Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Creating for Myself in the Matrix

The "Matrix" is simply a construct of images presented into the collective to illicit fear and anxiety. Mostly projections into points of time outside of the present, current, now. The main mechanisms of control are a conglomerated, plethora of images, words and numbers presented as broadcasts.

Our body's intelligence tells us from the Solar Plexus (gut) quickly whether or not the thoughts are beneficial or not, for our continued process. As physical, spiritual, breathing beings there is a design, intention for growth as living beings gathering our unique set of experiences that are shared with the totality, of One-ness, creation.

Ultimately there is nothing "out to get us".

There is only Love expressing itself as all energies and forms. Images are insubstantial and not satisfying.

Transitioning into Breath Based life experience backs us out of the "fear construct". Taking charge of our moment to moment, life as breath experience puts us in our point of power - The Present. Recalibrating our language skills as to not contribute to contraries, via fear based or words indicating ignorance - instead Sharing loving, visionary and kind words to the best of our ability.

Sharing and doing those things that produce feelings of harmony, joy, bliss, comfort, satisfaction and security are the pathway indicating our true destiny. They can be considered as signposts. Other external feedbacks can include physical manifestations, synchronicities and what we might call magic.

The external is simply a feedback of the effectiveness of the internal process going on. "Seek ye first the kingdom within" means that I can only go in to become a Master of Me, by what I share and how I am contributing love to the world and cosmos. In other words, the experience I am creating for myself.