Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sun Gratitude

I smiled at the sun,
as I felt its warm caresses on my face.
The energy dancing like stars,
giving without pause,
for the thing called my life.
We say the source is love.
In us the sun provides all.
deep, penetrating, permanent
The substance of this world,
all fueled by this form of expression,
so difficult to describe or comprehend.
Little have I contemplated the gift,
from where all the wonder emerges.
Few days have I thanked the sun.
But today I ask for recompense,
for my oversight all these days hence.
And I ask the sun to view my heart,
and spend a moment looking through my eyes,
if it could for just a day,
experience my life -
the fullness of emotions and senses,
the vastness of my thoughts and recollections,
my contemplations, imaginations, and reflections.
That in that one day, in the experience of my appreciation,
while I acknowledge all the depth,
of my gratitude and thankfulness
this day of recognition, could then be compressed
down into just one second.
And the equivalent of that one day,
transformed into that one second,
could then be multiplied by,
all the seconds which passed through my life.
This mathematical expression,
might then approach the fullness in my heart,
and show the sun how much it gives.
My hope would be for that experience,
to reflect back so it could know,
all that the life it gives.

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