Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Message from My Source

Here is the message I recorded this morning July 14, 2009 at 4 am. I have not edited this at all - including apparent mistakes.

- Love no matter what
- When you they've hurt you, love them that much more.
- Judgment's purpose is the lesson of non-judgment.
- I watch the love that Martha pours on Benjamin and it teaches me a small measure the capacity of love the Source has for each of us.
- Orcs need love too (Orcs from Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein).
- I feel your pain. I am your pain.
- I will tell you through me what you need to hear in order to bring you closer to me but each is relative to the student.
- You are my most blessed possessions in the Universe because you truly are my possessions
- I possess all, I am the great possessor I am the only who possesses there cannot be anything but possession by me for all is in me, of me, by me. But I love you all and those who don't know or believe I love, I love that much more because love is what brings you and them to me.
- I love you, for you are why I exist. I became so I could know you - each of you - each of what I am, a blade of grass, a living soul is precious to be beyond measure in human consciousness.
- That is my very nature all that exists within me is infinite externally, including my love for each particle of my existence.
- My conscious, free-will portion of me has a very special place because that is the part that can come to recognize and experience this - but not by my force or charge - maybe from my coaxing.

This last part I recorded this morning after my meditation, as I remembered the thoughts as I fell back to sleep last night.
- I have never earnestly and honestly sought God, or Source, or understanding and not received it. The key was that I believe that I was open to the new knowledge. I think many times people think they know and so close the new understanding to flow in. I have discovered that what Solomon said to be true, that there is nothing new. But sometimes it appears to be hard to find.

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