Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Great Global Society - Humanity Movement

 A Vision for Action of the Reverence for Life University and The Cosmic Stock Exchange

To Re-Purpose these existing organizations, or "work around" like water does when it comes to an obstacle.

- Peace Corp                                   )
- Red Cross                                     )   - Combined and Re-purposed
- Military                                          )
- CCC - (American Depression)       )

Read and Speak This Statement!
"I Am 100% God!"
"We Are 100% God!"
"Eye Am My Breath / God's Breath"

(conversion process explained in A Real Opportunity - Time to Change - The Media)

We are joining forces to respond, rebuild and build in those places hit by natural disasters. Shift energy from fighting with police to responding to human need. Set a top priority list including those places that have been historically affected, written off (displaced peoples and temporary communities).

Just shift a tiny portion of "business as usual" to Breath Conscious action and watch a massive tide of effect.

- Convert "pigs at a trough" (normal disaster relief efforts, e.g. New Orleans) response to sensible,
    thoughtful, efficient, purposeful, cost effective, transformed response
- Training for team - Team/Individual Experience Plan & Study Guide
- Utilize our "rebuilding team" that is already with us (David G, Neal P, Jason B, Scobie R,
   Roger B, etc.)
- Humanitarian efforts based upon "Reaching Out From With-in"
- Financial system and capital dispensing and distribution - Architecture for a Global Sustainable Society
- Adapt the Hybrid Community Diversified Cooperative  pdf (see case example concept)
- Beginning Personal Understanding - Preparation for Re-Creation
- Statement for team members "Proclamation for Emancipation"
- The Practice
- One Love, One Step Walk - Jamaica

Envision a new Civilian Conservation Corp for the world

Put veterans, persons released from prison and other people challenged to work on purposeful missions - as described in Reaching Out From With-In

This is a derivation of The Decision, which lead to the book "Vision - We ARE Re-Creating the World".

This is the realization of the vision I was given in 1979.

Foundations to include, convert, or re-purpose
- Gates
- Buffet
- Rockefeller
- Ford

Visionaries to emulate
- Schweitzer
- Borlaug
- Ghandi
- Einstein
- Lincoln
- King
- Marley
- The Beatles

Call on some famous people who we know
- Jeff Bezos    - Jack Dangermond     - Oprah     - Matt Damon     - Robert Redford
- Morgan Freeman     - Willie Nelson    - Jim Carey     - Leonardo DeCaprio     - Ray Benson
- Elon Musk     - David Wilcock     - Drunvalo Melchizedek

Other influential people, just a few that came to mind.
- Inelia Benz    - Nassim Harreim     - Patrick Flanigan    - Bob Schneider   

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