Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Journal entry August 25, 2009

Had a great chat with Tom about 1 thing – GOOD

- Here I am going to cite all of the ways that I can relate to this idea,
   in fact has been a theme resounding in my life for many years.

- Do Good – Nike/Google

    o Life is Good LG symbol.

- Rectifies judgement issue – all goes back to 1 thing.
- My own insights that all apparent evil only exists in human “reality”
   war, famine, disease, actually all demonstrates how powerful we
   are to create against the flow of creation.

- When I observe nature I see no evil.
- Returning to One is the only way to make sense, why would God
   show us the amusement park or candy store but not allow us to go
   there and experience it.

- Analogy of a video game.

- We are playing monopoly here on Earth.

- Computer analogy, dual operating memory but it is really only one
   that mimics duality.

- We have gotten lost down the path of duality.

- Invite people to examine the most tragic, painful experience and not find the good.

- It is about processing, contemplating, evaluating experience.

- Emmett Fox – contemplation is the highest form of meditation.
- The tragic experiences in alcoholics, criminals and people´s lives are what are pushing them to go
   back the other way.

- God is everything.
- God is Good.

- Everything is Good.
- I am Good.
- I bring Good to the World.
- My heart and all of my being comes from God, so I am all Good.

- I will entertain only Good in my experience which is in everything.
- I will not, do not fear death because if it did exist, which it really doesn´t, it is so Good there is nothing
   to be afraid of.

- If dying is the worst thing that can happen to me, which is really Good, what am I making such a big
   deal about?

- My nature is based on infinite Good.
- Need to figure out ways for people to get this into their consciousness – relate to the larger
   experiences of their lives but then to the day to day.

    o Tragic experience, what was the result?

    o Each and every experience it Good.

- Only Good exercises.

- Know that all is one Good, that expresses itself in infinite forms of Good – no matter what judgment
   has previously been attached to it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi Friends,

I´m just going to free flow write this morning. I have been having the most wonderful of grounding of experiences.Swirling away in the business of the world, and changes that seem sometimes overwhelming.

And yet, I am glimpsing, occasionally the bottom of the hole. The simple message of "who and what I am", at least in a way that I might experience, or feel that away from the clamor in my mind that has become a habitual state of being.

The bottom of the hole, what I apparently have been so afraid to look into is "the answer". It´s where source resides - or if you prefer God. I am not alone. I don´t have to be afraid. There is nothing that I have to do. There are no emergencies. I am being provided for in all ways. If my body dies today it is no big deal. On and on I can realize that everything is just as it should be NOW.

All across the cosmos, both internal and external some force holds all of this together. And my present is the experience. I have been given this opportunity to find out what this is all about. To create a totally unique one.

But have I been doing that? I don´t think so. I fitted myself into the various cultural and economic belief systems and have been living confined within those spaces. Of course, now, I see this has been all due to my own doings. I can blame no one else. And finding fault is not the point.

It is to recognize that as I awake from this state of confusion, believing all of the stuff that they have told me is important, and examining my perceptions of this "reality" and really getting to the place to allow my own "presence" to flow into me. It is, I think, as I write in very limited terms - the One´s presence entering me. Opening my mind and hearts "eye" to the possibility of creating a new reality. One free from all of the ideas, opinions, and "stuff" that I have concerned myself with for the first 50 years of my life.

I realized in my dreams the other night that all of this that we live within began from the idea of "duality". At that point the cosmos, or creation began to subdivide. And today we can experience all of that diversity. But it is an illusion. Because the only way it can be is ONE. This is what my mind, which uses logic concludes, but more importantly now, as it seems the energies are shifting more to those of harmony and love, I feel it. In some indescribable place, or state - I just feel that I am not alone, and there is a real comfort in this feeling. We have probably called this thing "love". But it is not the love that I generate, or that I feel coming from another person (which of course is wonderful), but this is more like from "the field" as described in the Bhagavad Gita. This sense of being where something is supporting, embracing, interpenetrating me and my life. I am part of it.

With Great Love, Andy

Thursday, April 15, 2010

42 more things to do for Gaia

1. Take a college course in environment or science
2. Meditate on Gaia
3. Make a list of reasons to be grateful to Gaia
4. Organize an event to educate people about nature
5. Organize a trash pick up event
6. Stand up and yell "I Love Gaia!"
7. Think "I Love Gaia"
8. Whisper "I Love Gaia", even if you don´t believe it
9. Convince yourself to believe "I Love Gaia"
10. Convince yourself that Gaia Love´s you, because it is true.
11. Help me Share this message with the world
12. Contact me so I can Serve you
13. Writer a nature story about an animal
14. Contemplate deeply on aspects of this message
15. Try to feel in your heart the import of this message
16. Organize and take a trip in nature
17. Study advanced sciences for how to help solve environmental problems
18. Support political candidates who work for the environment
19. Buy an energy efficient car
20. Push for an energy policy and support for new alternative energy
21. Find out about Free Energy
22. Study Nikola Tesla´s work
23. Read the book "The Great Work" by Thomas Berry
24. Look into sustainable development and communities
25. Support an organic farmer
26. Help promote less use of chemicals in our food production
27. Sing a song for nature
28. Smile at someone and think that "Gaia Loves Them"
30. Organize a conversation with friends about what we can all do to protect nature
31. Learn how a "hyperspectral sensor" can help with solving environmental issues
32. Study a science topic to work to protect the environment
33. Read "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson
34. Learn about the environmental movement
35. Go to your priest and minister and tell them this is an important message for them to Share
36. Write a single blog about some topic of nature or Gaia
37. Become a member of the Gaia Writer´s Guild
38. Support an organization that works to protect the environment
39. Support the Plant a Tree Today Foundation
40. Volunteer for an organization that works for Gaia, or nature
41. Contemplate on where we would be without Gaia
42. Thank yourself for Reading the Blog, because you are doing something for Gaia already!

One Reason and 42 things to do for Gaia

Here is one of my primary reasons to improve our relationship with the planet.

His name is Benjamin Mark

There are billions of other reasons too - I suspect everyone has a few that really are important. Let´s get together on this PLEASE!!!!

1. Use natural cleaning products
2. Tell a friend about Gaia
3. Share a story with a child about Gaia
4. Pick up some trash
5. Don´t drop the trash
6. Support recycling
7. Work to reduce consumerism
8. Work to reduce packaging
9. Promote bio-degradable packaging
10. Spend time in nature
11. Say a prayer for Gaia
12. Feel happy when in nature
13. Thank God for Gaia
14. Do a talk on something related to the environment or Gaia
15. Tell your parents about Gaia being a living being
15. Tell your children about our dependence on a healthy planet
16. Eat natural or organic foods
17. Plant a tree
18. Plant a flower
19. Plant a garden
20. Share your love with a bird, or an animal
21. Paint a picture of nature
22. Write a poem about nature
23. Read the story "The Lorax" to your children
24. Read the story "The Lorax" to a class of students
25. Do a presentation about the environment with college students
26. Share this blog with a friend
27. Tell everyone you know that you love Gaia
28. Think about your relationship with Gaia
29. Try to imagine where we would all be if it were´t for Gaia
30. Imagine how patient and loving Gaia has been all these years
31. Consider ways that you can help the Earth, and, or make a list like this!
32. Dedicate your life to protecting nature
33. Take a picture of nature
34. Share the picture with someone
35. Share the picture with many people
36. Ask them to really look at it
37. Go to the river and really look at the water
38. Try to imagine where the water comes from and where we would be without it
39. Take a breath
40. Say "hi" to a plant
41. Watch an ant hill
42. Watch a fly

I could add to this list, and I will. So can you! Will you help me share this message? Please? It´s really important that we do something NOW!

To see the first blog about this topic see "Gaia´s Message to Me"

With Love to You and Gaia,

Gaia´s Message to Me

Dear Friends,

This was a message I shared with two friends who saw my blog "Love is the Motivator".

Here is the message I shared with them about my VERY CLEAR AND PROFOUND KNOWING as I woke up this morning. You must understand, that this realization has come as part of a long and arduous time of introspection, self seeking, prayer and hardship, but Self understanding, answers to the BIG questions, consciousness and true freedom have been just part of the fruits. Here is the first of what will be many messages along these lines.

Dear Friends,

I am still plugging away, and will be until my last breath. Today I want to share what I know to be the key, and I will be sharing this same message everywhere I go because I have known it since Gaia planted in me 23 years ago.

We have to wake people up to our relationship to Gaia. I suspect you really know this, but I woke up so clear TODAY that we have gotten caught up in the details, what with "global warming", pesticides, etc., etc., etc., etc. The key relationship that we must mend, to demonstrate our readiness to go through ascension, (if that is what is happening) is how we relate to our Spiritual Source.

Gaia is the primary link in our chain to Source, the One. My dear friend Desmond Green has been bringing home to me that "we are PHYSICAL SPIRIT and now just becoming conscious of it". This is consistent with all great historical messages.

But the converter of Spirit, or Star Stuff, in the form that we get this fabulous sense experience as "human-beings" is the Earth, Gaia!!!! It is the water plant, the rock factory, the aluminum factory, the air plant, the sun converter, the flower supplier, the bird and butterfly manufacturer, the light converter to physical matter that we can have deep and profound sense experiences and be conscious and "feeling" of the fact "plant"!!! Likely the first time in the history of the universe, based on my research to date. This is the half-truth that we have been sold that we are the only life in the Universe.

But at this point, being an ex-academic, we are not passing the course. We can do better. But time is really running out. That message came home emphatically in Osho´s video that I first posted in my blog Waking Up the World - Osho.

And I believe the test for us is to do our damndest in these last days to try to wake people up to this important relationship. I got the assignment 23 years ago, through Gaia´s Spirit I guess, while I was on a canoe trip in Minnesota. At that time it was my job to "try to create opportunities for people to experience the outdoors so their spirit wakes up". I have been following the path, but in not very effective strategies (at least that I can tell).

But this morning the urgency is upon me. We have to share this with our kids, and their kids, and our grandparents and our uncles and aunts. If we do our utmost we might be able to help more people go on the ride to 5D, but if even if the ascension doesn´t happen like we are dreaming of, we will have a different experience here too. Because I think inherently, if we become conscious of this one single relationship, I think our relationship with ourselves and with our God will change too.

I have come to the conclusion that if the church was really teaching the word of God, they would have been preaching about this.

I don´t mean to be ranting here, I just have been given a new assignment, after likely 50 years of floundering. Now it is time to become the clanging symbol, or the light on the hill, or whatever method it takes to plant a seed in each persons heart that I can.

With Great Love My Brothers, We are all in this together we have to save ourSelves, and each other.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waking up the World - Osho, & Golden Law

I saw this message and it triggered a certain knowing ever since I had an experience 30 years ago, where I realized all humanity is really just ONE - one collective being that lives in synergistic harmony with this beautiful spirit named Gaia. Here you can read the blog relating my experience from 1979 - Thirty Years to Tell this Story.

I shared this with Tom, and a short dialog began. He had shared with me this idea that the basis of our being we are animals. Here is what he sent me, as a summary of this discussion we have been having over the last few weeks: "We have been given the ability to know and contemplate upon ourselves, and do we see the world through the eyes of the animal or God. Hence, Be still and know I am GOD".

But today I was contemplating this idea, the simplicity of Osho´s message. How do we move from the distractions, the complicatedness of the world. It is so easy to get distracted and pulled away from moving in the direction that Osho suggests.

Here was what I came across today that I sent to Tom.

Hi Tom,

Osho´s message has been in the back of my mind. It is really very simple. We are animals that have an opportunity to awake, and the end goal is to live as one global community.

The interesting thing for me is that in 2008 when I traveled to the U.S. and had to go through Mexico, it really struck me the boundaries that we have created. The security check points are really kind of bizaare. I wondered why light would have to go through check points
(science proves that everything is light energy by the way).

I got the book 1984 (never read it before) from the Colombian national library yesterday (Apr. 13, 2010). It´s funny, the first sentence of the book is "I was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen." hehe

But really the quote I wanted to share with you I read this morning:

"The girl with the dark hair was coming toward him across the field. With what seemed a single movement she tore off her clothes and flung them disdainfully aside. Her body was white and smooth, but it aroused not desire in him; indeed, he barely loooked at it. What overwhelmed him in that instant was admiration for the gesture with which she had thrown her clothes aside. With its grace and carelessness it seemed to annihilate a whole culture, a whole system of thoughts as though Big Brother and the Party and the Thought Police could all be swept into nothingness by a single splendid movement of the arm. That too was a gesture belonging to the ancient time. Winston woke up with the word "Shakespeare" on his lips.!

Could it be so simple to shrug off all of the "trauma", drama, pain and suffering?

I don´t know why I felt compelled to share this you, maybe I will find out. In any case, as the king in the movie Amadeus always said "Well, there you have it.

End of my message to Tom . . .

As I was writing this message I had an insight that I might have touched on this previously in a couple of blogs that I wrote.

As a possible solution, the way to move in the direction we need to go I think is really wrapped up in the Golden Rule. Fairly recently I wrote two blogs on this How do we simplify this model? and How to Live

Blessings to All!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More on 13

Here is some of the more "juicy" stuff on 13.

This is kind of like "all you wanted to (or didn´t want to) know about 13 but were afraid to ask."

Being a 13 baby, I aways wondered about the paranoia associated with a number. It is clear from this information uncovered that the number has been misrepresented because it is a number that certain power groups did not want us to know about. I suspect it has to do with the era of the church stopping witchcraft.

I have not checked this information that I have posted here. I have simply extracted the information verbatim, as they were presented on the Web sites, or books. Links are included if you are a stickler for references.

The strange thing is, that as I began to "pay attention" to 13, it began to show up more and more. I had an email dialog going on with my friend Tom and he suggested that this kind of inquiry can become really bizarre, which it did, as you can tell from these 3 postings on 13.

Tom has stated very emphatically, and I agree with him, that it is easy to get totally distracted by" marveling over the miracles/wonders/synchronicity/shiny objects/intrigue and drama.....".

The more we look, and emote about them, the more that we receive. Where energy goes, the Cosmos has to respond. Here is an excerpt from our exchange which is very revealing, but also points to much grander truths that I have come to agree with Tom on,

"What has happened is your Reticulating Activator System has zeroed in on the number "
13" so you will see it in places and ways you never would have given 2 shits about before. Now every time you see it your hairs stick up and you get this feeling in your body. Just a FYI your body can become addicted to this....like a drug. That is why so many people become self help junkies. For the spiritual(Electromagnetic) high. Shiny objects....Makes you feel alive. A part of s
omething bigger than you. Special and important. Just like the body is an instrument of thought we are instruments of the universe.

What took the universe billions of years to create through life it can do through us in a much shorter period of time. The specific construction of our soul makes us the perfect amplifier/replicator to which the divine consciousness can work, but since we are a created sentient being the law states the the divine must give us free will to choose to allow the divine to work through us. We are meant to be free to pick the divine flow or the animal nature.

Through us the learning curve of the divine mind grows exponentially.
The thing people should remember is the only control and responsibility we have is us. What we think and how we use our soul. What we put into it and
how we react to what is there. Everything outside of ourselves is in God`s control. As per Mr Hill`s suggestion the universe is so vast and her laws so incomprehensible that it may appear that we effect the outside world.

We are but a raindrop in the vastness of the ocean. Our actions/behaviors/words is what effects the world by affecting others. The law of cause and effect."

End of Tom´s quote.

So what does this all mean to me -this is what I told Tom that I had concluded "My sense is, to look at
this theme that is consistent throughout - rebirth, transformation. I do think I need to ask for insights too though, and quit capturing more evidence - it is huge."

So, without further discourse here are more signs on the Number 13.

November 6, 1992

Dear Cecil: Currently 13 is considered to be an unlucky number. However, I am told it used to be--and in some earth-worshipping, i.e., pagan, religions still is--a lucky and magical number. Consequently there were 13 months and 13 zodiac signs (the Gemini twins had separate identities). Knowing how Christianity and other god-as-a-man-based religions were prone to say that what the pagans (Earth-and-god-as-a-woman) considered good was bad, I wonder if this was the case with the number 13. And why was 13 singled out of an infinity of numbers in the first place? Also, if the number 13 is so bad, why is it reflected so many times on the U.S. $1 bill-- 13 levels in the pyramid, 13 stars, 13 arrows, 13 stripes, 13 leaves, and 13 olives? Is it because of the original 13 colonies?

— L.S. Thomas, Berkeley, California

Cecil replies:
Thirteen stripes, 13 colonies ... nah, it's just coincidence. The matter of how 13 came to be a numerological pariah, on the other hand, is an interesting story. While your rap about the pagans is a little off the wall (Thor the feminist?), you're right about one thing: 13 hasn't always been considered unlucky. Though I wasn't able to do as thorough a study of crosscultural number significance as I would have liked--the Straight Dope Field Survey Team preferred to be read to from The Cat in the Hat--what I've seen suggests that in ancient times 13 either was considered in a positive light or, more commonly, wasn't considered at all. I note, for example, that the Gnostics of the early Christian era totted up 13 Conformations of the Holy Beard. The significance of the Holy Beard is not entirely clear to me, but I gather it's something you wanted on your side. Thirteen was also once associated with the Epiphany by mainstream Christians, the Christ child having received the Magi on his thirteenth day of life.

But 13's stock dropped like a rock in the middle ages. The proximate cause of this apparently was the observation that Judas, the betrayer of Jesus, made 13 at the table. Other great medieval minds,I read here, pointed out the "the Jews murmured 13 times against God in the exodus from Egypt, that the thirteenth psalm concerns wickedness and corruption
, that the circumcision of Israel occurred in the thirteenth year," and so on. Pretty thin excuse for maligning a number that never meant any harm, you may think. I agree. We must inquire further, and if we do we conclude that while open hostility to 13 may be relatively recent, folks have had their suspicion
s about it for quite a while. Thirteen is a prime; primes have always attracted attention (compare 7).

What's worse, 13 is one past 12, the dozen, almost universally regarded as a perfect number, signifying harmony and all good things. Thirteen, by contrast, is a number of transgression, taking matters one step too far, turning harmony into discord.
A bit of a stretch? Maybe. But consider how often 13s seem to intrude on our tidy arrangements of 12. In many a twelvemonth, to use an old term, there are 13 full moons, and a woman on a 28-day menstrual cycle will be "unclean," as Leviticus has it, 13 times a year. The moon has long been a female symbol, and t
he full moon, (male) chroniclers tell us, is when (female) witches fly. I hesitate on that evidence alone to ascribe triskaidekaphobia to the fell hand of the patriarchy. But 13's bad reputation may have more to do with fear of women, witchcraft, and disorder than is commonly supposed.

— Cecil Adams

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine hea
rt, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. Deuteronomy 6.4f

The prime Number 13 is the second Star Number:
It is the basis of the Unity Holograph, which is built upon an ascending set of multiples of 13 as follows:

This diagram displays the supernatural unity of the Shema: Its relation to Love manifests in the 1 Corinthians 13 - the 13 verses of I Corinthians 13 - and the little book of Philemon on Spoke 13 of the Wheel.

Here are the basic identities:

The Number 13
Love [Pro 10.12]
One [Deu 6.4]

My Father [Ex 15.2]

Void / Emptiness [S# 922]

http://www.biblewheel.com/gr/GR_13.asp The Black Sun

Here is a Video about 13 and its relation to the Central Black Star, purportedly the center of the Universe.

Number 13 and 2012

Excerpts from the book The Awakening: A Conscious Shift to a Higher Realm

This is an excellent book by the way, I highly recommend it if you are interested in the coming changes with the world and humanity.

Page 15
"So, in the late 1500´s the Church established an Office for the Extirpation of Idolatries, the sole purpose of which was to eradicate traditional religious practices in North and South America. As a result, the native shaman priest went into seclusion. When the cycle of the Trail of Tears cam to a completion in the year 1987, a new cycle began, which they call the Harmonic Convergence. In celebration of the arrival of this new world cycle, there was a gathering of the indigenous tribal elders, which was held at sacred locations all over the world. According to an ancient Mayan prophecy, called the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells, it was “the point at which the counter-spin of history finally comes to a momentary halt and the still imperceptible spin of post-history commences”."

The Awakening
Page. 49
"Dr. Lyn Hopkins, Ph.D., it the director of a center for the study and practice of esoteric healing and psychology. She believes that Time is the mathematics for the universal laws of nature. The Mayans knew this. The frequency of Time is the 13:20 ratio on which their Tzolkín calendar is based. The proportions of this mathematical ration are the basis of all sacred geometry. It is Time that keeps order in our universe. And, in this age, Time is breaking up."

The Awakening
Page 72
Chapter 13 of the biblical Book of Revelation is a very revealing text. It refers to the number 666 as the mark of “the beast”. But, in the Periodic table of the Elements, the atomic number for the Carbon element is six. Carbon is necessary to form all DNA and RNA, the chemical code of life as it currently exists. And the Carbon atom has six electrons, six neutrons and six protons.
“If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the Beast for it is the number of a Man! Revelation 13:18"

The Awakening
Page 135"In the same way that we resonate with everyone, and everything around us, we also resonate with our Earth. And, at this time in history, the frequency of the Earth is rising exponentially. It will soon reach 13 HZ , the frequency which the Mayan Tzolk´n calendar is based – the frequency of Unconditional Love."
The Awakening
Page 151"Shortly thereafter, the teenaged sons of an Arab peasant rode out to a cliff for fertilizer, near a town in Upper Egypt called Nag Hammadi. While he was digging, one of the boys hit a large clay jar that held thirteen ancient leather-bound books. When they were sold illegally through antiquities dealers, twelve of the books were confiscated by the Egyptian government and deposit in the Coptic Museum in Cairo.

The thirteenth book was smuggle out of Egypt and purchase by the Jung Foundation in Switzerland."
These books contain translations of ancient manuscripts, one of which corresponds to the papyrus fragment of the Gospel of Thomas. Along with a text titled Gospel of Philip, they are collectively referred to as the Gnostic Gospels."

The Awakening
Page 168
"In these games of life, as long as the energies maintain their equilibrium, the Universe remains undifferentiated. But, by the end of the last cycle 13,000 years ago, much of humanity had lost its spirituality. Our light had grown dim. And by greatly disturbing the delicate balance of nature, a re-creation of the Universe began."

The Awakening
Page 172
"When Jesus was thirteen years of age, a royal prince of India led him by caravan into the desert toward the Earth´s kundalini energy.

The Sacred Power of 13 13 - 33 - 333 Number Sequences - New Earth Code
a message from Mary Magdalene channeled by Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Friday, 9 April, 2010

We are sharing a series of esoteric transmissions, invocations,
activations of the sacred Divine feminine of Shekinah through Blue Ray
to assist you through the great shift of 2012 and beyond. You the Blue
Ray and many Light Bearers carry the new earth frequency of ascension
through the sacred heart of the holy divine feminine.

As you read this information know that it is your own knowledge
awakening, your sacred heritage and lineages. You the Blue Ray and the
many Light Bearers true divine nature have been undercover of your
full expression, gifts, talents and abilities, and as this information
is being revealed so are you.
Higher Realms Number Code Sequences Activation

The higher realms, ascended masters, the Light and your guides
communicate with you in many ways in your world and life. We are in
constant communication and communion with you. One way that is
increasing with momentum is through the sacred number sequences. They
are more than mere numbers. They are sacred codes, energetic
frequencies of dimension and light. These sacred codes of
communication form sacred geometry and gateways, creating activation
of your higher nature.

How the sacred numbers activate you

It is not that you are looking for the numbers or just seeing them, it
is an activation and remembrance as you and the higher realms, the
masters of ascended light and love, are aligning at a divine
configuration of reality of time and space. It is a holy moment when
this occurs. As you acknowledge this communion, it builds a stronger
vibration of higher light in your energy field and life.

For some time now, many of you have been seeing the sacred number
sequences occurring frequently in your life. It may have become such a
common occurrence that has been easily discounted to, "Ah yes, I see
the numbers all the time and that is all."
Downloads from Spirit 44

If you have a connection with spirit in this way, we wish to remind
you to stop for this holy moment and take it in. We know that many
times you are busy with your life, and

through mental processing may feel you cannot take time to be
activated by the higher realms. Know that you are in a holy moment
beyond time and space, a place of divine power, where a moment can
become many hours, days or even years. When you return to this time
space you will see that it was only a moment or minute in this

Ah, yes, you can stop and stretch time and this is only the beginning
of your unlimited potential multidimensional divine power. 55 It is
why the power elite of times ago did not want the general public to
know this esoteric wisdom. And why they created fear as a deterrent in
ever seeking this knowledge and deeming it unholy. These age-old
energies are leaving with the shift and emerging of the new earth. 44

Sacred communion with the higher realms and Masters of Light and love
through the number sequences

You will see, hear or read a certain number sequence coming to you
over and over. The number sequence will keep coming to you everywhere
you go: when you check out in the store, on license plates, clocks,
TV, movies, media - spirit will find clever ways to get your
attention. It makes you stop for a moment; there is a knowing, a
recognition that you are in communion with spirit; you feel it in your
body and that is your confirmation. Trust this direct knowing through
the sacred vehicle of your body, as it tells you of a meeting of two
worlds, your holy moment. 13

You are now being given more information, energetic transmissions on
the sacred number sequences. You can use them 44 to ride the
information matrix, giving you exactly what you require energetically
at any time. 333

Codes of the New Earth through sacred number sequences

13 –33-333 represent the new earth, golden age of Gaia through the
sacred heart and the Christed female - the return of the Goddess,
Shekinah and Sophia, the sacred divine feminine.

It is divinely powerful when you see these combinations of 13-33
together and 333 each one coming to you throughout your day. Together
they are telling that you are a sacred way shower, a frequency holder
of the new earth, that cellular rejuvenation of your light codes is
taking place.
The Sacred Power of 13

13 is "The Return of the Goddess in all things"

Unity and balance, the natural order of life through the Holy Divine
feminine and through the Sacred Heart. 13:13 and 10:10

The Sacred Power of 13 brings and carries the frequency resonance of
Transcendence of matter and the embodiment of ascension, the new earth
frequency code, Unity and Oneness, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary,
Shekinah and Sophia; natural rhythms coming into balance and sacred
order; taking back your power through the sacred divine feminine.

Mary Magdalene represents the 13 and the shift of 2012 that will bring
the new earth codes. She and her essence have re-emerged at a time
when earth and the people would be ready to receive her lost
knowledge. This will bring the Christed female of the holy spirit of
the embodiment of Shekinah.

13 is a unifying vibration, it is the Christ with the 12 disciples.

There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year that honor the sacred divine
feminine and at one time you followed here on earth.

13 was the sacred number of the ancient Egyptians, part of the sacred
geometry of Creation to activate their sacred light body.

The Mayans, many Native Americans, Lemurians, Atlantean and ancient
sacred cultures used the holy code frequency of 13.

The turtle represents the primordial goddess of 13; many turtles have
13 segments on their shells.

Mother Mary of Fatima appeared to the children of Fatima on May 13,
1917, for 6 consecutive months on the 13th day of each month. Her
presence will come again on that day of 13 through Shekinah in the
coming shift of ages.

13 has a secret divine power and esoteric frequency of the Mother
essence to transform all things. In the past, the 13 number vibration
was one of fear. As the power elite of the time wanted to steer you
away from its true direct connection with source creation. It is why
they distorted the truth creating instant fright around 13.

Your indigenous and ancient cultures used a different system of time
and communion with the cosmos, life and Spirit that was more in tune
to the natural rhythms of Creation and heartbeat of Gaia. This holy
way of balance is returning through the great shift of the ages. The
13 vibration is a part of the holy alignment and healing.
Sacred code frequency meaning of 33

33 is the sacred heart, ascension, the masters of ascended light and
love, the return of the Shekinah, the holy sprit heart flame of the
Mother of Creation.
Sacred code frequency meaning of 333

333 means cellular activation of your light codes and you are working
with the teams, legions of the masters of ascended light and love and
higher light beings and realms.

We will continue to give you information through the Blue Ray on the
esoteric hidden information of the sacred codes to assist the
activation of your divine original blueprint. This will be a series of
the sacred number frequency vibration of activations, invocations,
esoteric wisdom and information that is now ready to be released.

You are being activated by reconnecting to the true meaning of the
holy numbers, transmuting fear that brings holiness back to your cells
and to God’s true nature. You are divine; we bless, honor and thank
you. All of God and Creation are reaching out to you in the highest
Light and Love empowering you. You see, we are One! 13

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like
the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light
realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God
consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of
the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine
Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension
process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest
aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

Copyright © Language of Light vocal sound transmissions by Shekina
Rose of www.shekinaspeaks.com - Permission is granted to copy and
redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL
www.shekinaspeaks.com is included as the resource and that it is
distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis.



by Rev. Donna Jane Provancher

Sitting down in 1987 with my sky atlas for the first time, I was too mesmerized to be intimidated. To keep my bearings, I focused on the constellations along the zodiac belt. As I explored the familiar area of the sky globe, the 12 zodiac signs unzipped themselves one by one, unfurling to reveal a political map of neighborhoods from pole to magnetic pole – parcels of celestial real estate in all sizes and shapes lay mapped out in the night sky. I was dazzled by the vision of a scintillating fabric of stars and deep sky objects suspended in an emulsion of time. At constellation Sagittarius I was treated to the sight of Aquila the Eagle flying northward over the head of the Archer. I was reminded of a prophecy I’d read somewhere concerning a day in the future of humanity when the neighboring zodiac sign of the scorpion would be transmuted into an eagle . This was said to be a sign that the breakpoint of humanity’s evolution had been reached,whereupon a golden age of peace and prosperity would be ushered in. And that’s when it happened.

Next to Sagittarius the Archer, on the page that featured Scorpius the Scorpion, was a constellation I’d never heard of before, in or outside the context of astrology. Yet there it was, literally standing on our zodiac belt between Scorpius -- a mere spit of celestial real estate in comparison -- and Sagittarius. The constellation, taking up three times as much space along the ecliptic plane as constellation Scorpius, was called “Ophiuchus,” a generic term meaning “serpent holder.” In the serpent holder’s hands was a giant snake, over the head of which was Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown.

Wait just a minute (I exhorted myself)! The prophecy didn’t mention anything about a snake holder appearing as if by magic between the scorpion, archer and eagle constellations! What did this mean? Did it, in fact, have any meaning at all in the context of our zodiac’s body language? And if so, and if this constellation was one of the positive signs presaging the long awaited golden age of global peace and prosperity, how were the Christian-indoctrinated masses ever going to get beyond the ingrained programming that turns what was in ancient times a serpent of wisdom, the symbol of metamorphic change, into the embodiment of evil incarnate taking Eve, Mary Magdalene, and the history of the divine feminine to Hades along with it?

I read what the author of the sky atlas had to say about the constellation. Here it is, paraphrased:

The constellation takes its name from the Greek Asclepius, the master physician who never lost a patient to death. Asclepius could revive the dying and recently dead using soma or amrita, “the deathless drink,” said to reside in the blood or venom of a monstrous snake with dragonish features. Hades, god of the dead, angered at Asclepius’s filching of souls rightfully belonging in the Underworld, convinced his brother Zeus who did strike the mortal Asclepius down with a Thunderbolt for using powers reserved for the gods. However, Zeus placed Asclepius in the sky to honor him and to appease his father Apollo, calling the constellation "Ophiuchus," which is Greek for "serpent holder."

I asked myself how it could possibly be that this god-like, life-saving doctor figure did not have a zodiac presence. I looked askance at the scorpion/harbinger of death constellation. Had I just tripped over its subsumed source of (“Scorpios make good doctors”) astrological attributes?

Once I had recovered from the soul-jarring, 13th constellation shock wave that these revelations triggered in my consciousness, I found myself captivated by the idea that here on my very own zodiac belt was a constellation in the image of a man of science. I didn’t have a clue what an investigation of history, myth and legend would reveal. But I was sure I needed to know. Meanwhile, my would-be career as a professional astrologer had just gone up in a puff of smoke but it was too late to go back to my day job—I had already quit it and invested in a home computer – my first. I had just seen in the pages of my new sky atlas the celestial equivalent of a white buffalo. When that happens, you don’t think, you know. This book is a result of all of the above, and as above, so below.

~ Donna J. Provancher
February 2005

13th Constellation Shockwave
The domino effect of the IAU’s partitioning of the sky lay like a sleeping dog for 65 years. On the morning of January 20, 1995 the dog awoke with a shock to headline news plastered across the front page of a UK paper, The Daily Telegraph: “13TH ZODIAC SIGN WRITTEN IN STARS” followed by an article presented by Dr. Roger Highfield, the paper’s science correspondent who released the story, apparently acting alone, as though it were late-breaking news. The article received major media attention worldwide. Lines of communication were flooded by irate astrologers and astrology aficionados thrown into a panic over their birth sign – what was it now that there were 13 not 12 constellations on the zodiac belt?

End of quote . .

Finally, I´ll share an interesting experience from last night. I was thinking about 13, then I wondered what 3 x 13 equals. 39. Then I saw a license plate with 139 on it. We were on our way to visit my wife´s grandmother. When we got there the address of her house is 42-13. Then when I went inside the biggest "sculpture painting" is of the last supper. And of course there are 13 people.

This is probably all that I will post on 13, unless something really earth shattering shows up. I do think that this is pretty interesting, don´t you? Why do you suppose a number would so maligned?

All the Best,

The Temple

Yesterday Desmond Green and I had two chats. The conversation continues about our "awakening," our becoming conscious of the fact, as Desmond puts it "we are physical spirit becoming conscious of it".

Last night I had really intense dreams about a message. I had received an email or something I was trying to solve some sort of puzzle, to decipher the greater meaning of the message. In my sleep I was reminded that I was supposed to be cryptologist when I was in the Air Force (I only was in 9 months - hehe). But in the dream I knew I could figure it out. I woke up at 5:45 to take Juanjo to school but hadn´t solved the riddle. But when I came back to lay down a little while with Benjamin, I got a very clear message "The Temple". I also knew that I could find validation in the Bible so I did a quick search and here is part of what I found.

1 Corinthians 3:16 Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?

John 2:21 But He was speaking of the temple of His body....

Romans 14:7 For not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself;

1 Corinthians 6:3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more matters of this life?

2 Corinthians 6:16 Or what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; just as God said, "I WILL DWELL IN THEM AND WALK AMONG THEM; AND I WILL BE THEIR GOD, AND THEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE.

"We are physical - Spirit becoming conscious of this through our experiences" - Desmond Green

Blessings to All


Monday, April 12, 2010

Books I Recommend - FREE!!!!

When Love Guides Your Thoughts, Andrew Skadberg, PhD

I Am Sharing: Thoughts, Experiences and Learning About Love and Service, By Andrew Skadberg, PhD.

The Awakening: A Conscious Shift to a Higher Realm, Vicky Anderson

Starseed Transmissions
, by Ken Carey

The Kybalion - hermetic teachings - a study guide

Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

More to come . . .

Love is the Motivator

Love is the Motivator, Manifester
This morning, as I spent some time getting ready for the day, my one year old son came and layed on my chest. He fell asleep again. I was doing my breathing, and meditating. Then my mind was taken to a thought related to something my dear friend Desmond Green and I have been talking about.

Desmond is one of the most spiritually enlightened people that I have ever met. He seems to exist in two realities.
But the point of this blog is to introduce his idea that we are physical spirit manifested from Source, or God. That is what we are. And our experiences are the point of us being here. Our experience manifests through all of the things that our bodies do to interact with this material creation, even the ones that do not appear to have physical form. The tangible "experiences", or interactions, occur with our five senses (seeing, touch, smell, hearing, and taste). The non-physical are through our thoughts and feelings. But the manifestation is from Spirit.

Now, what is so important, or why does this matter you ask? Well, from our conversations, and understand the Truth is really hard to grasp with our minds so this isn´t simple to relate, but what is happening to humanity at this time is that we are becoming conscious of this fact - "that we are physical spirit", that is that we are physical expression of the "Divine" (or God if you prefer) (this means the universe and all of “creation).
This is another description for what is occurring that has been referred to in many different ways, but most commonly known as "ascension", the “second coming of Christ”, or the "new age".

Desmond is a very persistent messenger, and we have been discussing this idea in its various implications, but this morning, as I layed heart to heart with this beautiful soul, Benjamin, the idea came to me that Love, is the motivator of this process.
It is Love that accomplishes the movement of Spirit into physical.

It is Love that performs this magic that physicists have been observing where, apparently, our molecules are zapping in and out of our universe. Laboratory experiments have proven that all matter disappears and reappears, faster than the speed of light, apparently going between two places. They can see our side, physical manifestation (the universe, matter, creation) but they don´t know where they go. But Spirit does.

Now I don´t know if this idea is right. I may never know. But as it came to me, I thought I should share it here.
If I consider this idea, it does make sense. Love is ever present, whether my experience seems positive or negative. In fact, in my life experiences the most negative, or painful, have been the ones that pushed me to Love. Otherwise I would just stay in once place and just keep doing the same thing. I wouldn´t grow. I wouldn´t yearn and be in angst to express just one small portion of the Love the Jesus was able to demonstrate. I would continue to live in ignorance. But the troubled times, like my most recent traverse across the "valley of the shadow of death", really cause me to search for the Truth, for understanding, for how I can relate better to life, and my higher power.

I´m going to put this idea out there in hopes that it might help others. If I contemplate this, and I haven´t had but more than about 30 minutes, but if love is the motivator, and I make a connection or relationship with it, doesn´t it demonstrate that I must take action? Isn´t it really the light in the lantern? What brings my life, and all of creation out of the unmanifest to what we are blessed to experience on this side of the veil comes through action! This is a lesson for me.

Of course, talking, or writing about love is an action. But how can I do more. How can I each day seek the perfection that I know the ONE has created because I see it in the balance of nature and the cosmos. How can I continue to challenge myself to ascend this ladder, the one that love says, at least to me - Andy, is this the most loving that you can be in this moment?
How do I do that day to day?

I do it by being present in each moment. By resisting the patterned, habituated reactions in my relationships with the people whom I love (who by the way see my worst behavior). I do it by persistently and patiently following through on the dreams and aspirations that I have to make a difference. The ones that I feel have come directly from my heart. By the way, these are usually the ones that ask me to take the biggest risks, or to challenge conventions.

I´m not sure where this idea the "Love is the Motivator" came from, Benjamin´s heart, my heart, my head? Well, it doesn´t matter really. But it is some food for thought.

With Great Love,


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Number 13 second post

The Year 13 AD In the year 13 AD Tiberius made his triumphant procession through Rome after siege of Germany.
The year 13 AD was the last year of shijianguo era of the Chinese Xin Dynasty.

A Secret Number of Sacred Power

"We are told that 13 is an unlucky number. The date Friday the 13th is taboo because the Knights Templar were arrested and condemned by the seneschals of Philippe IV, King of France, in a "pre-dawn raid" on Friday, October 13
th, 1307. The number 13 has been shunned for centuries. Some architects omit the 13th floor from office buildings to this very day. Is it possible that the folklore associated with the number 13 is absolutely apocryphal? Or that it has become a demonized numeral precisely because it was sacred in pre-Christian times? Think about it. It is an oddly recurring sum. 12 apostles and a messiah. 12 Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur. The number 13 recurs too consistently in such significant contexts to be purely arbitrary. And of course, it’s not."

"13 was a number central to certain traditions of sacred geometry, because it reflected a pattern which could be seen to exist in man, nature, and the heavens. For instance, there are 13 major joints in your body. There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year, and the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky every day. Six circles placed around a seventh central circle is a model of geometric efficiency and perfection in the second dimension that has been known to mathematicians for ages. But this same configuration in three dimensions consists of 12 spheres arrange
d around one central sphere, making 13 in all - the most compact three-dimensional arrangement recurrent in nature. A commentator writing about the Aztec calendar once said that, "Thirteen is a basic structural unit in nature. It means the attracting center around which elements focus and collect." Is this, then, the reason for Christ’s 12 disciples, King Arthur’s 12 knights, or the 12 major constellations in relation to our sun? The likelihood seems great indeed. Assuming that the number 13 played a prominent role in the sacred traditions being preserved by the Knights Templar, and that the Vatican wished to keep this from coming to light, does it not follow that they purposely chose Friday the 13th as the date upon which to arrest the Templars? In many traditions, Friday is a holy day. If our assumptions are correct, Friday the 13th would be doubly sacred to the Templars. This may well have constituted the Church’s final "screw you" to the Order whose power they so feared and envied."

"13 is of particular interest to us because of Tracy Twyman’s work on the "Golden Calendar", which is based on multiples of 13, such as 26 and 52. Interestingly, our modern calendar still bears vestiges of this, and retains the concept of 52 weeks in a calendar year. According to the website dayofdestiny.com, the Aztec century was based on a unit of 52 years, and native people in South America, who believed in an impending apocalypse that wo
uld occur on a certain date, would, "ritually demolish and destroy their civilization every 52 years", as a sort of "dress rehearsal." The glyph which represents both the start and end of the Aztec calendar is known as "13 Cane", and symbolizes the death of one cycles, followed by the birth of another - the Alpha and Omega. Strangely, this is very much what the 13th rune - called "Eiwaz" - means in the Northern European mythos. It represents the balance point between light and dark, the creative force and the destructive force, or the heavens and the Underworld. It too is the Alpha and Omega at the same time. It signifies death, but it also signifies eternal life. In the traditional tarot deck, the 13th card is the Death card. It also represents not merely death, but rebirth and renewal. These were obviously pivotal concepts to ancient cultures, the understanding of which has faded down the centuries. But isn’t it remarkable that this specific notion always seems to be associated with the number 13, even in cultures as seemingly dissimilar as those of Northern Europe and South America?"

"It is interesting to note that although the 13th rune was the central rune in the oldest runic alphabet, and the symbol around which all the others were ordered; by the time the second runic alphabet emerged, the "Eiwaz" rune was absent. What this seems to indicate is that even in very ancient times, this symbol so representative of the worl
d-view central to Northern European thought had vanished due to the fact that the idea it represented had also been lost. This idea seems to constitute some ancient understanding of Hermetic thought. Of course, the idea didn’t simply disappear, it was kept alive by certain initiates who preserved and passed down the secrets of an esoteric tradition. Perhaps this is why the number 13 has always been associated with magic and the occult, and why it is a number perceived to possess some mysterious yet tangible power. It is an emblem of a secret knowledge, a knowledge which does indeed confer power upon those conversant with it. It is a knowledge that religious orthodoxies have long feared and tried to suppress. 13 may be perceived as unlucky to those who fear the secret gnosis it represents, but for adherents of that gnosis it is (as it always was), a sacred number."

There is much more to come on the Number 13, and it even gets more interesting . . .

Why 13?

Some folks may be wondering why I have included the number 13. I am not really sure, although recently I have been getting a lot of signs that this is an important number, historically, but also for upcoming changes.

For me personally, I was born on the 13th, and got sober on the 13th.

You know, different numbers and their meaning have been turned into things to fear, 666, 13, but in reality there may have been much more to these numbers than we suspect. These things tie to the occult, majic, and secret powers that the majority have kept us in the dark about. I will present the evidence here, as I am discovering it, and leave it up to you to come to conclusions.

All I know is that I have been surprised at how much I have found. I have always wondered why I should consider myself to be a bad luck person (because I was born on the 13th), but in truth 13 has brought me great fortune and incredible life. Anyway, just see for yourself.

Before I go into this first post, I´ll share an interesting experience from last night. I was thinking about 13, then I wondered what 3 x 23 equals. 39. Then I saw a license plate with 139 on it. We were on our way to visit my wife´s grandmother. When we got there the address of her house is 42-13. Then when I went inside the biggest "sculpture painting" is of the last supper. And of course there are 13 people.

Anyway, on to the post . . .

A few days ago I began grabbing some stuff from the Internet. Then materials started showing up in books, and from friends, etc. etc. It is really amazing! And it is going to take a lot more than one blog to post all this stuff. So, look for a few messages being posted on this topic. I know it seems weird, but what the hell, life is weird and wonderful. Here is some of the more mundane aspects of 13, and then I will begin to post more of the prophetic, and astounding spiritual and metaphysical.

This posting is from the following link

The Number 13

13 is a Prime Number.

13 can be Partitioned in 101 ways.

13 can be Partitioned 7 times with each term no larger than 2.

13 can be Partitioned 21 times with each term no larger than 3.

13 can be Partitioned 39 times with each term no larger than 4.

13 can be Partitioned 57 times with each term no larger than 5.

13 can be Partitioned 71 times with each term no larger than 6.

13 can be Partitioned 82 times with each term no larger than 7.

13 can be Partitioned 89 times with each term no larger than 8.

13 can be Partitioned 94 times with each term no larger than 9.

13 can be Partitioned 97 times with each term no larger than 10.

13 can be Partitioned 99 times with each term no larger than 11.

13 can be Partitioned 100 times with each term no larger than 12.

13 is the number of + signs needed to write the Partitions of 5

13 is a Fibonacci Number.

13 is a Centered Square Number.

13 is a Centered 12-gonal Number.

13 is a Delannoy Number.

The hypotenuse of the Pythagorean 5-12-13 triangle= 13

The 13 Archimedean Solids.

13 space groups are Monoclinic.

The Chemical Element Aluminum has an atomic number of 13.

The sacred cord of Druids has thirteen segments.

There are thirteen lunations in the year.

The Sumerians used a zodiac including 13 constellations and 26 main stars.

The thirteen gates of the Human body of the woman: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, the mouth, 2 breasts, the navel, the anus, the urethra and the vagina.

The card deck includes 13 hearts, 13 spades, 13 squares, 13 clubs.

The Jewish sage Moses Maimonides established 13 principles of the Jewish faith.

The Chinese abacus consists of 13 columns of beads.

The 13 ancient Crystal Skulls.

Benjamin Franklin

Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.

2. SILENCE. Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.
3. ORDER. Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.
4. RESOLUTION. Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.
5. FRUGALITY. Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.
6. INDUSTRY. Lose no time; be always employ'd in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.
7. SINCERITY. Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.
8. JUSTICE. Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.
9. MODERATION. Avoid extreams; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.
10.CLEANLINESS. Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.
11.TRANQUILITY. Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.
12. CHASTITY. Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dulness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another's peace or reputation.
13. HUMILITY. Imitate Jesus and Socrates.

Credit Gold 13 from - http://www.splitreason.com/sarcasticgamer

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I don´t know a title

April 10, 2010

This morning in my dreams I saw the Mandala. The same one in a sense that I had created for my work. But instead of seeing a nuclear reaction which is expanding out I realized that the Mandala also represents the World – and that I have been running around the wheel for 50 years.

In a way I may have been looking for God, but it has, without real commitment, at least consciously, been a search for the truth. In my dream state awareness I was taken back to the realization I had the other day “they were right” – meaning all of the obnoxious people I have met in my life that have been trying to convince me about “Jesus”, and him saving my soul, and his dying for my sins, etc. Although, I am not sure all of them really know the truth – only God knows.

I guess it is the approach for them to bring me home that has always had me resistant, and the “apparent” gist of their message that I had to somehow go through Jesus to get to God. Something that I have always inherently known, that there cannot be only one path to God through another being. Now, I am pretty sure I have figured out what Jesus was teaching us about the one path.

But in my sleep today I realized I have been running around the wheel of life, and then taking different spokes of the wheel to find this “truth”. I don´t know how
many spokes are on the wheel, there are many. But as I have ventured down each one, I have discovered that on the way to God, Jesus always shows up. And it is not for the reasons that I have been disagreeable. I had been prejudiced, resistant to the messengers of the messenger. The Son of God. I have always lived the best way I knew how by the teachings of Jesus. The Golden Rule has been with me ever since I was a little boy. My mother brought that one home to my heart.

Now, as I have read innumerable books from many sources and they have all led to the same conclusion. I have now accepted that Jesus is all of what he has been claimed to be. But so often the secrets can be best hidden right in front of our eyes. This is because we really don´t see.

It is interesting how this combination of the personal work I am doing now seems to be blending in a very unique way to give me multiple validations of the other sources. I have read many books, and someday I will post these, but right now I am doing A Course in Miracles and listening to Wayne Dyers “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” interpretation of the Tao de Ching (both are excellent). But what is interesting, is today I am working on the ACiM lesson 30 which is “Above all else I want to see things differently” and the Tao de Ching was the 12th verse

12. Substance
Too much colour blinds the eye,
Too much music deafens the ear,
Too much taste dulls the palate,
Too much play maddens the mind,
Too much desire tears the heart.

In this manner the sage cares for people:
He provides for the belly, not for the senses;
He ignores abstraction and holds fast to substance.

Listening to the Tao today made me realize that we have gotten totally mesmerized with the “plastic wrapping” of life. The plastic wrapping in this case would be our labels and thoughts about the world, life and everything. We have been simply scratching the surface of who and what we are, what everything is, especially this thing that we have come to call God.

It´s as though I have been living 50 years simply scanning the world, pressing my labels, opinions, judgments, etc. on existence and then moved on to the next “subject”. Even though I have always considered myself to be open, inquisitive, and all those other words that I might use, I have never really given much thought to anything – even though I thought I have.

How has this change come to pass. Hmmm, I guess it is about another truth that I had learned long ago, but had not really done much of, even though I thought that I had. This is about looking into myself, really trying to understand who and what I am. Of course I have read many, many books. But again, it was like I was only touching the surface. I was simply scanning the horizon, observing the eye candy, then moving onto the next location. I never spent enough time to really look deep into just one thing. Of course I have been “trying”, I have been involved in “self help” stuff for almost 30 years. And I have earnestly prayed and worked on Andy. I´ve also been missing the point.

It is like the story of the man who finds the diamond field with tiny specs of diamonds on the surface, he spends his days picking up those tiny chips, not realizing the really huge diamonds are down below him, all he needs to do is start digging.

However, this analogy has another trap, one that is embedded in all of this discussion. And that has to do with the material world and with Spirit. We have essentially become addicted to the sense experience - material existence. So mesmerized with the experience of looking through our eyes, touching, hearing, smelling, tasting, that we have missed by far the biggest most important part of why we are here. This has to do with the label we have given for “spirit” and “consciousness”. The place, or non-place where all this stuff emerges. And I suspect that I am going to find just below the surface that this is where God is going to reveal some more of the truth.

As I sit here and type these words, I might just as well have spent my whole life looking at one of Jesus´s teachings and trying to understand that. Or to just sit by the river as the Buddha did. Or to just spend a year contemplating a flower. Because now I see that all spokes on the wheel lead back to the source, the hub. And, as the Tao from yesterday revealed, in the center of a wheel is a hole – apparently, empty space. And if I just would have spent more time getting past all of the self constructed beliefs, I might have arrived where I am today much sooner.

But that is another trap, lamenting, regretting, or feeling guilty for time past. The fact of the matter is it has taken what it has taken for me to get here. And it is the perfect place to be, because I have so much experience and knowledge to compare against.

“Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these.” John 14: 12

“It is the father, living in me who is doing his work.” John 14: 10