Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wonder Full

From my journal 12/4/2015



Then I had a conversation with Desmond and had been thinking along these lines.

curiosity = science
will to live = striving
appreciation = love
moods = guidance from love to a fulfilled happy life - heed them

Desmond - Image based consciousness indicates static.

Nothing is static. The breath is dynamic. It is the one thing moving and supporting all sense (physical, spiritual) experience, reality. Dependence on the breath is the only foundation to build one's life.

No more hopes. No more wishes. No more "buts".
No more doubts - the breath doesn't heed any of these - it is dynamic, supportive, eternal, continuous - unstoppable. Heed It's instructions within your body and trust - it is going on.

This consciousness, appreciation for the breath, is what the One/God/Chi wanted us to acknowledge as evidence, of our returning love to IT for our life. Our duty is to become conscious of what we are launching into creation with each breath we are taking. "In the beginning was the word." - is an acknowledgement of each word being a creation, yet each word first is compelled on a breath, which additionally supported a thought and a feeling which preceeded the word. Am I parroting other's words? Am I getting to God's words?

To do this I must get attuned to my breath - to get to the thoughts that are mine and mine alone, with God.

This requires a skill-set and to Practice with it.

We have an instruction in the Global Citizenship Passport.

Laugh, Play, investigate, eat, enjoy, feel healthy, experiment with the breath, speak kind words, go in nature, make love, remember, appreciate, write, imagine, travel, share, give, help, say "Thank You.", say "I love you.", know, feel, ask questions, look, hear, smell, taste, feel, touch, go out, pause, reflect, breathe deeply, smile, exercise, visit friends, make phone calls, read, create, dream, have a vision, change it, be nice to yourself, and others, relax, be patient, persevere, try, keep trying, don't stop, breathe, know your breath, play with it, think about it, meditate on in, contemplate on it, notice it, often, notice if you hold it, swallow it, give hugs, notice life, love life, feel sad, know everything changes, trust, Be, Do, wonder - be wonder full.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Unveiled Mysteries - Breath

A reference in Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King, p. 133

My Son! Oh, that the people of America could only understand what tremendous possibilities stand before them--waiting, waiting, waiting for them to turn away from creeds, cults, dogmas, 'isms,' and all else that binds and limits by keeping their attention from the Great God 'Presence' within own hearts! On, that they might realize what freedom, power and Light await their service, dependent only on their recognition and use of the Great Loving 'Presence' Within, breathing through the each moment. Know and feel the Almighty Control It has over all manifestation! Oh, could they only realize that their bodies are the Temples of the Most High Living God Who is Ruler of heaven and earth--that they might know what it means to love that Mighty Self, talk to It, acknowledge It in all things, and feel the Reality of That 'Presence' with at least as great a certainty as they do other persons and things! If they could only feel the closeness and reality of the Great 'Presence' deeply even for a moment, nothing could ever again stand between them and the same Might Supreme Accomplishment as Jesus and other Ascended Masters have attained.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Process

Here is something I wrote in my Journal on Oct. 15.

The Process

Be at peace
Be at peace
Be at peace

There is a process,
and then, there is a process.
Your are that process

both within and with out
to connect and be trusting
of your-self

and your being
and your experiences
as being the only path
to enlightenment
and full-fillment

to be in your One
speak kind words
if you must speak

listen to the quiet-tude
of all sounds
be where you are
and be at peace.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Albert Schweitzer, selected, short inspirational essays

The city of truth cannot be built on the swampy ground of skepticism. Our spiritual life is rotten throughout because it is permeated through and through with skepticism, and we live in consequence in a world which in every respect is full of falsehood. We are not far from shipwreck on the rock of wanting to have even truth organized.

Truth taken over by skepticism which has become believing has not the spiritual qualities of that which originated in thinking. It has been externalized and rendered torpid. It does obtain influence over a man, but it is not capable of uniting itself with him to the very marrow of his being. Living truth is that alone which has its origin in thinking.

Just as a tree bears year after year the same fruit and yet fruit which is each year new, so must all permanently valuable ideas be continually born again in thought. But our age is bent on trying to make the barren tree of skepticism fruitful by tying fruits of truth on its branches.
(Life, p. 259) from Albert Schweitzer and Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

The Loss of Self Confidence
The circumstances of the age do their best to deliver us up to the spirit of the age. The seed of skepticism has germinated. In fact, the modern man has no longer any spiritual self -confidence at all. Behind a self-confident exterior he conceals a great inward lack of confidence. In spite of his great capacity in material matters he is an altogether stunted being, because he makes no use of his capacity for thinking. It will ever remain incomprehensible that our generation, which has shown itself so great by its achievements in discovery and invention, could fall so low spiritually as to give up thinking.
(Life, p. 257) from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

 The Man of Today
The man of today is exposed to influences which are bent on robbing him of all confidence in his own thinking. The spirit of spiritual dependence to which he is called on to surrender is in everything that he hears, or reads; it is in the people whom he meets every day; it is in the parties and associations which have claimed him as their own; it pervades all the circumstances of his life.

From every side and in the most varied ways it is dinned into him that the truths and convictions which he needs for life must be taken by him from the associations which have rights over him. The spirit of the age never lets him come to himself. Over and over again convictions are forced upon him in the same way as, by means of the electric advertisements which flare in the streets of every large town any company which has sufficient capital to get itself securely established, exercises pressure on him at every step he takes to induce him to buy their boot polish or their soup tablets.

By the spirit of the age, then, the man of today is forced into skepticism about his own thinking, in order to make him receptive to truth which comes to him from authority. To all this constant influence he cannot make the resistance that is desirable because he is an overworked and distracted being without power to  concentrate. Moreover, the manifold material trammels which are his lot work upon his mentality in such a way that he comes at last to believe himself unqualified to make any claim to thoughts of his own.
(Life, pp. 255 f.) from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

Modern Thought has No Goal
With the spirit of the age I am in complete disagreement, because it is filled with disdain for thinking. That such is its attitude is to some extent explicable by the fact that thought has never yet reached the goal which it must set before itself. Time after time it was convinced that it had clearly established a world-view which was in accordance with knowledge and ethically satisfactory. But time after time the truth came out that it had not succeeded. Doubts, therefore, could well arise as to whether thinking would ever be capable of answering current questions about the world and or relation to it in such a way that we could give a meaning and a content to our lives.
[Life, p. 254] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

Thinking Drops the Tiller
In modern thinking the same thing happens as in religion. Thinking drops the tiller from its hand in the middle of the storm. It renounces the idea of giving human beings ideals by the help of which they can get on with reality. It leaves them to themselves, and that in a most terrible moment. For the present moment is terrible. Man has won power over the forces of nature and by that has become superman - and at the same time most miserable man! For this power over the forces of nature is not being used beneficially, but destructively.
[Religion, p. 1520] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

Modern Thinking Unequal to its Task
The spirit of the age rejoices, instead of lamenting, that thinking seems to be unequal to its task, and gives it no credit for what, in spite of imperfections, it has already accomplished. It refuses to admit, what is nevertheless the fact, that all spiritual progress up to today has come about through the achievements of thought, or to reflect that thinking may still be able in the future to accomplish what it has not succeeded in accomplishing as yet.
[Life, p. 255] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

Life Without Thought
No one who opens the sluices to let a flood of skepticism pour itself over the land must expect to be able to bring it back within its proper bounds. Of those who let themselves get too disheartened to try any longer to discover truth by their own thinking, only few find a substitute for it in truth taken from others. The mass of people remain skeptical. They lose all feeling for truth, and all sense of need for it as well, finding themselves quite comfortable in a life without thought, driven now here, now there, from one opinion to another
[Life, p. 258] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.
The Religion of Our Age
If one reviews the development of religion since the middle of the nineteenth century, one understands the tragic fact that although really living religion is to be found among us, it is not the leaven that leavens the thinking of our age.
[Religion, p. 1484] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

The Lack of Reason in Our Time
The history of our time is characterized by lack of reason which has no parallel in the past. Future historians will one day analyze this history in detail, and test by means of it their learning and their freedom from prejudice. But for all future times there will be, as there is for today, only one explanation, viz., that we sought to live and to carry on with a civilization which had no ethical principle behind it.
[Decay, p. 61] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

The Clogged Spirit
A fundamental impulse to reflect about the universe stirs us during those years in which we begin to think independently. Later on we let it languish, even though feeling clearly that we thereby impoverish ourselves and become less capable of what is good. We are like springs of water which no longer run because they have not been watched and have gradually become choked with rubbish.

More than any other age has our own neglected to watch the thousand springs of thought; hence the drought in which we are pining. But if we only go on to remove the rubbish which conceals the water, the sands will be irrigated again, and life will spring up where hitherto there has been only a desert.
[Decay, pp. 92 f.] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

The Divorce of Science and Reflection
Today thought gets no help from science, and the latter stands facing it independent and unconcerned. The newest scientific knowledge may be allied with an entirely un-reflecting view of the universe. It maintains that it is concerned only with the establishment of individual facts, since it is only by means of these that scientific knowledge can maintain its practical character; the coordination of the different branches of knowledge and the utilization of the results to form a theory of the universe are, it says, not its business. Once every man of  science was also a thinker who counted for something in the general spiritual life of his generation. Our age has discovered how to divorce knowledge from thought, with the result that we have, indeed, a science which is free, but hardly any science left which reflects.
[Decay, p. 72] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

Secondary Issues Prevail
Our philosophizing has become more and more involved in the discussion of secondary issues. It has lost touch with the elemental questions regarding life and the world which it is man's task to pose and to solve, and has found satisfaction more and more in discussing problems of a purely academic nature and in a mere virtuosity of philosophical technique. It has become increasingly absorbed in side issues. Instead of genuine classical music it has frequently produced only chamber music, often excellent in its way, but not the real thing. And so this philosophy, which was occupied only in elucidating itself, instead of struggling to achieve a world-view grounded in thought and essential for life, has led us into a position where we are devoid of any world-view at all, as an inevitable consequence of this, of any real civilization.
[Ethics, p. viii] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

The Danger of Technical Language

Technical expressions are a danger for every system of philosophy, whether Indian or European. For they may become formulae which hinder the natural development of thought in the same way as ruts in a road hinder traffic. So to find out what are its real contents it is reasonable to test a system of thought by setting aside expressions which it has coined for its own use and compelling it to speak in ordinary comprehensible language. [Indian, p. ix] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

The Tragedy of Western Thought
Western thought is not governed by mystical thought by the idea that the one thing needful is the spiritual union of man with infinite Being, and therefore (if it is obliged to renounce the hope of attaining to a knowledge of the universe that corresponds to ethical world- and life affirmation), it is in danger of saying it is satisfied not only with lowered ideals, but also with an inferior conception of world-view. That is the tragedy that is being enacted before our eyes. [Indian, pp. 253 f.] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

Spiritual Bankruptcy
Renunciation of thinking is a declaration of spiritual bankruptcy. Where there is no longer a conviction that man can get to know the truth by their own thinking, skepticism begins. Those who work to make our age skeptical in this way, do so in the expectation that, as a result of renouncing all hope of self-discovered truth, men will end by accepting as truth what is forced upon them with authority and by propaganda. [Life, p. 258] from Albert Schweitzer an Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

The Ideals that We Need
Humanity has always needed ethical ideals to enable it to find the right path, that man may make the right use of the power he possesses. Today his power is increased a thousandfold. A thousandfold greater is now the need for man to possess ethical ideas to point the way. Yet at the very moment when this happens, thinking fails. In this period of deepest need thinking is not giving to humanity the ideals it needs so that it may not be  overwhelmed. Is that our destiny? I hope not. I believe not. I think that in our age we are all carrying within  us a new form of thought which will give us ethical ideals. [Religion, p. 1520] from Albert Schweitzer an  Anthology. The Beacon Press. 1947.

These quotes were included in my first book I Am Sharing, available for free download

Monday, August 3, 2015

Finding the Peace Within

One of the greatest things I can do
Is find the peace within
Just to stop for a moment,
or two, or three
the business outside
in the world of men
spins around
swirling, distracting, taunting
more, more, more
it says
"pay attention to me"
it is interesting, intriguing, fun,
for awhile
then, as it demands its price -
"More, LOOK AT ME - I am it!"
my centered feelings, twinge "no"!
but the voices in my head
say, "go for it, it's the plan, the game.
it's the best show in the town."
the further I go,  the more it demands
meanwhile, what I am says
together this creates
this playscape called life
but the further I go
the more that I find
that the enjoyment of what's outside
is an inside game
the more I find my grounding
my centering within
I find vast peace
and appreciation
the demands of the outside
fall into their role
an expression of the vast inside
just waiting to be shared
is not a forced thing, 
or contrived
but what is truly real
some call it love
which it is
but I can call it me
for it is what I am
and I cannot escape it
for as I continue to go within
to find the peace in this world
its the only decent thing to share
and it is truly mine
the greatest gift I can find

Friday, July 17, 2015

Thoughts and Words & Your Present

Investing my Infinite Endowment

Keep my thoughts and words on the best.
- love               - trust
- the breath      - allowing
- fun                 - Joy
- my vision for all to be happy
- nature             - Gaia
- appreciation    - gratitude
- harmony         - Being
- wonder           - play
- communication
- balance           - diversity
- wholeness       - sun
- appreciation    - senses
- noticing           - experiences
- development    - music
- signs/synchronicities
- creativity          - dedication
- persistence       - patience
- knowing           - feeling
- Spirit                - cooperation
- integration        - ascension
- harvest             - now
- present             - friends
- friendship         - all perfection

You can't argue with the breath.
You can't argue with God.
It's all God.
I am God.
You are God.
"They" are God.

Nothing is arguing with anything just in the process of development and evolution in experience of God/One-ness which is easiest experienced one breath at a time be-cause the breath is current, in the now, present from which all points in time are created or altered. There is no other time to be concerned with then the present/now.

Justapose "now" - won!
What are you doing with Your Present?

Monday, May 4, 2015

On Trust and Money Virus/Counties

We are all working out trust related issues, however to overcome trust issues is simple, be trusting. People who are "un-trust worthy" will quickly remove themselves because they don't trust. My experience is to only be able to work on me, not have un-trusting antenna out because that is my projection and will always return the same experience/energy - that which is the lesson I am here to learn about.

People with abusive parents, or untrustworthy (parents of orphans) have to dig deep and get past the tendency to not trust anyone because human systems have tended to be not trustworthy. That is because people lie and are not putting their trust in the only trustworthy thing, that - Desmond would say Breath, some would say God, All That Is - I would say whatever made THIS - and I am 100% of THIS. No part of me is left out. A wise friend Barry stated that he would keep repeating the same mistakes/experiences until he learned the lesson from the experience. I have learned two main things "Trust" and "Love More". And hence if I am 100% Source, or Breath then I can deduct that I am made of, and being supported by what I can trust 100%. How do I arrive at a place to trust and be loving? Act that way, to the best of my ability each day. And keep that same effort, practice up.

Money viruses
There are no bar codes on apples or trees or leaves or animals, except when we put them there.

We have been put into a labeling, numbering and counting "nightmare". It is like a virus, running in our brains computer. Essentially, with most people, running their RAM memory at its limit.

To think of the un-sanity of this is to imagine oneself attempting to count everything around them. The leaves, the blades of grass, grains of sand, clouds, hairs on our heads, etc. We have been pulled into a "counties" program. The bean counters and hoarders of beans rule here. We are much like Scrat in the movie Ice Age. Chasing the proverbial nut. Which, by its very nature, we will never get. Because most of us, deep down, don't FEEL we deserve. We don't trust. So we will never let ourselves live it. That is because we are here trying to learn a lesson. The lesson of trust and love. To get this lesson we have to "fake it 'til we make it". To be trusting and loving.

This is the wisdom contained in Jesus message "love God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself." Which means -
If I learn love, for me, in the true sense, then I will experience that love, and what others do is not my business. But, they will have to follow me because there is only one way to go.

One breath at a time.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Great Global Society - Humanity Movement

 A Vision for Action of the Reverence for Life University and The Cosmic Stock Exchange

To Re-Purpose these existing organizations, or "work around" like water does when it comes to an obstacle.

- Peace Corp                                   )
- Red Cross                                     )   - Combined and Re-purposed
- Military                                          )
- CCC - (American Depression)       )

Read and Speak This Statement!
"I Am 100% God!"
"We Are 100% God!"
"Eye Am My Breath / God's Breath"

(conversion process explained in A Real Opportunity - Time to Change - The Media)

We are joining forces to respond, rebuild and build in those places hit by natural disasters. Shift energy from fighting with police to responding to human need. Set a top priority list including those places that have been historically affected, written off (displaced peoples and temporary communities).

Just shift a tiny portion of "business as usual" to Breath Conscious action and watch a massive tide of effect.

- Convert "pigs at a trough" (normal disaster relief efforts, e.g. New Orleans) response to sensible,
    thoughtful, efficient, purposeful, cost effective, transformed response
- Training for team - Team/Individual Experience Plan & Study Guide
- Utilize our "rebuilding team" that is already with us (David G, Neal P, Jason B, Scobie R,
   Roger B, etc.)
- Humanitarian efforts based upon "Reaching Out From With-in"
- Financial system and capital dispensing and distribution - Architecture for a Global Sustainable Society
- Adapt the Hybrid Community Diversified Cooperative  pdf (see case example concept)
- Beginning Personal Understanding - Preparation for Re-Creation
- Statement for team members "Proclamation for Emancipation"
- The Practice
- One Love, One Step Walk - Jamaica

Envision a new Civilian Conservation Corp for the world

Put veterans, persons released from prison and other people challenged to work on purposeful missions - as described in Reaching Out From With-In

This is a derivation of The Decision, which lead to the book "Vision - We ARE Re-Creating the World".

This is the realization of the vision I was given in 1979.

Foundations to include, convert, or re-purpose
- Gates
- Buffet
- Rockefeller
- Ford

Visionaries to emulate
- Schweitzer
- Borlaug
- Ghandi
- Einstein
- Lincoln
- King
- Marley
- The Beatles

Call on some famous people who we know
- Jeff Bezos    - Jack Dangermond     - Oprah     - Matt Damon     - Robert Redford
- Morgan Freeman     - Willie Nelson    - Jim Carey     - Leonardo DeCaprio     - Ray Benson
- Elon Musk     - David Wilcock     - Drunvalo Melchizedek

Other influential people, just a few that came to mind.
- Inelia Benz    - Nassim Harreim     - Patrick Flanigan    - Bob Schneider   

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Digesting Victimhood

I Am NOT a victim of God's abandonment, wrath or vengeance. I Am 100% God, supplied through my eternal breath and infinite love and abundance, flourishing, thriving and creating all of the aspects of my life. I have ceased repeating victim stories and have now digested the lessons to be gleaned and harvested from all of my experiences throughout all of my incarnations and those of my family to be fully present, trading, brokering and sharing on The Cosmic Stock Exchange. I accept full responsibility for this Divine Gift, continually expressing my full gratitude and appreciation to God, Love, All That Is as a fully Breath Conscious aspect of God trading as Andrew Skadberg.




Friday, April 10, 2015

Trust My Love

I took a breath,

And entered this world,
We all share the same source,
There is a movement, an intention,
The breath is going somewhere,
And it doesn't go back,
The stories spun, the experiences had,
The memories fulfilled,
Are all recorded,
But each moment a new recording,
A new movement,
Of the cacophany of life forms,
Dancing, swirling, emerging, contracting,
Expanding, vibrating, co-creating,
To experience more
Joy, pain, sensing, knowing
IT is the life in everything
Sustaining, supporting, coaxing, prodding
Love More!
You, Me, We, Eye
See My love, feel My love, Be My Love
No matter what
You are coming home
You are at home
In Me
Trust My love.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Enjoy Your Life

Sharing with my friend Bob Baker yesterday that the infinite vibration is pulling us home. Our task is to maintain the highest vibration of our ability. This is accomplished by being sensitive to our feelings (in our heart center) and eliminate less than harmonious thoughts, words and actions. There is no avoiding this "pulling to home". We might delay, with significant duress, but there is no ultimate resisting of our source that has always intended us to experience and know, even in our minds and egos, the totality of love's embrace.

We, our team, are like the spritz of spray on the very front of the foam of a wave crashing on the leading edge of a tsunami.

As we hold the cleanest vibration we are the catalyst for the rest of the creation hologram. Our only "job" -- ourselves. The functional unit -- "One Breath". It is not even a thinking process, although by aligning our consciousness with our breath and expressing gratitude, appreciation and love this can further accelerate and fulfill the functions of joy and happiness which is the demonstration we can assist others to see and experience.

On a physical note, scientifically viewed, deep breathing breaks the hold of shallow breathing which tends only to fuel the autonomic, survival part of our brain (the reptile brain, the hypothalamus). As we intake plenty of breath (H, O) we fuel/feed our, super computer brain (cerebral cortex) which moves us into a higher existence and awareness.

Additionally we re-build/heal our pineal gland which is our cosmic, life antenna opening up to all the signals, messages and enlightenment that is being broadcast like all of the radio, internet and cell phone signals of this world.

The benefits for our heart and feeling center and a mastery of our emotions has many additional benefits for our process of life enjoyment.

No one can enjoy our life for us.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Progression of My Vision

My life experiences have guided me through a process. Mostly to discover myself. To come to know that I am not just what I learned in school, or what I picked up along the way by observing the world around me.

I have always had some level of awareness, that I was "outside of the box" so to speak, but as far as actively pursuing a "spiritual" understanding of life, I have been working on myself since 1981 when I stopped using drugs and alcohol. The experiences that have guided me in the process are mostly recorded in various of my essays either here at my blog, or in my first book "I Am Sharing: Thoughts, Experiences and Learning About Love and Service." I will not re-cite those here.

This post is to provide a quick reference to my life's work, and its progression, as I believe I have assigned myself the mission to "serve the world". Each of the links below go to one of these stepping stones in this process of bringing my life vision/mission to the world. Some are quite extensive, including a 462 page digital book.

My greatest discovery to this point, is contained in the simple mantra "EYE AM MY BREATH." - just one of hundreds of posts on My Breath

The Decision
After a series of significant changes in my life, combined with the personal growth work I was doing, I was compelled to write down and commit to a major world changing decision.

Reverence for Life University 
In 2007, after Yvette Dubel told me "Andy you need to stop living out the tragedy of your parents life", I met Desmond Green and was invited to assist with creating the Reverence for Life University in Jamaica. The experience is still expanding in-ward, and as it does - the reverberations outward are expanding as well.

When Love Guides Your Thoughts, by Solomon, edited/compiled by me.
A treatise on "how to think" in a modern "voice" of King Solomon. This book introduced a "thinking program" which previously I had not been introduced to. I was a bit astounded to discover that I had never had a course that prepared me for "how to think'. I have discovered this is not something we get through osmosis, it should be a very deliberate and dedicated part of our process of living and growing.

I Am Sharing: Thoughts, Experiences and Learning About Love and Service book - is my first personal book, not like other books, revealing some of my experiences, influences and ideas about life and how important love and service is to guide one's life.

Global Citizenship Passport by Desmond D. Green - Including The Practice and "The 1st "R" -
I believe the most important written work of our times.

Vision - We Are Re-Creating the World: A Resource Manual "Tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grassroots Strategies and Environmental Awareness
My vision to assist the world to experience joy, peace and abundance for all.

2011 World Proclamation for Emancipation
A personal statement, essentially, claiming my sovereignty, and "re-setting" my consciousness as one Being in the infinite hologram.

The Breath Way - transmuting the goals of the "old world order"
Inspired by the work of David Wilcock, specifically the book Financial Tyranny. These statements replace ones that had been in place for quite some time.

Kingdom Network
After writing the Vision Book, the process underway has been to create a Web based network of resources to fulfill the vision. In process . . .

An Architecture for the Global Sustainable Society
Creating "It's a wonderful life." with our global, electronic, financial exchange system. In process . . .


Contributing Experiences, People, and Influences

Thirty years to tell this story
Calling forth the clouds
Laurie Skadberg - Experience One - Experience Two
Discovering my purpose - Dr. Stephen Simpson
Realization of Self Love
My Burning Bush
Marvel Skadberg - passed Aug. 2004
Marvin Skadberg - passed Jan. 12, 2007
Dr. Ewing - sharing 1, sharing 2 - the real experience of his passing
Desmond Green
Guillermo Rodriguez
Metatron Experience (follow link on page to Metatron)

Sarah Ford - the beautiful adventure continues. Currently still authoring the profound set of experiences that brought us together. - to be continued, at length
Mark Skadberg - Mark has been a guide in so many ways, connected to synchronistic experiences, sharing information at just the right time, just being there as a brother. Also his patience and fortitude have been a driving force example for me to "keep going no matter what."
Mark's sharing with mom, Mark's sharing with Dad, Marty's Great Idea (children's book)


Monday, February 23, 2015

Mental Peaces

Our mental "thoughtmousphere" has become polluted with many idea and belief viruses. They will derail mental processes. Fortunately our feelings indicate whether they are running in our minds computer. "Figuring things out" (we actually figure in) might eventually lead to the solution but I have discovered it can be very arduous and take a long time. There is a short-cut. Our breath IS THE creator's anti-virus software. Breath Consciousness will accelerate its installation. It is being installed whether we know it or not. The Creator does have a plan. We can enjoy the process of this amazing transition if we KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart). Breathe Deeply, Consciously and Appreciatingly.

"Next Breath Please" is something to think and say when the mind is running rampant. The breathosphere is clear.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Breathing Images


The images that we are observing are not reality. Nature is non-threatening. Our response and then to interpret threats fuels the creation of elements that are out to get us. But naturally this is not the case. Our emphasis on certain characteristics exaggerates them. We have been acting as and thought magnifiers. Our ability to replicate symbols that we have created and tied meaning to have created time which is the means by which to perpetuate and share certain image based structures/ideas. The printing press served as a way to concretize certain ways of seeing the world which then became a way to expand to collective experience.

When we start in this world our senses our developed with harmony. Emphasis on sight does not seem to. Also, threats do not appear to exist. We only respond to inner, or body needs such as hunger and touch.

Meanings attached to things and events and our repeated exposure to them creates the belief systems that we find ourselves living within. "Think outside the box." means that we accept the idea that most of us are thinking in a box. What other limiting beliefs frame the way we see the world? Why is death bad, to be feared or avoided? Why don't we see it as a celebration? Why don't we see one animal eating another as one getting lunch and the other as being freed to go onto other grand adventures? Desmond calls is frequency hopping.

Breath consciousness and their accompanying "skill-sets" and practices act to re-balance us into a fuller life experience. Bringing energy that might be used to support ideas, images, beliefs that create stress and discomfort. The images that we focus our attention on require our energy - our attention. By spending quality time with ourselves, going into where our thoughts our created and to bring our awareness back to the natural harmonic aspects that we are, allows us to take charge of ourselves. These practices re-develop our born ability to feed those things which we would prefer to experience, not just respond as revealed by Pavlov's research with dogs.

Breathing deeply and consciously.
Appreciating our breath.
Contemplating and noticing our thoughts.
Noticing the sense pleasures of our physical body.
Tapping, or body drumming, with the intent to re-center ourselves into the fullness of our life's "Breath" reality which is truly supporting all of our life experience.
Breath connecting with nature. Nature in not confused about how it relates to its breath.
The animals and plants have not become obsessed or controlled, or threatened by images.
WE can connect to their knowing in a feeling way that will help us remember the truth of our being - our breath and that is is supporting us and will continue.

Breath dancing, playing, singing, replicating the pulsating, spiraling nature of life. To help remind us of what we are made of - and what is always supporting us.
Our emphasis on the breath is necessary because there are so many outside signals that are supposedly there to bring us back to "reality". That reality is out of balance. So we need emphasis and create a habit of reminding ourselves so we can stay in a harmonious and solid place of truth, of love.
One Breath At A Time.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life Flows

Life flows. The old human construct mostly governed by money has fear based constraints that have been put in place. A person can feel them. Numbers, monitors, meters, filters "apparently" choking the flow of creation. This is not really possible. It is perception.

The vastness of the flowing, pulsating, spiraling, spirit, energetic, physical reality is so vast as to be mentally incomprehensible. The universe/cosmos is flowing, perfectly. Even if we impose beliefs, constructs on it that seem to be contrary. These impedances only create opportunities to experience "distortions" - changes in vibrations which are then converted, or integrated by our bio-feedback, system that is built into us - our feelings. They emanate from our gut, or near our solar plexus. We have been conditioned to let the mind to get into the process which created emotions. This point, distinction my brother Mark has been emphatic about for several years (very wise). Gut feelings, not intellectually manipulated constructs, guide us. Experience is an outward expression but our guidance to lead our lives comes from within. It is a perfect operating system. But the external expressions have become so extensive and involved that we have lost touch with our intuition and feeling guidance. We don't learn from outside we remember to heed the guidance from inside, our heart centered feelings.

No matter what we are thinking about this process doesn't really matter. All the image based threats, things to be afraid of, are not really true. Love, which is everything, is not out to get us. It is here to experience more. And we have been here living through a very interesting phase of spirit/physical manifestation, experience. But the breath is not going to leave us hanging. It is going to continue taking us where IT intends to go. It will not stop. Resistance and distraction also creates feedback, in the form of anxious or fearful feelings. Entering the only true moment, reality, NOW via the physical breath process - one breath at a time, fueling the mind and body (deep breathing), being conscious of the breath (showing mindfull gratitude, appreciation of our first gift) and physically remembering spirit to center itself in our body (tapping, or body drumming) will facilitate that most enjoyable experience, life. We are here fully supported. No manner of symbols (words, letters, numbers) can stymie this process. Life is wonderfull, and evolving and be coming. And it will continue no matter our inclinations, doubts or resistances. Center oneself, deliberately by reminding oneself often that we are all going through this together - one breath at a time - that is the functional unity that this cosmos creation is contained within. It is allright!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Blessing from Nicole

Take your time getting to know yourself...on every level!
Observe how little by little you will let your guard down as you truly, madly, deeply start to love yourself....
Be vulnerable, be raw...
There is no rush... This is what your here for....
Woo yourself, make yourself blush, kiss yourself in the mirror and make love to your mind, body and soul...
Watch how you bloom... Only for you- in a way no one else can do....
Feel yourself out.... Listen quietly to all your voices...
You are your own greatest mystery, you are the lock and the key!
So be tender, be sweet, rock yourself to sleep... Coo a lullaby to your healing heart...
Just don't rush this beautiful building love
It's a unfolding of divine art

You are so hot. I mean, your fire burns bright. You are fueled and running on all cylinders. Shine your bright star shine from the mountain, in the dark corners, wherever that virus of doubt might remain. To be love, radiating, inviting, coaxing, making, transforming - pulling on all hearts which you touch with the burning hot love, that ignites all, creates all, blesses all - that which cascades across the cosmos, into the crevices, and revelations - the mother of life, from which we all are returning to be embraced and know once again, infinite love, which has never been absent, only our thoughts played a trick on us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Physical Breath Trinity

Today I had a profound epiphany, finally concluding an incredible experience in 2009 with Archangel Metatron. The experience removed chains from my heart. Today I understand the physical trinity experience is
1. Breath Consciousness, (
2. Breath Tapping (body drumming, heart & 3rd eye),
3. The whirling dervish dance. (Sufi originated, video)

We are here physical working our spirit experience out. Coming to a FEELING/knowing. We don't have to fly off to never, never land. The point is to be here in our bodies, now, without judgement, but in ecstasy, that it all is ours because each of us are here and it is only One Love!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Evolving, learning, sharing


Recent news with EndlessOne Global and Dollar General

Working in rural communities for many years I have thought about Wal Mart, Dollar General, convenience stores.
- first Walmart in Alva, OK in 1984
- John R. Campbell knew Sam Walton and J.C. Penney
- I saw Walmarts effect in small communities, economy, loss of downtowns and small businesses
- have thought about convenience stores because they came to be in my lifetime, Caseys, opportunity in Colombia.
- took a group of men from India to a casino on the bus from Austin. Owners of convenience stores.

I have observed that Dollar General was very smart to come in after Walmart. Picking up the scraps, being efficient, providing supplies that small home owned businesses may not be able to supply, but not getting so big as to close all the local businesses.

So, with this opportunity with EndlessOne, if you give money with the existing systems in place to the other 1/2 of the worlds population, what will you have?

  - more of the same, just on a larger scale

Quote from Desmond
"Reality ?
Cultural rituals and manners
Languages . . . Currencies
Images, Sounds, Colors . . .
Assets, Ideas, Feelings
And Vibrations."

Need to shift people's fundamental relationship to the world, and other people to accomplish that you need to affect how they "see", feel and experience themselves in  relation to their external environment. That happens from the inside out.

Not a thought or image based accomplishment.
It will be an experience/feeling based shift.
Dealing with "Egomaniacs with inferiority complexes." Wayne Cho, Love World Run.
Leveling field with other people.
Golden Way (Realization of Self Love)

The Practice - Breathing

The world is changed, "saved" one person at a time.
If the "idea" of God worked, why doesn't the world look a lot different? Institutionalized, externalized managed systems of religion, or Spiritual education have brought us here.

"Unsanity" - doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, collectively.

The Breath will "fuel" the already existing system "Reverence for Life", "Do Unto Others" by consciously breathing.

Then through The Practice we will be taught, shown, experienced - reverse engineered back to our One-ness, through the many faceted experience of believing we are fragmented, multi-dimensional beings.

Essentially, reversing back through the prism of the rainbow to a more personalized version of ourselves as One with God.

Everyone has a fundamental belief in God, almost, and the ones that don't are just more faithful to thought (god of logic). We need people to experience, feel their God. Even science says that everything is breathing. It is the one thing in common with everything, including our galaxy or universe.

By bringing the other 1/2 of the world into the electronic exchange system, we have to do more than just give them a bank account.

As we get their attention by helping them with $ we can give them the "keys to the kingdom".

A connection with themselves, they already are what they need, what they are looking for.

We can save them the troubles, and learn from our mistakes/confusion about the purpose of money and how we relate to it. We can save them a lot of pain and suffering

This is our responsibility, to ignore it is to be untrue to ourselves, as One with All

Pierre's quote "All for One and One for All".

The "old guard" wanted us to be ignorant about $ because they were ignorant about the real "Golden Way" and they wanted to steal from us. We are not going to make that mistake, are we?

            Both Devon and I wondered why we weren't taught how to manage money in school.
            "They" didn't want us to know.

            The shell game gets so elaborate after we leave school as to be practically impossible to decipher.
            People are busy making it, surviving, working, scrambling, keeping track of it, counting, etc. etc.

One nice thing about not having any money is you don't have to keep track of it. (my observances of people obsessed counting their cash, keeping track in their minds whether they have enough to pay bills, etc.)

Our economy(s) are not "God Ordained" we made it up and WE can re-purpose it.

This is the "reverse engineering" out of the "apparent", the illusory, complexity.

The result of "specialization", science, education (was to investigate the extent of "infinite", not to imprison us.

Egos seeking to bolster themselves to make them feel better, or more important than others.
EGO = Exponential Growth Opportunities

In ONE, there are no Leaders or Kings, etc - I think you get the point.

Mutual admiration societies are not necessary unless they include everyone.

I have an ulterior agenda
1. to let everyone know that they are already loved by their God and that the "Gods" are not fighting.
2. And to give people the way to discover that they themselves are already what they are looking for.
3. How to breathe properly - deeply, consciously, appreciatingly.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Wisdom - Desmond Green

My journey in life is more
a movement in consciousness
from a state of ignorance,
To a state of complete self-awareness,
rather than travel
from one location to another.


The identity we have in mind
pilots us in and through
whatever experiences we encounter.


A clear conscience seeks no other reward


Faith is freedom from fear
through appropriate action


My vision is to see that the full nature
and scope of my memory
is to serve my consciousness
in its efforts to live effectively
in the here and the now.


Anything we do, which compromises others,
or ourselves, will traumatize us too
in the long run.


Every window in life
has its own special view
Of everything, everywhere, false or true;
And shows us as well,
glimpses of the Heaven or hell
in which we are eternally free to dwell.


Love is the power uniting Heaven and earth,
Fueling and refueling its cycles
of death and rebirth.
Expressing and experiencing each as all,
Inspiring the whole to stand proud and tall.


Reality ?
Cultural rituals and manners
Languages . . . Currencies
Images, Sounds, Colors . . .
Assets, Ideas, Feelings
And Vibrations.


Foundations built on false beliefs
can neither stand nor give relief.


Success is passion in action.

2 pages, from 230 in Living Psalms by Desmond D. Green.,

The Whole Shebang

We are like "reality spiders" spinning the webs of stories and experiences of our lives. This insight got me sober starting 33 years ago around my dishonesty with myself. Desmond Green set the thinking wheels in motion again when he said a couple days back "spiders carry their homes inside of them, just like we do." I laughed when I began to think about us here sitting in our homes.

We are seeing, walking, talking, sensing, feeling virtual reality, life production systems of God's Breath.
(see last messages of Paramahansa Yogananda)

You WILL!!! live through your fears, fortunately with a significant, "buffering", in most cases.

EYE AM MY BREATH "snort through your nostrils", EYE AM MY BREATH, "snort through your nostrils", EYE AM MY BREATH. (to see effects of forceful breathing from nostrils, see research of Marcel Vogel)

To get the most of God's love and support, breathe deeply, consciously and appreciatingly. Keep aligning yourself with "Service to Others" which is the operating system planet earth is running on --yes, like a computer.

Service to others includes all of life.

Eliminate from your consciousness fear based "accusational", judgmental thoughts like shame, blame, guilt, remorse, jealousy. Unless of course you want to experience these things. That is your choice.

To charge your prayers, but not from a submissive, down trodden feeling place, but from a charged, loving expression of the Infinite Creator, think, kind, loving healing thoughts and blow through your nostrils.

Think, speak and feel, to the best of your ability, kind, loving thoughts while breathing deeply, consciously, appreciatingly towards those you want to benefit from your love.

In actuality, this should be everybody, especially those people whom you think, or feel, or believe, you hate. But that too is your choice.

The "dirty little secret" of hate will be removed from your heart, or it will consume you.

Reverence for Life = Golden Way (Jesus) = Service to Others
(which, by the way, is the ultimate "service to self" modality to align with God, Spirit, Source, Infinite Love)

Take charge of the words you are speaking and thinking - to yourself, and others. However, don't be too hard on yourself. Replace habituated words with firmness, gentleness and loving kindness.


What I, Eye Am seeing, is my breath projected out of inside of me. My living, external reality, is like the spiders web that is spun out of itself, where it lives and acts.

The spider carries its home inside of itself. Just like we do. Desmond D. Green
(I was given this same analogous insight on July 12, 1981 when I realized I couldn't continue to lie. I have been clean of drugs and alcohol since July 13th of that year).

For access to tools and resources to acquire your "skill-sets" for this "new reality", visit the Reverence for Life University. For languaging, see Trust Your Breath by Desmond D. Green

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them." Galileo Galilei

Reverence for Life see Albert Schweitzer, article by Rene Wadlow

For some thoughts on The Golden Way (formerly golden rule) see How do we simplify this model? and How to Live

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Andy and Family Contract with Gosmos

I open myself now to receive from the holy cosmic influences in my life. I am connected to God and everything that I receive will be holy.

- $50,000 to begin transition for my family life
- a beautiful home in Williams, Oregon
   - 5 bedrooms     - ability to garden
   - 3 baths            - worm farm
   - at least 2 acres - a shop with tools for me
   - forest
   - water
   - pasture
   - 2 out buildings
- 2 dependable cars
    - Toyota pickup for me, 2005 or newer
    - Caravan for Sarah, 2006 or newer
- a motorcycle, practically any kind
- all the necessary furniture to fill the house for family including Isaiah
- My work in RFLU and tourism, education consulting will flourish providing abundant $ and ample opportunity to travel
- $100,000 to address Yongxia and Martha at my discretion and disposition
- fine piano for Sarah and all the sheet music she desires
- rectification of issues of separation from my children, all of them
- the ability to travel when I desire with no complications or obstacles
- my professional life as a shaman, educator and tourism/economic expert is flourishing
- all of the "apparent" conflicts with everyone, or organization, are dissolved

This is the year for Andrew Skadberg and his family to receive all of the comforts, abundance and peace that he has been working to share and demonstrate to the world through immense patience and love and I am now committing to this contract with all of the love in my heart and breath in my being.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

80 Praying Mantis

So my teenage son did some yard work in the late fall, found a praying mantis egg sac, brought it home, but forgot to leave it outdoors. Upon his return from school today, he realized it was hatching, and now I have a big jar full of a hundred or so baby mantis. I feel so bad that they've hatched out of season, and if there's a way they can survive or provide a service in the winter, I will do what I can to make their survival easier. I would be grateful for any ideas, or any takers of a few or many mantis. Thanks!

Here is the Animal Spirit Guides interpretation

When Praying Mantis shows up, it means:
You could benefit from studying and practicing a martial-arts discipline such as Kund Fu, Chi Gong, or Tai Chi which has a strong meditative and spiritual component.
Make prayer, meditation, or contemplation part of your daily regimen, even it only for a few minutes each day.
Listen to your instincts as to when to move forward and when to retreat.
Spend some time in the natural world, and practice being as still as you can for as long as you can, with nothing else to attend to except your breathing.
Consider redirecting your energy by withdrawing it from whatever isn't working in your life and focusing attention on what is working.

So, practical reverence for life - Sarah Ford

This level of attention, for taking care of our friends, no matter how small. We made several nice connections from the Bald Eagle Days

- 40 of the mantis went to a science teacher in Davenport
- 8 went to the Wapsie River Environmental Center 
- 24 went to Nahant Marsh Education Center
- 8 went to Quad City Botanical Center

The Descent

We descend from our skyward home,
fallen pieces thrust down a timeless reticule.
Conceived in the Holy Furnace,
we look out through infant eyes.
When was the beginning?
When will we reach the end?
Into the dust, the eternal descends.
A single instant holds all we came here to find.
When all the instants join, a life is defined.
It is a new day to watch the rise and the fall of the sun, and cherish every breath between rising aspirations and long, forgotten dreams.
Linda Mottet

poetry featured in "Shattered Innocence"
& "Only Love is Real - Only Love Remains"
available on and Kindle

photo: found on
Found on

Dear God - an interview

3:30 am 1/10/15

Dear God

I ask: "Why?"
You say: "Because."
I ask: "How?"
You answer . . .
I ask: "When?"
You answer, "at just the right time."
I say, "I am worried."
You say, "Don't worry it will pass."
I say, "but I'm scared."
You say, "It's ok, I'm with you. Hasn't it been OK up to now?"
I say, "yes, but it's been hard."
You say, "It's OK, have you had fun? Have you grown? Have you had experiences? Have you gone places and seen stuff? Didn't I keep it all together? Aren't you happy? Have you had love? Have you done things, thought things, danced, sung, made love, fell in love, and all that stuff?
I say, "Yes."
You say, "Hasn't it been interesting?"
Me, "Absolutely, Yes!"
You say, "Well, guess what."
Me, "What?"
You, "It gets better. And better. And better, and it just keeps going."
Me, "But."
You, "But what?"
Me, "Well . . . never mind."
You, "Don't worry. It's perfect."
Me, "But."
You, "Really, it's OK. Even to worry. It can't break. But it's designed for exactly this, and only this. What you're getting out of it."
Me, "But . . ."
You, "Don't you want to do good?"
Me, "Yes."
You, "Great!"
You: "Do you like love?"
Me: "Yes, of course."
You: "Just keep doing that."
Me: "Anything else?"
You: "Well . . . "
Me: "What?"
You: "Don't worry. I've got everything covered. Just keep seeking. Be nice. Have fun. Don't let anyone get you down. Keep trying. Be happy. All that happy crap, you know. Mind your own business, don't judge.
Me: "But that all sounds kind of trite."
You: "I know."
Me: ". . . . . ?"
You: ". . . . !"
Me: " . . . . ?"
You: "I know you want answers. But you always have more questions. But you get answers, right?"
Me: "Yes."
You: "Keep doing that. Keep your intentions the best you can. Get rid of stuff where you doubt yourself. Keep striving, doing what's in front of you and trusting. Because I am running the show.
But you are with me. Just do the best you can.
Be kind. Be loving.
K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Sweetheart.
Because you are My Love and it doesn't get any better than that."
Me: "I know."
You: "That's a great place to start, and stay, by the way.
One last thing."
Me: "Yes?"
You: "Be grateful for your gifts, but especially your breath. Because it doesn't get more simple, or profound by what it's about. And you never have to worry about that, unless of course you choose to."

Friday, January 9, 2015

Breath/Spirit Course - advanced


Inspired by
of which I just began to study. Fascinating, and it seemed to trigger another light switch being turned on.

I awoke at 5 am and wrote this in my journal.


Which is an apparent evolution of "rational scientist" and "mystical scientist". It all begins with the words we think and speak.

1. Align the heart. - Love Transcends. Trail Blazing. Hearts Beating the Dream of Love.    
     Love Comprehension Experience. Unusual Love Messages.

2. Tune/Train/Focus the mind
     The Master Key, Charles Haanel. Advanced Breath Course.
     Thinking discipline - When Love Guides Your Thoughts, Andrew Skadberg/Anon.
        - no hierarchy, no condemnation or judgment
        - Breath-O-Matics, Preparation for Re-Creation. Questioning Beliefs, Be-Coming
           Attention & Creation, How to Live, How do we simplify this model.

3. Play
- work with the breath, techniques, possibilities, attunements

4. Refine your vocabulary - Trust Your Breath, Desmond D. Green
     other essays - Re-definition

5. Working with water, crystals (, oils or other personal inclinations (art, music, dance, creative outlets)

6. Nature - Peace Making, Hearthing (connecting the physical body to Gaia)
    Prayer for Peace, The Peacemaker

7. Business / Do Good, Dream Making

8. Tribe / Team / Family - Team Course

9. Masterminding / Love Organizing - project visioning/planning

10. Imaging / Manifesting / Organizing

- like in the TV show Heros. Produce a write-up for each person, then make a map, then do the same thing for projects, opportunities and resources.

- The key is "people", expressed as breath, shift our focus to living beings, not just ideas, problems, institutions and unreal (material) things. Stuff is stuff. "Attention and Words" - Reverence for Life.