Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thinking, light, nature, truth, prayer

If we observe nature it shows us many lessons. These can be lessons for our living happily and fruitfully. All things in nature express their true nature.

So what is our nature? Our nature is consciousness, thinking, feeling. This is what is meant to be made in the image and likeness of God. Our nature is to think our reality into being. This means that we create our reality. Our nature is also that of light. Of course our (physical) vibrations are lower than those that we imagine to be the light from the sun or from a light bulb – but we are of the light. But the thing that we have been conditioned to not see, as a result of our senses, which are totally mesmerizing and consumptive of our conscious attention, is that through thinking and feeling (which again is the nature of God) we can raise our vibrations. We can see this occurring in what we do with manipulating energy of various types. Through the instruments of electronics, and engineering we can amplify signals of energy to higher vibrations. This too was done through thought – someone had to first come up with the idea to do this, which followed to thought processes of making it reality.

But we are thinking centers and what we have not realized, or manifested, as a collective consciousness is that we individually can amplify our own energy. This is likely the consciousness that is being beamed down upon us. Maybe it is coming from the sun, the stars, the central sun – or, in other words, from God, the One. Inviting us to increase our vibrational frequencies to experience a more harmonious reality.

It appears from observing our day to day existence that we are all desiring this. You could deduce such from the level and extent of our complaining. On the other hand you can also observe that we really don’t want a new reality. This is because we appear to not be willing to change. If we really wanted a new experience then we would take the steps in order to remove ourselves from the systems of thinking and feeling to allow ourselves to experience what we intuitively, or from a feeling point, believe to be possible.

As a metaphor, this heavy, or slow vibrational reality is like quicksand. And we are like the man who is struggling to get out, making all kinds of noise and commotion, but as the hand or rope is extended to us we are unwilling to grasp them in order to extract ourselves from the sinking condition.

The hand or rope, in this metaphor, I see as the ancient teachings of the great and wise ones, and as the clear and simple messages streaming in from other places (probably too our own hearts). Many years ago I imagined God as having many radio stations that are broadcasting messages for rescuing myself from my various conundrums. I would talk to other people about not growing any new antennae, so the capabilities must have already existed within me. I just needed to become receptive. Given what I feel is happening now, the number of channels have increased significantly.

The key is to not get distracted by the fragmentation reality. That being the aspect of existence that is based on the idea that there isn’t enough to go around. That perspective is limited to cutting the pie into smaller pieces. This paradigmatic view seems to be the prevailing perspective in human consciousness, but as I observe the greater reality (which are mirrored to me in nature and the cosmos) the “real reality” is one of expanding possibilities. In other words multiplicative in nature. The purpose of the contracting, or minimizing view appears to be to get us to turn around – as in Plato’s cave.

All of the experiences which we seem to be so abhorrent of (pain, suffering, tragedy) all have lessons in them, and physical revulsion (sickness, disease, etc.) that are literally pushing us to go toward the Truth – that truth, at least in the “light creation” that there is only love.

This idea is well captured in thoughts that flowed to me this morning as I was trying to figure out what God’s purpose was in creating in us this unquenchable, or undeniable, obsession with being better. In other words, this tendency for people to focus on what is wrong. Ninety-five percent of our lives could be just great, but we spend an unproportionate amount of time on the 5% that we perceive to be out of order. Here are the thoughts that came to me:

The Truth
Pain’s message is love.
Pain’s lesson is love.
Pain’s answer is love.
Pain’s solution is love.

There is no selection process in life for there is only love. All suffering, despair, tragedy is God’s message to return love, to return to love. The truth is, is there is only love, we just think there is something different. This is just how powerful we are to create something from love that we believe not to be. But the real lesson in all of this is to be in the love, share the love, know the love. All comes from love and will return to love. I will love all until I die. All That Is is perfect.

All that is expected is to move the vibration of our life, and our collective experience to higher vibrations towards what we think is light – even though we are really made of light. Yes light is intelligent (fiber optics) but light carries DNA and life forms too. We are light, and light is the perfect expression of love – it is Good – it is God’s gift to us – and it continues to be poured down upon us in such abundance that we cannot comprehend the extent because it is infinite. But that is not the point. Of course we can measure, but we probably don’t want to get lost in measuring (this is where I started laughing because this is what we are doing on this planet – counting and measuring “not enough to go around”), the point is we are just supposed to enjoy the process
and be grateful for the experience.

It is not limited – the illusion is having to proportion out – to measure. We have gotten lost in measuring. There is so much light coming from our own sun that we don’t use. I am happy. I am so grateful for illumination. I see the light. I love the light. I am the light so my most basic program is to love. It is the starting point of my existence so I need only invite, allow that program to reassert itself into all that I do. Thank you God!

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