Thursday, December 5, 2013

Web sites and pertinent links

Reverence for Life University - aims to get an individual "skill-set" to everyone, so that they can adapt, for them to tap into their NOW power.

Rural Innovation Institute - is where I have been gathering a variety of "tools" for the regional model that I see as being pivotal.

Vision Excelerator - is an "incubator" to assist people to realize their dreams.

Global Breath Consciousness Institute - was the founding site for my work with Desmond Green in 2008, where I wrote the original Vision for a new type of educational institute.

Global Breath Appreciation Year - Desmond and his wife Dawn Vaz-Green created the World Family Festival in 1981 in Washington DC and also Jamaica. This is a brand new website around Feb. 11, 2014 celebration

Experience Co-Evolution Group - is a consulting/community resource that has not been officially launched.

The newest addition is to create a sort of "online catalog", modeled after the Whole Earth Catalog and Mother Earth News. It is just beginning.

Eye Am Sharing - a rudimentary version of what I envision to replace "social networks" - collaborative networks. Based on my PhD dissertation, and the inspiration that came to me when my father passed.

Breathosphere - we are creating from the breathosphere, not the atmosphere, a little website that I feel will expand in the future.

Breathe Consciously - another "portal" to Breath Consciousness tools, to develop the new "skill-set".

Buddha Relics - recently a group in our region hosted the Buddha Relics tour. I created the Website, and Desmond was the keynote speaker.

In process are other sites, one for HOME Communities

World Proclamation for Emancipation 2011 - my personal statement of liberation, connected to some of my life's works.

Tourism and Peace Conference - this is the executive summary of what I was to present on regional tourism strategy. This conference is connected to 70 nations.

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