Monday, December 30, 2013

Self Management - The Practice

En-strengthening people to allow their dreams to come true.

Work with various scales, individuals, groups, villages, communities.

Teaching people to work better together, they must first work with themselves better.

Maintain enthusiasm, monitor emotions, momentum, metaphorically, don't get hammers out unless you are pounding on nails, be aware of doubts, fears, criticisms of self and others.

"I'm not a number", I am all of them, and not.

Anything my consciousness can consider, pontificate upon, experience is some part of me.

Science tells us we are animals, vertebrates, mammals - we created these labels.

Religion tells us we are sheep, sinners, etc.

Even light is only part of who we are because we are considering, entertaining it all.

Then, we adapt ourselves to these very limited definitions using our infinite endowments to figure out how to be like these mass ideas.

The breath is the harmonic energetic grounding from which all of this starts.

Let's not even go into any depth of the economic, social and cultural corners we have placed ourselves in (SSN, driver, man, risk, COPD, plastic ID cards, investment risk, worthless, loser, white trash, scum, stupid, etc., etc., slaves)

Why would we want to continue to engage these thoughts, ideas, words?


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Web sites and pertinent links

Reverence for Life University - aims to get an individual "skill-set" to everyone, so that they can adapt, for them to tap into their NOW power.

Rural Innovation Institute - is where I have been gathering a variety of "tools" for the regional model that I see as being pivotal.

Vision Excelerator - is an "incubator" to assist people to realize their dreams.

Global Breath Consciousness Institute - was the founding site for my work with Desmond Green in 2008, where I wrote the original Vision for a new type of educational institute.

Global Breath Appreciation Year - Desmond and his wife Dawn Vaz-Green created the World Family Festival in 1981 in Washington DC and also Jamaica. This is a brand new website around Feb. 11, 2014 celebration

Experience Co-Evolution Group - is a consulting/community resource that has not been officially launched.

The newest addition is to create a sort of "online catalog", modeled after the Whole Earth Catalog and Mother Earth News. It is just beginning.

Eye Am Sharing - a rudimentary version of what I envision to replace "social networks" - collaborative networks. Based on my PhD dissertation, and the inspiration that came to me when my father passed.

Breathosphere - we are creating from the breathosphere, not the atmosphere, a little website that I feel will expand in the future.

Breathe Consciously - another "portal" to Breath Consciousness tools, to develop the new "skill-set".

Buddha Relics - recently a group in our region hosted the Buddha Relics tour. I created the Website, and Desmond was the keynote speaker.

In process are other sites, one for HOME Communities

World Proclamation for Emancipation 2011 - my personal statement of liberation, connected to some of my life's works.

Tourism and Peace Conference - this is the executive summary of what I was to present on regional tourism strategy. This conference is connected to 70 nations.