Thursday, January 10, 2008

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  These posts were from 2013/14 but I demoted in my blog because of length.
Here are a number of posts from my Facebook, things that I might want to remember.
Andy Skadberg shared a link.
Reverence for Life - install your new operating system. Step out of your confusion and get grounded. Here are some simple ideas, in a time when there can be great confusion. This stuff is free, by the way!
I own the most awesome workforce. My breath, into my words, into my actions - I am working for Love, as One, on this paradise/heaven that We call Earth. I am absolutely supported by Love from Source, manifested through Our Sun and Gaia, our Loving Earth Mother - Thank You! I've turned on my Love Factory, My Heart, and am Pouring My Most Abundant Feelings of Love to Every Expression of ONE, YOU included!
Our boat floating down the river peacefully. All life is supported, continuously. The mind skitters about trying to find something to figure out, or to make a problem to fix (busy-ness). Relax little confused one. All your fears are groundless.
Our Breath makes everything possible.

Did you know that you are everything you need to be? Did you know that there is nothing wrong, even if you believe there is? Do you want to be able to live in peace, harmony, joy and adventure every day no matter what is happening. It is a beautiful world. You are wonderful. And love is what is supporting it all. Learn to be in the Now! Nothing to "figure out" just learn how to be YOU.

A friend just inspired an awesome concept "mutual appreciation!" Let's be/do it! Grows from my little saying "what you appreciate, appreciates". Appreciate everything!

Everything is riding on its Breath!
Mantra to repeat: it's free, you will be surprised just from repeating this to yourself. Don't you have anything that you want to let go of? "EYE AM MY AWARE CONSCIOUS BREATH OF PERPETUAL ABUNDANCE AND LIMITLESS POTENTIAL" - you can shift words around, play with this. If you allow this to bubble through your consciousness, it will do its thing. You don't have to figure anything out, or think too much about this. Just do it. It is happening to you anyway. Infinite Awareness is what is supporting everything. You can trust it.

From Debbie Brands - The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself. -Henry Miller

Me Sharing - Now, imagine every person, animal, world, star, emotion, etc., etc., etc. - but it really comes home when you apply it to YOU and then share that sense with others. This knowing, experience can be accelerated by repeating "EYE AM MY AWARE CONSCIOUS BREATH OF ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE". We are the consciousness of the ONE becoming conscious in this human form.

EYE AM MY CONSCIOUS BREATH - spoken repeatedly to myself for confirmation is leading to Conscious Conscientious Self Consciousness - sharing the best I can, freely, with joy and love for All That Is - including YOU.
What I speak about, is what I empower to be. So, maybe I should think a moment before I speak. Then, I can look at the thoughts that I am entertaining. Then, I find that my feelings indicate the types of thoughts I am entertaining. Can be tricky business operating with a brain that has absorbed a lot of negative stuff, but there is always hope. Getting down to the simplest unit - One Breath. It's how we live, whether we want to run off and entertain other things. The perfection of this world, cosmos is so vast it has dazzled us beyond recognition. But we can return to our Knowing "Conscious Conscientious Self Consciousness" by appreciating the ONE's gift, that has created, and continues to support - ALL OF THIS! "Eye Am My Conscious Breath" - Eye am repeating this often to catalyze my conscious, personal re-programming.
I accomplish this, by realizing, all my life, senses, experiences and Being are sustained - One Breath at a time.
The biggest embrace of love you’ll ever make is to embrace yourself completely. Then you’ll realize you’ve just embraced the whole universe, and everything and everybody in it.
~ Adyashanti
Here is my Blog for today, around the concept of Conscious Conscientious Self Consciousness -
I have looked in lots of dark corners, beginning with my own. What I found there became the fertilizer for new life. They were only my frailties and doubts, but what supported them was Love, expressed via my breath. Today I will speak about those things I want to share and experience. That is what I want to use my creative energy for. Love. Beauty. Peace. Abundance. Joy. I have the total support of what supports the whole cosmos! How awesome is that? Mantra: EYE AM MY CONSCIOUS BREATH
It showed up for Desmond Donald Green in the bright lights. "EYE AM MY CONSCIOUS BREATH". If it's good enough for Desmond, who am I to question. Thank you MY BREATH, for all of this! Yahoo! Happy New Life - 2014 and Beyond!!!!

I refuse to put the belief in a lack of money between the realization of who and what I came here to be. Eye Am Who I came here to Be, and when I align with the greater truth of who Eye Am, then I will be amazed with the profundity of the fun it can be, just Being, Sharing, Loving, Creating and Playing.


Self Management - The Practice ~

En-strengthening people to allow their dreams to come true.

Work with various scales, individuals, groups, villages, communities.

Teaching people to work better together, they must first work with themselves better.

Maintain enthusiasm, monitor emotions, momentum, metaphorically, don't get hammers out unless you are pounding on nails, be aware of doubts, fears, criticisms of self and others.

"I'm not a number", I am all of them, and not.

Anything my consciousness can consider, pontificate upon, experience is some part of me.

Science tells us we are animals, vertebrates, mammals - we created these labels.

Religion tells us we are sheep, sinners, etc.

Even light is only part of who we are because we are considering, entertaining it all.

Then, we adapt ourselves to these very limited definitions using our infinite endowments to figure out how to be like these mass ideas.

The breath is the harmonic energetic grounding from which all of this starts.

Let's not even go into any depth of the economic, social and cultural corners we have placed ourselves in (SSN, driver, man, risk, COPD, plastic ID cards, investment risk, worthless, loser, white trash, scum, stupid, etc., etc., slaves)

Why would we want to continue to engage these thoughts, ideas, words?



This is exactly how Eye Feel Know this is how things are happening. Become conscious of what you are launching with Your Breath (thoughts, feelings, words, actions) - become the Breath of One Love, which you already are. Interesting the age of the comet, according to scientists, and it ended its journey with Our Son. Folks, read and contemplate on this "story" message. Why did I-SON dissolve in Our Sun? Doesn't it seem like a sperm and an egg? Sarah Ford said this was in the cartoon Futurama. This is just a magical, story, creation space and now the story board has a new operating system (won't support sad stories anymore) - there's been more than enough of those.

A Time of Vigilance and the Gift of Comet ISON Patricia Cota-Robles

What to do? What to do? Oh my. Well, nothing because you are already doing it. Just wake up to it, and what it does. Everything. Breathe, Consciously, Appreciatingly. Learn the skill-set for easy adaptation to the New Reality - - IT IS FREE!!!!

"What you resist, persists." Carl Jung - have you ever tried to resist your breath? What we are going through, is proceeding. Love/God/Source - Your Breath is taking you HOME to Infinite Love. This experience in the world that is happening, is happening to you, and it is wonder-full. Just go with the flow. You can Trust God - IT is supporting you as you read this message. Do you realize how spectacular that simple act is? Now, reflect on everything that you can consider in your mind, your imagination, in the world around you, in your pet cat. Do you feel that? Do you love someone? That is God. Your Breath makes this possible. Be happy, You're are here for this ride.

Eye am Christ, You are Christ, because Christ is God and God is All That Is, Source, Infinite Love or any other words that we might put to it. Because we are breathing we are One with God. Jesus just knew this and tried to get us to understand this. There is no way to be separate from God. Do not put an Image of Christ between you and the Love that is Pouring Through You with each Breath you take.

Thank you Shawn and Mike Rice for triggering my awareness, again . . . here are some insights that flowed from this post.

Absolutely! And the key, is the part about "taking a deep breath", so it IS as easy said, as done. And I am very serious, and joyous about this emphasis. These days I spend as much time appreciating my breath, consciously as I can. Many years ago when I got introduced to prayer and meditation I thought, wouldn't it be best to be a living, walking prayer? To only connect to Spirit when I can sit somewhere in quiet, which can be hard to come by, wouldn't it be best to develop a practice of this constant state? Now, as I have learned Breath Consciousness from my dear friend Desmond Desmond Donald Green I now understand the power/freedom lies in my gratitude and consciousness of the first flowing, the pulsing currency that enters my body temple, given to me by Source God Love. This Practice of Conscious Deep Breathing, and the other in-structions contained in Desmond's book The Practice are a complete instruction manual for living in this new reality that is emerging, which some call ascension. It doesn't get any better, or simpler than this. And the amazing thing is Desmond and I have been Sharing his book, and much, much more For FREE since 2009 - because in my case, that is what I see God, nature and the rest of creation doing. Sharing. So why would I want to put a meter on something that is so amazing and abundantly flowing from Source? Everyone can get this "skill-set", but it requires dedication and practice, just like we have had to do with all of the other things that we have learned to do. However, this one is the only one that truly provides eternal rewards, be cause, in the final analysis, the breath is the only thing going on. If there is no time or space, and this is all happening at once, NOW, then we are just the expression of one big ole breath of God. And, one breath is all I can live with, and it puts me in my only point of power THE PRESENT!!!!

Live the life you Love and Love the life you live. This is a lot easier said than done. However the Joy is in the journey so let us stop, take a deep breath and truly appreciate and honor being ALIVE for what matters most is using the gift of life by recognizing the opportunities before us and using those opportunities to learn, grow and to make a difference by creating a Life lived in Love. You see the center of our Core is our Hearts – we resonate from our hearts, and from the abundance of our hearts let us speak Love, for Love is who we are and why we are here. So let Love Be who you are and Honor your Life path for it is one paved with Love. SEE LOVE, BE LOVE, EXPRESS LOVE so that we can LOVE the life we live... ( )
~ Sean D. Hamilton

It's funny I was just thinking about how I made comment, essentially adjusting the Pope's position on something. What audacity! (sorry Pope Francis, hehe psst, not really)

Well, when you finally realize that this game of being in or out of something is untenable, it is a pretty glaring misunderstanding, it's ok of course, or it wouldn't be. However once one learns that these games result in perpetual tail chasing, so to speak, and after a while they get pretty boring and not much fun. The truth is that we each matriculated "IN", here, when we took our first breath. We are all IN love. So, the task at hand is to realize, consciously this joyous Oneness experience that is so in our face we have been blind to it. The blindness is understandable too because we have been exercising our imaginative powers of creation, investigating things that hadn't been considered in the ways we have done here. It's been important work, but now as the clarion call to Oneness is at hand, we really need to get clear on the Truth of how things work. No one, or thing is left out of Love, because it is here. It's Simple play with your breath often, become conscious of it, realize it is an ongoing blessing that cannot be stopped. Unless, of course, it decides to stop itself which isn't gonna happen because it has far too much of ITSelf in-vested - and it is just getting fun.

 The other day Desmond Donald Green and I were on the phone when he got a call. He clicked over, and came back and told me that was Shawn from Jamaica. Shawn was released from prison after 28 years, Friday after Thanksgiving Day. It has been 13 years since Desmond has worked in the prison system where he spent 5 years helping to transform the system with Col. John Prescod. I started crying with joy, spontaneously. 28 years, and now he is free. Be-cause of a little book called The Practice. Imagine what it can do for us, if it can set death row and life sentence prisoners free? Oh, but we're not so bad off. Really? Look at the world, we have some work to do, and it changes one person at a time, one breath at a time.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing story. Now many prisoners lives have been totally transformed. Imagine delivering this message to all the other people who believe there is something wrong with them. Join our club. It's fun. We're happy. Here is the Jamaican Prison Transformation story -

To point my finger and judge anything is to trap myself in my own judgement. God just laughs and pats me on the head and says "I love you" (of course not physically and not in a voice) but in that I am here to experience all of this. Breathing, happily, consciously, appreciatingly. Good Night My Love!

The breath is not fighting with itself. This apparent struggle is only the evolution of consciousness to move closer to infinite awareness. Like the butterfly must struggle to get out of the cocoon. It is very natural process, but struggle is necessary. And the process is perfect. We are that awareness. I am my breath, expressing all of my life and experiences. So delicious.

in-vestment, in-surance, in-spired - all words that mean much more than what they have been reduced to. Take your power back, go in-side and speak with assurance and knowing. Your thoughts and words are your work-force.   

Getting this message from more than one source. I am not this puppet body, although this is a very important extension of my Self, which is constant communication with all my spirit brothers and sisters and Real Reality - connect up! Breathe, Consciously.

"If you bring your focus to outside of yourself, rather than focussing on yourself and what may require fixing, you will find that, that which may require fixing will automatically become fixed as you draw your focus away from yourself".

Things are quickening as we move into 2014. The focus has to move from "ourselves" and what we need to "fix". It is time to stand in the light of the already new you. Opening fully to your crystallined diamond formation. The more you focus on fixing yourself, the more you are remaining in the lower formations and not coming into the aligned state that is already within you. Fear often keeps us in the lower vibrations and energies as we may not feel adequate enough or believe enough in the energies that are within and around us. They are very much there, very much so. It is your trusting that will assist you in moving into your complete divine aligned state.

The teachings of Metatron are raising again in vibration. The focus is altering in readiness for 2014 and the vibrations that are coming to us. The human vessel is evolving and ascending, all the time. The lightbody matrix is already holding the new codings. When are you going to fully step into your new divine garment of light? How long must you dwell in the old ways? There needs to be great trust now and opening fully without question to this beautiful and bountiful light within you.

In the past we have covered old ground, but for 2014 things are moving swiftly on as we cannot remain in the "need to still fix myself" mentality. These may seem strong words but it is necessary to move our focus outside of ourselves. We have all the tools we require through the connection with Metatron. What many do not still have is the deep trust in this vibration, to trust with all that they have that they already have all that they require. It is time to come into your divine lightbody fully and completely. Embracing every part of the new vibrant you. No more to fix, no more to find, you leave behind all that requires leaving behind. The focus is moving swiftly forward and we are so very ready to move forward on our ascension journey. Remembering you are held every step of the way. Every step.

with love

Tammy x

My job - to BE love in action. What makes it possible - my breath.

Breathe in, breathe out. Know. Love. That's IT. Ahhhh juicy, fun, exciting, wonder-full, expanding, more and more . . .

The last few days I had the clearest understanding of the perfection of the Divine Design of this experience we are having as human beings. Essentially we are waking up to our True Power/Creativity. The Divine has built in natural "limiters" or governors so that we would go about destroying vast parts of creation in our ignorance of how powerful we really are. At the same time those limiting functions, which take the form of doubts, fears, resentments, become the very things that drive us to a very strong desire to not experience the pain that these things cause. When one finally gets to the bottom of these feelings, and experiences hitting bottom, there is the opportunity to be launched into a whole new, true, living experience.

Marianne Williamson wrote "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure". I NOW recognize that any fear is a dis-acknowledgement of my Divinity, which is Perfect Love. As I embrace the truth of my Being, I let go of my need to sit in judgement of any aspect of creation. It is not my job to rank, critique, evaluate or measure any aspect or part of God's Creation, because it would only be One critiquing One. I engage The Practice and embark to only appreciate and love every person, thing and experience as being perfectly in the place of its own evolution. I pray to Be Love and to allow the flow of Love to be expanded and complimented by my Sharing - One Breath at a time.