Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life that Transpires

Walk away from the magic show.
Do this and the next performances will be a no-go.
Dancing puppets on a stage.
For millenia it´s been the rage.
It is only real from your energy.
Feelings dark and festering realities.
The solutions, eliminations simply involve,
just turning away with confidence and resolve.
Stepping back and seeing the truth.
The show´s a distraction, of this there is proof.
Past a thin veil there does reside,
a reality of wonder, abundance abides.
Fueled by a force, an energy fueled by love.
It comes from all places, spaces, as from above.
But also transactions, currencies, exchanges below.
From interpenetrating emergences caught in a flow.
Connected, interspersed, integrated and dominated.
With the true presence within all, and interjected.
Continually providing as waves of sound.
Expressing itself as particles, realities that abound.
Its first task was life, undeniably blessed.
Strangely manifesting, creating from the One at rest.
This stepping back, unresisting process,
happens naturally, with no regress.
Being itself contains the code.
We´re all in it, there´s no other abode.
But the challenge we chose to create.
Something emerging, coalescing, a process so great,
that the wonder of life cannot be denied.
The source of our experience, being, can be relied.
Simply by asking ourSelves what it is that we really want.
Which is so deep and shallow, it´s not just a front.
Those things that we watch on "the world´s stage",
the illusion the specter of fear,
our essence the Truth is so near.
It´s really not here, there, or elsewhere.
The model we want or desire is so fair.
Perfect balance, knowing, supporting our trek.
This journey of thinking, feeling and apparent unrest.
Is simply the dream of the dreamer, who resides in our head,
and our hearts, souls, molecules and even our bed.
Everywhere that we look with love and desire,
we will find ourselves and this life that transpires.

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  1. Yes Andy this is truly a wonderful invitation to remember our breath and to accept our conscious deep breathing practice as the axis of our reality. It is wonderful in every way as we accept ourselves as galactic physical spirits at play in clay. Let us cheer on our inner knowings and inspire others to do the same. Trusting our breath to fuel our beings and playfully celebrating ourselves one conscious deep breath at a time. Have fun....