Sunday, August 26, 2012

Holograhic Universes

Our breath comes in as vibrational energy (the One consciousness) and then we project that consciousness out into the various vibrational experiences that we call our five senses, inwardly experiencing our thoughts and feelings. In essence, we are walking little holographic universes gathering experiences and sensations for the One Infinite Creator. Another way to envision it is like the light coming through the prism, split out in the various colors. What I believe and feel is that the One Breath/Light is inviting us to go back through the prism and experience ONENESS, which is based totally, on what we call Love. There is never any time that we have been out of this, we just forgot, but now we are remembering and are re-creating our world as we take the fragmented "reality" and put the pieces back together, which never really were apart, we just thought they were. We are ONE, and this is what it means to be made "in the image and likeness of God".

Friday, August 24, 2012


With each in-breath there is an out-breath. The light cannot dance and play without the darkness. Your essence is wholeness and IT has always been, always will be and IT knows exactly what is happening - and you are that consciousness. Are you coming to know your own truth?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our New Operating System - Breathe

Spirit is inviting us to detach from our desperation as it ties us to materiality.

There is nothing to fear as Source emanating from Spirit assures us that the supply is inexhaustable.

This is the experience of my life - left at the place of trust and letting go.

Consciousness creates the opportunity space.

Experience converts interaction with materiality into lessons for Spirit, permanent reflections - soul growth, character building, empathy, compassion - these go with us as a feedback from our short time here. Dipping down into lower vibrations gives us an intensity of experience that would take millennia at higher vibrations. "Pain makes us stronger", my son Joshua said when he was 7 as we were going through divorce - Love supports endurance - a deep well of eternal supply. Vision, passion, perserverance are by-products of this time here on Earth. A huge contribution to the cosmic, God, experience-base that can be accomplished in one short lifetime.

- face fears
- challenge conformity
- trust inner urgings
- create
- endure
- believe
- know
- Breathe

The transformational programs are being downloaded and installed but we must divert beliefs and open up to possibility.

defer our limited "knowing" just being willing to be, to gain access to a new consciousness operating system - an up-grade, which has been scheduled from the beginning - we have to manifest - it is our birthright, our responsibility but it doesn't occur through the old paradigms - work, pushing, forcing - more through a simple allowing as the greater consciousness creates, arranges, orchestrates


For your simple, written instruction book about Your Breath and converting your experience to one that will better suit your needs, visit the Global Breath Consciousness Institute and get your FREE copy of the Global Citizenship Passport by Desmond Green. (this book includes two books, The Practice and The 4th "R" (reverence for life)).

Official launching of a new word - affectionate

Let it be known, that on this date July 17, 2012 we will replace the word "masterbate" with affectionate.

Definition: to lovingly touch oneself until achieving a physically spontaneous orgasmic celebration.

and, if everyone decides to participate in this transformative vocabulary occupation the United States of America will be known as the new "affectionation".

converting previously deranged sexual deprivation and abominations into a totally "groovy and fun" orgasmic celebration.

and then if we start doing this affectionating with each other like in the Beatles song "I me, me, mine" we will go down in infamy as the country that freed itself from self-imposed tyrannies by playing with ourselves whenever the fuck we wanted to.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Knowing Me

Source Love
to know you is to know me
to know me is to know you.
I'll ask myself, "who am I?"
Starting with that most immediate
and proximate
to solve the mystery of Being
as I breathe I invite that which
incites my curiosity
and desire
to quench this thirst in my soul
to experience that from whence I emerge
and ultimately return

Crystalline Reflections

The message is dedicated to The Glassmen, Drum and Bugle Corp from Toledo, Ohio. I had the incredible opportunity to experience the summer's tour, as I was called back to drive a bus. It was an incredible experience. The kids are absolutely amazing and I was honored to assist them in advancing themselves and for them producing so much incredible music. This Sharing came to me, unedited on July 14, 2012. I had not had any other journal entries before on this trip that started on June 19th.

Crystalline Reflections

A cancer had moved into this world.
One path of two that believes it serves its own ends.
Cut off, lost, hungry, insatiable.
Not of the light.
An experiment of love to know - what else?
But that experiment is at an end.
Gaia, our Mother, our Lover,
And all the cosmos has aligned
Arranged, orchestrated - a design.
Opening windows to shine the light,
In all dark corners
Illuminating musty places - lost souls, tired spirit
Sand, silicon, abundant
A tool by which choked channels can be cleared
And unlimited channels, pathways, creations
    can be unleashed, freed, expressed.
Communications, Sharings, Emanations
Unbridled vibrations
Let the music play on!
Crackling, crumbling, clearing
outmoded methods to control
that which cannot.
The One must express, grow, evolve
be unleashed to express
the Love that it is.
Life, is undeniable.
The sun, the earth
bombarding us with love
peace, support
but we must express, multiply, share
as the trees share air
the Glassmen, doing Glassworks
are making windows to shine light
into the hearts of people
tired, discouraged, but not beaten
the windows are formed
silicon, the next octave of formation
becoming the channel of Christ's message
that simply of One Love
the light of Spirit shines brightly
inside all life
yearning, seeking, dancing
reaching out
to touch the light from without
Love emanates from all parts
infinitely small and likewise large
so play on dear Glassmen
pour forth your soul
through sweat, toil and dedication
pour forth your vibrations
create your whirlwinds
of cleansing reflections
share to your hearts content
for that which you share is directly from Source
moving across Earth's grid
neomancing with love
hearts harmonic vibrations
opening channels of love
and communication

To learn more about the Glassmen, and this wonderful "sub-culture" of Drum and Bugle Corp check out

Drum Corp International