Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Reason and 42 things to do for Gaia

Here is one of my primary reasons to improve our relationship with the planet.

His name is Benjamin Mark

There are billions of other reasons too - I suspect everyone has a few that really are important. Let´s get together on this PLEASE!!!!

1. Use natural cleaning products
2. Tell a friend about Gaia
3. Share a story with a child about Gaia
4. Pick up some trash
5. Don´t drop the trash
6. Support recycling
7. Work to reduce consumerism
8. Work to reduce packaging
9. Promote bio-degradable packaging
10. Spend time in nature
11. Say a prayer for Gaia
12. Feel happy when in nature
13. Thank God for Gaia
14. Do a talk on something related to the environment or Gaia
15. Tell your parents about Gaia being a living being
15. Tell your children about our dependence on a healthy planet
16. Eat natural or organic foods
17. Plant a tree
18. Plant a flower
19. Plant a garden
20. Share your love with a bird, or an animal
21. Paint a picture of nature
22. Write a poem about nature
23. Read the story "The Lorax" to your children
24. Read the story "The Lorax" to a class of students
25. Do a presentation about the environment with college students
26. Share this blog with a friend
27. Tell everyone you know that you love Gaia
28. Think about your relationship with Gaia
29. Try to imagine where we would all be if it were´t for Gaia
30. Imagine how patient and loving Gaia has been all these years
31. Consider ways that you can help the Earth, and, or make a list like this!
32. Dedicate your life to protecting nature
33. Take a picture of nature
34. Share the picture with someone
35. Share the picture with many people
36. Ask them to really look at it
37. Go to the river and really look at the water
38. Try to imagine where the water comes from and where we would be without it
39. Take a breath
40. Say "hi" to a plant
41. Watch an ant hill
42. Watch a fly

I could add to this list, and I will. So can you! Will you help me share this message? Please? It´s really important that we do something NOW!

To see the first blog about this topic see "Gaia´s Message to Me"

With Love to You and Gaia,

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