Friday, September 24, 2010

Dark Places

Thank you for your confidence in me.
Every day I get stronger.
Knowing more what really is real.
It´s been a long journey.
In a very short span of time.
The conditioned luggage I carried along.
Has been a burden I seem to have needed.
But the seeming paradox is.
Those unseen relics cast shadows on my whole being,
coloring and affecting all that I saw, heard and felt.
The person that I presented to others,
quickly introducing all my ills.
But these issues, problems and pains,
when discovered and revealed,
become a tool, a gift, a treasure,
with which we all can share.
These frailties and weaknesses become,
what we all can bear.
In truth these problems and negatives,
have taken us here and there.
To discover new realms of experience,
where none had trod before.
But the blessing has always been,
while we have trudged this shadow-world,
the light of day´s within.
Our greatest fear, transpires and then becomes,
something that we knew all along.
The truth of love, and of the One,
who placed us on the path.
Invited us to take a jaunt,
into a nether world that hadn´t become.
A place where "scary monsters" loomed,
and horrors imagined were real.
But the purpose of all this was,
to discover what we could find.
That in the furthest reaches of the dark,
there is only one thing - sublime.
In all the corners dark and dreary,
where our worst fears reside.
It is only us, you, me and them
which really is only One.
That one is Love and we always knew,
but we had to try to find.
If there was something else.
Thank goodness that we were wrong.

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