believe not to be. But the real lesson in all of this is to be in the love, share the love, know the love. All comes from love and will return to love. I will love all until I die. All That Is is perfect.

All that is expected is to move the vibration of our life, and our collective experience to higher vibrations towards what we think is light – even though we are really made of light. Yes light is intelligent (fiber optics) but light carries DNA and life forms too. We are light, and light is the perfect expression of love – it is Good – it is God’s gift to us – and it continues to be poured down upon us in such abundance that we cannot comprehend the extent because it is infinite. But that is not the point. Of course we can measure, but we probably don’t want to get lost in measuring (this is where I started laughing because this is what we are doing on this planet – counting and measuring “not enough to go around”), the point is we are just supposed to enjoy the process
and be grateful for the experience.

It is not limited – the illusion is having to proportion out – to measure. We have gotten lost in measuring. There is so much light coming from our own sun that we don’t use. I am happy. I am so grateful for illumination. I see the light. I love the light. I am the light so my most basic program is to love. It is the starting point of my existence so I need only invite, allow that program to reassert itself into all that I do. Thank you God!

Message from My Source

Here is the message I recorded this morning July 14, 2009 at 4 am. I have not edited this at all - including apparent mistakes.

- Love no matter what
- When you they've hurt you, love them that much more.
- Judgment's purpose is the lesson of non-judgment.
- I watch the love that Martha pours on Benjamin and it teaches me a small measure the capacity of love the Source has for each of us.
- Orcs need love too (Orcs from Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein).
- I feel your pain. I am your pain.
- I will tell you through me what you need to hear in order to bring you closer to me but each is relative to the student.
- You are my most blessed possessions in the Universe because you truly are my possessions
- I possess all, I am the great possessor I am the only who possesses there cannot be anything but possession by me for all is in me, of me, by me. But I love you all and those who don't know or believe I love, I love that much more because love is what brings you and them to me.
- I love you, for you are why I exist. I became so I could know you - each of you - each of what I am, a blade of grass, a living soul is precious to be beyond measure in human consciousness.
- That is my very nature all that exists within me is infinite externally, including my love for each particle of my existence.
- My conscious, free-will portion of me has a very special place because that is the part that can come to recognize and experience this - but not by my force or charge - maybe from my coaxing.

This last part I recorded this morning after my meditation, as I remembered the thoughts as I fell back to sleep last night.
- I have never earnestly and honestly sought God, or Source, or understanding and not received it. The key was that I believe that I was open to the new knowledge. I think many times people think they know and so close the new understanding to flow in. I have discovered that what Solomon said to be true, that there is nothing new. But sometimes it appears to be hard to find.

One on One

From my two books "I Am Sharing: Thoughts, Experiences and Learning About Love and Service", and "Poetry and Essays About Life, Love and One."

Life is really about us working out our relationship with ourselves. Is she the One? (the ultimate question from the movie the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), or (Am I the One). A part of us knows that everything is the one but this world seems to be a testing ground for how far will love go and still love.

The "issue" in process is just me rectifying the issues between my prior perceptions that there are things other than me, my coming out of this program which has been emotionally ingrained, habituated. If I accept that there is only one thing here, then why do I have all of these issues with myself? At first I cannot discover this by watching others, but after I come to realize the issues are really in me, then the evidence is incontrovertible - it's in my face. All I have to do is realize that each time I find myself emotionally charged (typically negative) I am confronting an old program that is attached to my old perceptions of things being outside (separate) of me. It boils down to me rectifying my perceptions of my relationship to the One.

Why would One punish Oneself? Love doesn't punish, so at those places that I discover conflict or experience pain it is actually a "learning point". When I discover a learning point what happens, or how I deal with it, demonstrates going to the Truth or some other reality, some segmented part of the One. The Kingdom of God is Within Me comes from becoming absolutely clear intellectually and emotionally with all the other parts of the One - to love it. It is either the way I want it, or it has a lesson for me for my growth. If I am experiencing negative emotions it is either contradictory to my greater good or it is triggering a dysfunctional part of my prior programming.

All evidence points to the truth. All evidence points to the truth there is only One. However, it has divided itself into many aspects/parts. Why would One thing punish itself? To experience something other than One-ness. It wouldn't really punish itself because it really serves no purpose because it already knows.

So the purpose is to create many different parts, let them forget, and then discover, or go back to that knowing. The thing about earth is the density, the intensity of the experience and the number of possible divergences, dead-ends, or detours is innumerable.

However the choice really comes down to a simple one - am I choosing the true path or something else? And the true path is illumined by Love. Why would I abuse myself if I knew the Truth? I wouldn't. So why do I abuse myself and others? Because I don't understand. I don't realize the truth. I should not punish myself, the pain and suffering is Love guiding me toward it. It is my job to determine at any moment whether I am making the right choice or not. It comes down to a very simple "either, or" choice.

The truth (love), or not. And if I am clear about my emotional conditioning, if I have done the work to examine the familial and cultural programming that choice will become simpler and simpler over time. The challenge is not to fall into another "program" that creates another intellectual or emotional cul-de-sac.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Journey

Where our true Being resides,
is of no distance, but is inside.
Experience has revealed and shown,
that this understanding is very little known.
But the truth emerges,
amongst our emotional surges.
Energetic expressions of our soul,
These inherent values that make us whole.
The process starts simply with our breath.
The ego resists as it imagines its death.
But gently guide this errant child.
Conditions, patience, courage moving mild.
Will lead us back to our abundant source.
Occasionally straying we might from our course.
But no regrets, no looking back,
Because no permanence remains of the past.
Our adventure is an ever-flowing state of now.
Extending in all directions, peaceful, avow.
The essence of our Being, our living world.
Is anxiously awaiting, twisting, turning, a swirl
A vortex, spiral, abundantly light.
Encouraging, coaxing, teasing us from our flight.
It is so easy and natural as the breath.
The energies cascading, emerging from the depth.
Of our inner Being our original source.
No reflection, expenditures required on our course.
Allowing, experiencing, enjoying what is ours.
The truth of Love is with us now.
Ever present, abundance, accessible easily to those devout.
Simply follow your heart´s urging down its path.
A process of knowing, manifesting based on no journeys past.
It is here in this moment as present from the One.
Just take your next breath, relax, enjoy and know you´ve begun.

Monday, September 20, 2010



Sept. 20, 2010

Pause . . . .
The moments in between
Breathe . . . in and out
like the 1´s and 0´s
what goes between?
are we stuck?
in limitation because we see the 1´s
and don´t experience the 0´s
the void
where formless potentials,
limitless possibilities, wait . . . .
eternally, outside of time,
to be called into being.
What is the vehicle, the carrier?,
that moves the energy of thought
from our domain, and in between
to that nether world – where what we dream exists;
yet we keep calling the same
because they said “this is real”
and “that is not”.
Great dreamers though
have shown us something new
what can be dreamed, can also be
just inviting something other
than what we think is true
entertaining thoughts and visions
of what we know can be
release our unspoken convictions
to recreate the past
appreciate the dancing energies
beyond the shadows cast
spend more time between the now
and magically it expands
vast moments spent in peace and bliss
expanding gifts and presents known, and felt
It is here right now
it´s always been.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who Questions?

I ask myself
And what of this life?
Where are we going?
How can this be?
This knowing. This experience.
This presence
That places me in the center
of this great cosmos
revealing secrets
one by one
Who asks you, who you are?
no one does anything for us,
except all is done
by the One, which is inseparable
consistent, flowing
living, growing
where this all leads it knows
duality creates the space
for ultimate expression
testing possibilities
examining results
leading perpetually to -
One understanding.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steve & Andy Neomancing

France - Provence - Draguignan
Sept. 16, 2010

Steve and I began a search this afternoon for a place. This place I was to know about because he discovered that I have a role as a, type of "gate keeper".

After we were doing some work with a crystal that Benjamin had found and I have been carrying with me, Steve said he was seeing geometric shapes associated with a globe, or the earth. I would describe these as "nested" geometric forms that he said he could see. I have had inklings of this same type of image lately as I have been working on my Solomon Source strategy. I occasionally get these images coming into my mind, but haven´t gotten enough clarity yet to create them on the computer. (below I included an excerpt from our chat).

Anyway, Steve asked me to start somewhere on the energy grid, or possibly "ley lines", just to start somewhere my intuition told me too. That was easy. The Andes mountains here in Colombia, where Martha and I are. Then he asked me to imagine a line. I was actually imaging, or feeling, not necessarily visualizing an energy line heading towards England. He was following my lead at the energy level, while I guess I was traversing the surface. This line lead between England and Scandinavia. Then it stopped. He asked me to visualize the place. I didn´t get an image in my head, it was more of a feeling of a place - but I did see I was standing in a valley next to a mountain, or hill that was oriented (I think east and west), but moving slightly to the north on the east. Then he asked me to see if I could sense a name. I could, Provence, France. He did some quick searches and this is how the process narrowed down to find what we suspect is an energy portal, or something like that. I have to admit, that I have no idea what we were doing, but I did get these impressions and just reported them.

The first place that Steve found, not the final destination was Flayosc. At first this seemed like a mistake, but upon further inspection I don´t think it was - another pointer, for me - "13th century church". The image brought me vague recollections of castles. From the movies Shrek and Lord of the Rings. Also a theme that Steve and I have been following is Dragons, similar to others here at SGN. Interestingly enough, just yesterday one of my students asked me how to spell castle in class, and I suspect that this was the first time that I wrote the word on a whiteboard in my entire life, but I did it just yesterday. (Draguignan is dragon, according to Steve).

"Near: Draguignan
Flayosc Village
Flayosc is a typical provençal medieval village with its large shady square, its fountains, old church, rambling rooftops. It is the perfect location to relax and enjoy the beauty of Provence. It is far enough away from the busy tourist spots on the coast, but near enough to the local town of Draguignan with all its amenities. Flayosc is also a well serviced village in itself with a provençal market every Monday morning which has a great array of local produce. There are innumerable cafes where you can sit on the terrace, sip a glass of local wine and watch the world go by. The village can provide everything one needs: excellent shops for food, bakeries, butcher, grocery and fruit/veg shops, pharmacy, bank, several restaurants, laundry/drycleaners and wine cooperative. It also has a very good traiteur (delicatessen) who prepares excellent regional dishes, thus saving cooking at home. It is a village which is a pleasurable in the winter months as it is in the summer. The hustle and bustle continues year round, thanks to a very active local committee, there is lots of entertainment throughout the year including winter, such as antiques markets, concerts, fêtes, and fireworks.

Flayosc is just off the D555. Follow the signs to Flayosc which takes you off the the main road and straight on up the hill to the village centre. After a hundred meters you see at your right hand side a square with remnants of the old village walls and the church. Here you find the Office of the Tourist Information, which can provide you with detailed information on the region."

The next page took us a step closer (the link is below)

The City of the Dragon to the doors of the Verdon.
Draguignan is more suited for shopping or markets than as a tourist location and has large boulevards of shops coupled with narrow streets, passage-ways and doors from the 13th and 14th centuries. It has a large Provençal market, in the heart of the old town and is famous for it's bell tower. The market is held very Wednesday and Saturday morning.

"Local villages and towns
French Provençal villages have retained the best of the french contry lifestyle with the old buildings and narrow streets. The markets are a delight to all of the senses, visually compelling as well as appealing to the taste buds and nostrils. Selling antiques and gifts as well as local vegetables."

Finally, we got to the real location, the one I had seen in my mind. The first image below is exactly what I saw in my mind, except the town was not there. I suspect my memory was from before the town existed.

I, and Steve, as well, believe that the energy portal is the second picture of the "mini" stone henge.

If you go to the link below you will see some scrolling images, it looks like a perfect "experiential tourism" location to me!!

When we finished Steve said that we should post to SGN, because we needed to turn it over for you guys to do your thing. I don´t know what that is exactly, but here is a reference from our chat which I think helps. Now, maybe Jane, my intuition was that you are supposed to help us link this up with the stars, and the other energy systems that you have been working on. I guess this one is an important one, because it seems that I lead Steve right to it. Here is an excerpt from our chat

[01:34:45 p.m.] Steve: I see another one now
[01:34:59 p.m.] Steve: Which does not make sense to me
[01:35:06 p.m.] Steve: but it seems a form of geometry
a circle (like the globe)
[01:35:20 p.m.] Steve: but with intersecting lines
[01:35:32 p.m.] Steve: hundreds, internally and externally
[01:35:43 p.m.] Steve: Three dimensional.
what you describe has been floating just beyond my conscious reach, right now it kind of relates to the idea of network, or making connections
[01:37:33 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: I haven´t drawn the picture, yet, but I think it is coming to me
but connecting internally geometrically hundreds of lines forming shapes
[01:39:19 p.m.] Steve: dimensions within dimensions
[01:39:21 p.m.] Steve: AHHHH
The lines are energy references
[01:39:59 p.m.] Steve: but describe a UNIVERSE within the Earth structure
[01:40:01 p.m.] Steve: and without too
[01:40:11 p.m.] Steve: as connection to the outer universe.
[01:40:18 p.m.] Steve: These are energy points
[01:40:36 p.m.] Steve: that basically show worlds (universes) within worlds within worlds
[01:40:43 p.m.] Steve: and if you FALL THROUGH them along the lines
[01:40:48 p.m.] Steve: (Ley lines?)
[01:40:55 p.m.] Steve: You will connect all to each other
[01:40:57 p.m.] Steve: and use
[01:43:36 p.m.] Steve: Now I am going to move the sphere around in your mind
[01:43:44 p.m.] Steve: I want you to FEEL your way to a line
[01:43:48 p.m.] Steve: and when you have it
[01:43:51 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: Andes

Here is another important reference from later in our chat

you see when I saw 'lines'... they are layers
[02:03:56 p.m.] Steve: movements to other 'realms'
[02:03:58 p.m.] Steve: This Earth....
[02:04:11 p.m.] Steve: is only a .... sort of one reality within which lies layers
[02:04:19 p.m.] Steve: other 'Earths'
[02:04:22 p.m.] Steve: Yes.....
[02:04:24 p.m.] Steve: I see it now.
[02:04:28 p.m.] Steve: Doorways

and. . .

is that the doorway?
[02:05:45 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: that structure
[02:05:52 p.m.] Steve: Yes, a node point
[02:06:00 p.m.] Steve: one can use it to fall through layers.
[02:06:01 p.m.] Steve: Energy
[02:06:03 p.m.] Steve: Sorry
[02:06:08 p.m.] Steve: am getting information
[02:06:22 p.m.] Steve: Energy. Place mind out of mindstate.
[02:06:26 p.m.] Steve: Meditate.
[02:06:27 p.m.] Steve: Sorry
[02:06:40 p.m.] Steve: Sorry Andy....
[02:06:55 p.m.] Steve: I couldn't concentrate in proper thinking mode there
[02:07:03 p.m.] Steve: It happens sometimes
[02:07:05 p.m.] Steve: words and phrases change

When I mentioned to Martha Provence she had at least two references. A friend of ours here in Colombia named Dario, who is a very powerful spiritual person, when he first met Martha last year said that he could see the suffering that she has known, ancient. But then he closed his eyes and told her there was a specific place that she was associated with "Provence". Also, Martha has a cousin who she just inquired about recently, she didn´t know where he was living and working - yes, Provence.

My only prior connection to Provence was listening, literally hundreds of times to an audio book "The Man Who Planted Trees". My brother Mark had given me a ratty old cassette recording that I kept with me for many years and used to listen to the story on my commute to Austin, Texas. I just love the story, and especially the message - that of self-less service to the world. I especially identify with the character in the story because I also have planted many trees in my life - most while I was planting agroforestry plantations while working on my Forestry masters degree. The story takes place in Provence. I often think of myself with my work as "The Man Who Planted Dreams" - here is another excerpt from our chat today where I described this to Steve.

i call myself, or think of myself, as the Man Who Planted Dreams
[02:15:35 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: kind of what my work is about
[02:15:42 p.m.] Steve: Planting.... seed
[02:15:47 p.m.] Steve: Emissary
[02:15:50 p.m.] Steve: :)
[02:15:50 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: helping others realizing their dreams can come true
[02:15:51 p.m.] Steve: See?
[02:15:58 p.m.] Steve: YES!
[02:16:12 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: and collectively our dream will come true
[02:16:21 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: if we realize our own, true dreams
[02:16:26 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: from in our heart
[02:16:34 p.m.] Steve: That, my friend, is the key!
[02:16:37 p.m.] Steve: :)
[02:16:51 p.m.] Steve: This is the way forward :)
[02:16:55 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: i know, this is what I have known forever, it seems
[02:16:59 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: it is like part of me
[02:17:06 p.m.] Steve: Well, a hell of a long time, certainly
[02:17:16 p.m.] Steve: Millions of years in Earth time!
[02:17:19 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: this was awesome
[02:17:23 p.m.] Steve: :)
[02:17:27 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: what an interesting exercise
[02:17:31 p.m.] Andrew Skadberg: and discovery
[02:17:41 p.m.] Steve: It's really just a deeper exploration
[02:17:46 p.m.] Steve: of the compass :)
[02:17:52 p.m.] Steve: :)

And finally, a little logo that I had created last year for a concept Travel Show that I called "Expedition Colombia", actually I can do better than the logo, this was a map that I had created, which essentially gives reference to where I started this whole journey. I had forgotten creating this map. I think something that might be important is the inverted pyramid. "By the way I haven´t used to map for any official purposes, it was for some conceptual planning I was doing.) Maybe our expedition today, was the true Expedition Colombia!!??!

One last little reference that I don´t know where to put, is that yesterday in my conversation club class a dragonfly entered the class just as we started, landed on the wall, and stayed in the class for two hours until we finished. I even approached it closer at one point and it just held its position. Then, as I was gathering my materials to finish, it just flew out just as directly as it had flown in.

This is all very mysterious to me. But Steve asked me to post here. I do find it fascinating and am excited to discover what this is all about.

Namaste Star, and Earth Sisters and Brothers.

KnightStrider (aka Andy - the Geomancer)
Getting Back on the Harley
Sept. 6, 2010
Jane asked me to report when we had a thunderstorm here where Martha and I are at. Sometimes I send a private message just to keep her posted. Here what I sent this morning, and it was very interesting that it appears that I have a "darker" side to me. I guess I joined a biker gang. Before I share the actual message I sent, I want to share a funny anecdote. One time I was flying from Minneapolis to Texas. I ended up sitting next to a Hells Angel. He was huge!! I think he said he weighed 300 pounds. When we sat down in the seats it was obvious there wasn´t any extra space. I weighed about 140 lbs. He asked me if I wanted to sit on his lap. We actually had a great conversation, and he was a real nice guy.

Ok, so here is the message I sent to Jane this morning that she asked me to post.

Hi Jane,

Three tries to send you this message. I´m glad it isn´t long. We had
another thunderstorm last night. Martha said it rained all night. I was
out, I know I was busy in other realms, doing work - serious stuff as I
remember vaguely, but I don´t even remember the major theme. I slept
through the night which is unusual for me. One snippet I do remember was
with you. You were going to, or considering going on the back of my
motorcycle with me. Hehe - seriously. It was not too long before I woke

I hope you´re having great days. It´s busy here at SGN.

David Wilcock –Huge synchronicities

I just had to post this because in the first three items there was absolute coherence with what I have been experiencing, and the Violet Flame reference with Electra-Indigo Angel. Just tonight, I was parking our car and their was a little shrine near the parking lot near my sister-in-laws apartment. I just happened to notice a flame, and when I looked there was a flame with a puddle of wax. I actually don´t know how the candle was still burning and the flame was quite large - then I read this from David (he posted yesterday from a reading from Aug. 10).

"Now is the time where all the prophecies we have been giving over the years come true. Their final failing point only is that the candle wax
burns lower than most would think is possible without the flame being

It is a very long post of David´s so I am just going to share the link. I decided to post this before even coming close to finishing. It was the three things, Jane mentioning Edgar Cayce, the Violet Flame and this candle reference that just said - "Andy just post it, this may validate things for others of our group".

Jane, I don´t know if you know of David, but he presents his star reading, and birth alignment with Edgar in great detail, even though he doesn´t depend on the connection for the work that he is doing at this time. I mentioned somewhere else here today that I had never read a book about Edgar until 2006, or so, and then about a year later or so I found out about David and his Web site. I´ve been following it ever since, and he has probably taught me more than any other single source. It was him that pointed me to the Law of One Series (channeled from Ra in 1981) which answered many of my life long questions - that I had all but forgotten about lost in the worldly game. The books are not available for free from L/L Research anymore, but I have Pdf copies that I can post if people are interested. It is absolutely fascinating stuff!!!!

Kundalini Catalyst - Steve
Sept. 1, 2010
Hi Friends,

I sent a message to Jane, that I figured might be "blog" material. She asked me to share.

Hi Jane,

Just to report something related to your 411 alert. I realized last week
something that had happened with me about a week prior when Steve and I
had a synchronistic email exchange.

I didn´t recognize at the time, but after reflection, I realized it was a
huge kundalini surge, although I believe I have had several of smaller
proportions while chatting with him. A couple Sundays ago Steve and I
started to discuss red dragons, and I had had a really difficult day
with Martha, life, not seeing my kids, etc. I had gone out and had a
wonderful meditation sitting with my back to a big, straight trunked
tree next to a little river that runs not too far from our house - maybe
a mile. It really helped. When I came back Steve had sent something
about seeing dragons in various places and I was going to comment about
"letting go" which is something he has reminded me is very important
right now, and in this life. Right then I got a huge energy bolt, but it
stayed with me for about 30 seconds. I literally had to get up and
dance, it felt fantastic! I danced around had to shake my arms and was
saying "whoa, whoa" out load to myself (hehe no one was home luckily).
Then I went to find a reference from a journal back in 2007. I had no
idea where the journal was, nor what part of the journal it was in (I
have about 6 hear scattered around the house). I guess intuition just
took over, I grabbed the first journal, opened it, flipped one page, and
there was the entry from July 30, 2007 (my sister Laurie´s birth date).
Here is the entry and a small bit from my message to Steve

"Coming to understand
Gods love of letting go.
I felt the pain as I
have had to let go with
faith knowing in my heart
the truth of Self. My
attachments of the appearance
of love - like Mom and Dad
let go of Laurie - they
had to

The Love of Letting Go!
is the greatest test of Love."

the next entry was a portion of Corinthians 13

Love is:
not envious or boastful
or arrogant or rude
It does not insist on its own way
it is not irritable or resentful
it does not rejoice in wrong doing
but rejoices in Truth

That just popped in my head to find that entry. The only thing I
remember from my walk today about your sharing about "Letting Go" is the
thought came to me that there is great power in letting go. I have also
been bubbling in my mind your "pointer" to water.

Well Jane, that should give you a little taste of some of the stuff that
has gone on for me since meeting Steve. I am not sure who he is but he
seems to be a reflection of my own life if I had taken another path. His
music really resonates with me, and I understand all that he shares
like no one else, I guess. I have experienced many energized chats with
him, and he has an uncanny ability to scan what is happening on my end
of the chat - this morning he could feel the energy of my student when
she came into class.

Anyway, I thought this might be useful to share. I was also pretty
surprised about that quote coming back and it being on Laurie´s
birthday. One of the things that Electra Angel helped me do this year
was to let my sister go on to the light. Apparently, I guess, my hanging
on has caused my sister to hang around for 25 years as my guardian
angel. Electra Angel sensed this, actually received a message from
Laurie and suggested I tell Laurie directly that I am doing just fine,
and her place is on into the light.

Needless to say, this stuff is way out of my league, so far, but I have
gone with the motto since getting sober "always believe in ever
expanding possibilities" and so I am going with the flow.

Classes have left me pretty drained so I haven´t had any leisure time to
dedicate online. I am getting to stuff as I can, but I truly appreciate
your dedication to the cause.

Thanks sisters and brothers. I share this openly in the interest of bringing in the truth of what is possible if we tap into the "star stuff" in our hearts - thank you all for your commitment and Love - it is changing the world.

Illness and Night Realization
August 3, 2010
Yesterday I had one of my 24 hour "episodes", that I had come to understand was a result of a wheat allergy. I had back surgery some 10 years ago for a ruptured disk in my lower back. Since then my left leg and foot are numb. If I eat too much wheat I occasionally get sick, a cold or flu, or sometimes have these episodes where I get muscle spasms in my leg and foot. Very painful, and agravating. I tried to use my mind to heal this, and clear the spasms but ended up taking some ibuprofen.

Today I feel great. But last night, while finishing the muscle spasms in my sleep, I. realized that I have been clearing a lot of garbage from my energy system as of late. Feeling freer and freer. And in my dream I realized that this episode was actually energy trying to work its way up my spine - the Serpent. And what was happening, because of the swelling in my lower vertebrae, as a result of my body producing allergens in my gut to deal with the gluten, that a part of this energy was being diverted down my leg which was what was causing all the burning sensations and the sharp pains in my foot.

I am not sure that this is really the case now that I am awake, but in my sleep I knew, and there was no question about it.

Over the past month or so, I have been feeling so spectacularly clear and happy. Releasing the past, detaching from our "collective history" realizing that the new earth is rapidly descending, or being worked into our current reality. In fact I believe and feel that we are stepping across timelines.

Martha is also really understanding all that I have been working on, and is appreciating it, and joining into the conversation. She really does "know" as she claimed when she was a little girl, and we are so absolutely grateful for all of our blessings.

Just thought I should share this for the record.


Dreams June 29 – 30
Two nights in a row I have had a night of intense dreaming. I have during the dreams had a sense of profound significance, but when I try to remember the dreams in the morning I do not have strong imagery. I have never really worked with my dreams very much, but I am trying to pay attention.

June 29, I did not write up this by itself, but after last night (June 30) I decided to include. The night before last I was dreaming about learning, or working, with ancient mystical, or mystery, or magic texts and languages. I have no recollection of specifics except that. But I do remember the night was just full of activity. In the morning I didn´t remember anything specific to share about and I did think about sharing the general subject with Jane because it might be significant, but decided not to. After last night´s full-ness of dreams I decided to include it.

June 30
Last night there was one section I was flying around the world. I think it was in a plane, but there was no clear recognition or attention to this part. I may have just been flying. I was landing at various places, checking things out. I remember on location was in Iowa somewhere east of my home town of Ames, Iowa. I believe it was near Marshalltown, but am not really sure. But that is the town in my mind. I felt good, but also a little surreal. There is not much clear this morning.

Another section was like going to some kind of camp. There was three different "sessions". I think I was there to teach. But I wasn´t really confident. I was going through classrooms looking for where I was supposed to be. Then there were these sort of tree sculptures of people, that were outside of some of the classrooms. There were some students sitting in the classrooms, but I didn´t pay specific attention to them. I saw one of the plant sculpture, in the a courtyard outside one of the classrooms. Then the scene shifted to where I was looking down just above the classrooms. There was a dark room with many of these sculptures. In the dream I thought it was funny.

The last theme, scene, I remember most clearly was being in like a cafeteria. I went in a few times. But I only remember the last. I was working my way past many people standing in about 3 lines waiting to go, I guess, to the service counter. I was going to the front of the line like when I used to be a bus driver and had to get my food first so I could finish eating before the people on my bus. I felt a little funny, like guilty.

The second line I came to was full of people who were injured, and on crutches. Apparently the counter was on the left line of a fairly large room and the line was wrapping around the perimeter of the room. But this line was arranged in the middle of the room. I was just passing this group when I woke up.

Both of these nights were intense with dreams. I remember feeling like I was really doing important work. As I write about it now, with these recollections, these do not seem nearly as significant as the feeling I had while I was in my sleep. I felt, this is really important stuff I am working on. This was for both nights. I wish I could remember more of the specifics.

Metatron on Enchanted Rock & Austin
June 23, 2010
I know this place very well. I worked for the agency Texas Parks and Wildlife, and had actually planned a "Texas Adventure" to this place back in 1993. Also, the last bus trips that I drove when I was in Austin in 2008 were to the wineries around Fredericksburg, Texas.

It is a beautiful place.

Earth-Keeper Chronicles October 2009 - Issue # 36

" It should not be surprising to understand that Atlanteans occupied certain areas of Texas, for its lands were along the land bridge that connected Poseida to the Yucatan. Sea levels were much lower then you see. We tell you that there was a pyramidal complex located very near Enchanted Rock that was used ceremonially for the calibration of Crystal Skulls in alignment to the energy of the granite dome cathedral. The Pyramid was aligned between the energetic ley of Yucatan and of the Pyramidal complex near Galveston island, triangulated with the two."

Divine Feminine
The Heart of the Dove

AAMetatron via J Tyberonn

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you once and always in unconditional love.

And so we speak this moment of what may be termed the 'Heart of the Dove'.

On the winter solstice of 2009, the 'Heart of the Dove' will be activated into parity field. On the spring solstice of 2010 it will join with the Head of the Dove in the in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger.

Masters, we tell you that quickening changes are occurring throughout the planet, and among the most relevant is the balancing of the planetary energies. Areas that are considered overly industrial, overly corporate, overly dictorial are being immersed in a softening energy. This is indeed a crucial aspect of the 'Return of the Dove', for indeed the Dove brings in a gentle nurturing, that termed feminine, and thus the balance of the masculine overage. Ascension is harmony, and harmony bequeaths symmetrical balance within the polarity of the planet.

Feminine Balance

But let us be clear, while the influx of feminine energy is necessary to achieve energetic equity on the planet, do not misinterpret that feminine energy is better than masculine, rather it is what is needed to balance the current overage of masculine.

You see LeMuria was out of balance in an overage of feminine energies, and masculine flows were fluxed into at that time to achieve parity. So we tell you Dear Ones, the desired energy of the planet is one of balance, neither male nor female, but of balance.

In truth the ushering of the Crystalline Age raises the planet within that termed the 5th dimension to an initial accessible field of non gender in non- duality. You see crystalline energy is zero field.

As such certain nodes on the planet are now being activated for this purpose. These will serve as influx portals to bring the balancing frequencial fields into synergy for the crystallization of the planet. You must understand that the Unified Crystalline Field is the epitome of balance, indeed it is a non dual, non-polarity frequency, and it is zero field. Thus these 'feminine' nodes will bring in an enormous influx of that termed feminine energies between the December Solstice of 2009 and the spring equinox of 2010. Certain nodes will be the major facilitators, and indeed will disseminate this energy globally.

Heart of the Dove

One such primary node exists within the 'Hill Country' of Texas. Called Enchanted Rock, it is a unique and potent energy source that is being activated in the fore described role of planetary balance. It serves as the capstone of the Hill Country vortex.

Enchanted Rock is closely connected to the Sacred Goddess Energy, and to the Emerald Crystal of Atlantis. This we will speak more of later in this assay.

So understand that Enchanted Rock is indeed the epicenter of a powerful vortex-portal complex that is being vaulted in mega status in what is termed the 'Return of the Dove'. It can be said that Enchanted Rock is the Heart of the Dove', for it is intricately involved in softening and balancing the energy within this critically important area of the Americas.

The Dove Energy is feminine, but better said, it is nurturing and balanced. You humans assign genders to attributes that in higher dimensions are not gendered at all.

Parity Calibration of Gender

We tell you that those seekers who visit and do ceremony on Enchanted Rock are capable of balancing their fields into parity calibration within its unique inner field. That is to say, those overly masculine in frequency as well as those overly feminine in frequency can achieve harmonic stasis and proportion within the immediate vortex of Enchanted Rock.

Now, Enchanted Rock is natural sacred geometry. It is a half-sphere dome, not unlike a massive version of what caps many of your sacred geometric churches in Europe. However it is a dome that covers a full square mile and is composed of unique violet-pink granite that is over 1 billion years old, as such it is among the oldest domes on the earth.

How could it not be sacred? We tell you it is a living Cathedral, with a mission!

The Heart of Texas

The hill country region is in itself a very unique area in the 'heart' of south central Texas. As the channel has told you, this specially coded land is a somewhat triangulated region of approximately 200 miles on each side. This encompassed region has a uniquely condensed energy field, much much higher in frequency than the surrounding area. Sensitives in the area can easily discern the subtle nuances in the energy which creates a sense of well being. This field is plastically fed by a webbing of hydrolines and a major telluric ley line that traverses from the Yucatan into San Antonio and Austin as it encircles Enchanted Rock and the waters of New Braunfels. It can be said that every river and stream within the aquifer fed area is in fact a hydro 'ley' line.

Masters, such energy fields exists in pockets all over the world. They are indeed special, they are alive, and they are absolutely involved in the ongoing graduation of the planet.

The 'Return of the Dove' Vortex in the hill country of Texas, as we have said is under a special mission of balancing energies. But in fact it does more than just that. Indeed it has for millennia been directly related to the higher quality of life and sense of well being of the triangulated 'hill-country' region.

Hydro Lines Enhance Well-Being

It is this very energy that has drawn intellectuals, artists and free thinkers to this area. It is why the area is noted for its quality of life, universities, artists and musicians. The harmonic frequency of this energy field is uniquely conducive to creativity, especially music. Are not Austin, Kerrville and Luckenbach renowned for their music venues and festivals? Is San Antonio not recognized for its culture and artistic expression in the area you refer to as the 'Riverwalk'?

Indeed the water that flows throughout San Antonio is very beneficial, it is charged from the earthen spring-pools of a potent ley-energy aquifer. It creates a plasmic field that brings a joy and tranquility. It is why the area is considered so 'charming' in your vernacular.

You see, this water is exceptionally ionic and carries an electromagnetic charge that is very beneficial for both the physical and etheric bodies. The aquifer charging zones, or springs, found in New Braunfels, San Antonio and Austin are exceptionally powerful and healing. Yet they also promote exuberance and well being.

Atlantis in Texas

The indigenous have always recognized subtle energies of the living earth. And so the Native Americans of southwest Texas were well aware of the energy of Enchanted Rock. They recognized and held the lavender granite rock in awe as did the Atlanteans before them.

Yes, we said Atlantean. The fact that trhe land areas of Texas were habited by the Atlanteans should not be too surprising to you, there is indeed logic to it.

You see, this part of Texas was along the land bridge that connected Atlantis to the Yucatan, sea levels being much lower before the demise. Even then the Enchanted Rock was recognized as a natural amplifier, and thus the leys that ran thru the Pyramids of the aquifer enhanced Yucatan were connected to the aquifer enhanced areas of the hill country.

The cave labyrinths below the Yucatan still in fact connect into the hill country as well as the areas of Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Shasta, Arkansas and Sedona.

We tell you that there was a pyramidal complex located very near Enchanted Rock that was used ceremonially for the calibration of Crystal Skulls in alignment to the energy of the granite dome cathedral. The Pyramid was aligned between the energetic ley of Yucatan and of the Pyramidal complex near Galveston island, triangulated with the two.

Additional there is a massive underground chasm containing a Temple complex with a smaller version of the Emerald Crystal of the Divine Feminine near the area of the sacred spring waters of New Braunfels. It is still somewhat accesible throught he cave network of the area,

The Energy of Enchanted Rock remains very much attuned to that of the Crystal Skull, the 13th paradigm pattern of the Divine Human.

Crystalline Structures & Leylines

Your geologists have correctly told you that Enchanted Rock is actually the obtrusive portion of a massive, ancient lava (magma) flow. The greatest part of Enchanted Rock is actually below the surface. And when magma is held under, it solidifies more slowly into coarse-grained rocks with larger, visible crystals. These are intrusive, or plutonic, rocks of which granite is the most common example. Some of the finest examples of crystals, such as quartz, topaz and tourmaline are formed from chemicals that have been dissolved in solutions within rock cavities. Here, they have both space and time to grow. Enchanted Rock is, in a sense, a massive grouping of crystals, and it most certainly contains hollow pockets of prolific quartz crystals

Now, the electrics you refer to as ley energy, (leylines) are a great part of the dynamic of Enchanted Rock. In this area, the ley energies are intertwined with the more feminine hydro line ley energies. This effects the manner in which they are absorbed, amplified and conducted by the mineralogy and shape of the physiographics of Enchanted Rock.

Granite, as the channel has explained, contains a high concentration of quartz. This mineral compound is quite unique and is known to be a transmitter, receiver, amplifier and conductor of current. Very few materials can match the energy transmission of vitreous quartz, especially in the ultra-violet and infrared ranges. We tell you that quartz also stores energy and high dimensional light. Quartz is capable of converting energy to electricity.

Granite domes, conical and pyramidal shaped mountains also have this property of energy conductivity and storage. The conical shape influences the manner in which the energy is conducted.

Natural Capacitor

Now, the differentiating characteristic of Enchanted Rock is that it is a natural capacitor. Granite enhances this ability. The domed shape of this living stone allows the dual charges and integrates them in microbalance. It is capable of infusing beneficial electromagnetic and light energy to all who go there. This transference occurs in very low amperage, suitable for human physiology in such a way that the body physical is balanced and restored. This charging is congruous, evenly distributed throughout the body physical. The etheric body, the Chakric system, is also balanced and robustly so.

The geometrics of this area are spherical, thus the balance, but a tetrahedron and hexagonal matrix are enclosed within the sphere.


This region of the United States particularly benefits from this balancing vortex. It is emerging into greater potency in preparation for the planetary ascension. The 'Return of the Dove' has the role of bringing higher dimensional feminine energy into an area that has had an imbalance over the past 500 years.

Enchanted Rock is in essence a satellite of the Emerald Energy of the Divine Feminine, and that is being activated in the quickening of the winter solstice of 2009.

In the scope of North America this energy is being fed into Sedona, Monterey, Santa Fe, Shasta and Tahoe in the west, and Atlanta, New York and Carolina in the East.

Enchanted Rock is connected globally and hemispherical in this role. It is the manifold apex of numerous triangulated fields on a massive scale that includes Uluru, The Tor, Table Mountain, Samaipata and Sinai.

2010 holds much in store in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger, the Dove is intricate to this activation.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is.

Earth Keeper San Antonio

December 11-12-13

And Enchanted Rock
December 14th (Optional Day Trip)

Begins 7-30 pm Friday Oct 11th
Tyberonn will speak on The Cosmic Trigger Phase ll, Crystal Skulls, Orbs & Healing Waters
Live Archangel Metatron Channel
Special Guest Speakers - Frans & Marilyn Baars
Musical Guest - Fred Mitchim & Ron Crose

(To Be Confirmed)
Optional Day Trip on December 14

Dreams and Thoughts June 23, 2010
Last night I saw part of the movie "Return of the Mummy" again. I had never watched the movie before a couple of weeks ago even though it has been out for many years. Also, additionally, I had never known of Imhotep until about a day before I saw this movie the first time a couple weeks ago. I had learned from Jane that there is supposedly a relationship between Zeus and Imhotep.

Anyway, while watching the movie I told Martha that she needed to pay attention to her dreams as we might be getting some sort of signs or messages about upcoming changes.

Instead of Martha getting a message, I did, although I haven´t considered the message thoroughly, or interpreted it yet. I am simply reporting what I wrote in my journal this morning, as in the dream I was consistently motivated to "remember this dream". I maybe should have gotten up with the first "session" which I guess ended about 5-6 am and record the dreams but I didn´t.

I am not sure that these dreams mean anything - but here goes.

I was driving some kind of steam roller, or street cleaner. I stopped the machine and a childhood friend whom I haven´t seen in many years, Kyle Mathews came and did something to a part on the front roller and the machine wouldn´t work anymore. Kyle was by far the fastest person in our class and I had to chase him down because he did this thing. In the dream I was able to catch Kyle. I don´t remember anything after that.

Another section of the dream featured the "Egyptian Book of the Dead" (I wasn´t totally sure that this was the correct name) (ps - I did find it online). I remember seeing the cover of the book and inside the book had the original text and an interpretation (I assume in English). In the dream I remember that I had seen the book in our house when I was a child - this was associated with our family´s childhood home on 607 River Oak Dr. in Ames, Iowa. I don´t think this was an actual book in our home, but my father had a very large library. The book had a very strange "scribbly" script. The cover had a profile of a person´s face in kind of "shadow" design.

There seems to be more of the dreams that I was trying to remember in the dream, but now I don´t remember.

Later I was like at a school reunion. I saw my teenage childhood friend Tony Shires (I haven´t seen him since 1978, except on Facebook) across what seemed to be like a school cafeteria. I was waving at him to get his attention. It took quite a bit to get his attention. When he did notice me he had a strange "Chinese" look to him, as if he had lived in China, or been married to a Chinese person for a long time. I was surprised when I noticed. When he stood up, while he was still across the room, I noticed his blond hair flash bright silver. This happened a couple of times. There was some kind of bright light above his head, like shining through a skylight.

Then we were sitting across a table discussing things that then turned to conspiracy type topics. I was doing most of the talking. There were a couple of other people there too. I think one was a lady named Lisa, but I am not sure. The other person was not significant. Then those two people sort of drifted out of the conversation and it was only Tony and I. We were sitting side by side now. I asked him if he was a professor too. And I thought he lived in the NW (his FB profile says this). But he showed me a piece of paper with writing or typing that said "comptroller for the city of Fort Lauderdale". I remember thinking that is strange, you don´t seem like the accountant type. That is the end of that sequence.

Just before I woke up I realized, or thought, that maybe Austin, Texas represents a "Grand Cross". I-35 and U.S. highway 290 cross essentially right over the Edwards Aquifer which is very large aquifer between Austin and San Antonio. Also, Hwy 290 goes right by Enchanted Rock which is a huge pink granite natural feature. Another part of the cross may be the Lower Colorado River which goes right through the center of town.

That is all of my dreams.

Recently I found a message from Metatron reporting about the power of Enchanted Rock, and also the power of the Edwards Aquifer. This validated a "pet theory" I have had for years that the waters of the aquifer stimulate people for spiritual transformation. I will be posting this message after this posting.

I have also had, in the last few days, a very strong inclination towards the Pleiadians. I found some interviews with a man named Jordan Maxwell who has been speaking out against "the powers that were" for over 40 years. According to his incredibly stories about contacts, he is protected primarily by the Pleiadians because he reports they have told him "they brought him here".

Just today Jane posted a message at another network 13th Ray of Solar Service which comes from Pleiadian. This also is because of the connection of my son Benjamin to the Pleiades. I am wondering if I need to "study up" or something to be prepared to train Benjamin. - like in the movie The Terminator.

I have been wanting to make a connection to other world visitors myself. I have had this other "pet theory" about us being able to shift to a new timeline (a metaphor is in the movie Tron), or actually go back in time to create another "reality" to speed up this process of transformation. Otherwise, it seems, there is just not enough time to make the alterations necessary for a mass awakening in 2013. Sometimes when I see things I feel that this has already happened to some extent, but the effects are so subtle I am not totally sure. Three examples are this gentleman Jordan Maxwell (where did he come from, and why hadn´t I heard of him before, he supposedly has been on radio shows for many, many years), also Alex Collier reports this is how the Andromedans have worked with him, and then last night I saw a very futuristic movie Aeon Flux which I was never aware had been produced. I pretty much keep track of movies that have been produced, especially science fiction, because I like them so much. I have never heard about this movie before.

That´s all.

One´s Silence
I happened to go back in my journal and came across an entry that I forgot. This was a week I spent communing with the river near my wife´s home town. It has been many years since I spent this kind of quality time in nature.

I believe it is a mystical, powerful place. Called Cajamarca, it sits on a table next to the Anaime river, which I layed, prayed and meditated on a rock in the river during the week of April 1. I think for 4 days of the week.

The town now is the center of a controversy. They have discovered a gold mine, purportedly the second largest in human history. They started exploration but the operation has been shut down because of political controversy.

Cajamarca is a poor, agricultural Colombian town. Myth says it sits on four pillars of Gold. The area is expected to have an earthquake - imminently. In the last quarter year there has been 300 tremors. Some say that the fate of the world is connected to the mountain. My wife had a very distinct dream with a message. I don´t know. I just report what is coming to my heart, and what words I try to share about the Wonder and Love I have for God, creation, Gaia and humanity.

Here were the words that came to me from the river.

April 1, 2010

The One is silent and still but all sound and movement are sourced from the One.

God does not talk but has many messengers.

How do I reach that quiet pure potential of God within me? How do I reach that pool of still "Being" where all this manifests from? How can I get past "thought" which is the curtain I must pull aside to view the sea of the One? Where all love and All That Is utilizes to take form. Patience. Quiet. Stillness. Breathing. Listen with your heart and being not just your head, but it might come in that way. Listen to the light, the birds, your own sounds. Listen to others. Wait.