Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crystalline Reflections

The message is dedicated to The Glassmen, Drum and Bugle Corp from Toledo, Ohio. I had the incredible opportunity to experience the summer's tour, as I was called back to drive a bus. It was an incredible experience. The kids are absolutely amazing and I was honored to assist them in advancing themselves and for them producing so much incredible music. This Sharing came to me, unedited on July 14, 2012. I had not had any other journal entries before on this trip that started on June 19th.

Crystalline Reflections

A cancer had moved into this world.
One path of two that believes it serves its own ends.
Cut off, lost, hungry, insatiable.
Not of the light.
An experiment of love to know - what else?
But that experiment is at an end.
Gaia, our Mother, our Lover,
And all the cosmos has aligned
Arranged, orchestrated - a design.
Opening windows to shine the light,
In all dark corners
Illuminating musty places - lost souls, tired spirit
Sand, silicon, abundant
A tool by which choked channels can be cleared
And unlimited channels, pathways, creations
    can be unleashed, freed, expressed.
Communications, Sharings, Emanations
Unbridled vibrations
Let the music play on!
Crackling, crumbling, clearing
outmoded methods to control
that which cannot.
The One must express, grow, evolve
be unleashed to express
the Love that it is.
Life, is undeniable.
The sun, the earth
bombarding us with love
peace, support
but we must express, multiply, share
as the trees share air
the Glassmen, doing Glassworks
are making windows to shine light
into the hearts of people
tired, discouraged, but not beaten
the windows are formed
silicon, the next octave of formation
becoming the channel of Christ's message
that simply of One Love
the light of Spirit shines brightly
inside all life
yearning, seeking, dancing
reaching out
to touch the light from without
Love emanates from all parts
infinitely small and likewise large
so play on dear Glassmen
pour forth your soul
through sweat, toil and dedication
pour forth your vibrations
create your whirlwinds
of cleansing reflections
share to your hearts content
for that which you share is directly from Source
moving across Earth's grid
neomancing with love
hearts harmonic vibrations
opening channels of love
and communication

To learn more about the Glassmen, and this wonderful "sub-culture" of Drum and Bugle Corp check out

Drum Corp International


  1. Truly inspiring indeed. Imagine the master Bus Driver Inspiring Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Souls.Thank you Andy.

  2. I am sensitized to energy, I read it, you might say…..and it is MHO that you could be a time traveler, who has come to see this EVENT that is happen Right NOW, the GREATEST REVOLUTIONARY SHIFT that the WORLD has ever experienced