Monday, April 12, 2010

Love is the Motivator

Love is the Motivator, Manifester
This morning, as I spent some time getting ready for the day, my one year old son came and layed on my chest. He fell asleep again. I was doing my breathing, and meditating. Then my mind was taken to a thought related to something my dear friend Desmond Green and I have been talking about.

Desmond is one of the most spiritually enlightened people that I have ever met. He seems to exist in two realities.
But the point of this blog is to introduce his idea that we are physical spirit manifested from Source, or God. That is what we are. And our experiences are the point of us being here. Our experience manifests through all of the things that our bodies do to interact with this material creation, even the ones that do not appear to have physical form. The tangible "experiences", or interactions, occur with our five senses (seeing, touch, smell, hearing, and taste). The non-physical are through our thoughts and feelings. But the manifestation is from Spirit.

Now, what is so important, or why does this matter you ask? Well, from our conversations, and understand the Truth is really hard to grasp with our minds so this isn´t simple to relate, but what is happening to humanity at this time is that we are becoming conscious of this fact - "that we are physical spirit", that is that we are physical expression of the "Divine" (or God if you prefer) (this means the universe and all of “creation).
This is another description for what is occurring that has been referred to in many different ways, but most commonly known as "ascension", the “second coming of Christ”, or the "new age".

Desmond is a very persistent messenger, and we have been discussing this idea in its various implications, but this morning, as I layed heart to heart with this beautiful soul, Benjamin, the idea came to me that Love, is the motivator of this process.
It is Love that accomplishes the movement of Spirit into physical.

It is Love that performs this magic that physicists have been observing where, apparently, our molecules are zapping in and out of our universe. Laboratory experiments have proven that all matter disappears and reappears, faster than the speed of light, apparently going between two places. They can see our side, physical manifestation (the universe, matter, creation) but they don´t know where they go. But Spirit does.

Now I don´t know if this idea is right. I may never know. But as it came to me, I thought I should share it here.
If I consider this idea, it does make sense. Love is ever present, whether my experience seems positive or negative. In fact, in my life experiences the most negative, or painful, have been the ones that pushed me to Love. Otherwise I would just stay in once place and just keep doing the same thing. I wouldn´t grow. I wouldn´t yearn and be in angst to express just one small portion of the Love the Jesus was able to demonstrate. I would continue to live in ignorance. But the troubled times, like my most recent traverse across the "valley of the shadow of death", really cause me to search for the Truth, for understanding, for how I can relate better to life, and my higher power.

I´m going to put this idea out there in hopes that it might help others. If I contemplate this, and I haven´t had but more than about 30 minutes, but if love is the motivator, and I make a connection or relationship with it, doesn´t it demonstrate that I must take action? Isn´t it really the light in the lantern? What brings my life, and all of creation out of the unmanifest to what we are blessed to experience on this side of the veil comes through action! This is a lesson for me.

Of course, talking, or writing about love is an action. But how can I do more. How can I each day seek the perfection that I know the ONE has created because I see it in the balance of nature and the cosmos. How can I continue to challenge myself to ascend this ladder, the one that love says, at least to me - Andy, is this the most loving that you can be in this moment?
How do I do that day to day?

I do it by being present in each moment. By resisting the patterned, habituated reactions in my relationships with the people whom I love (who by the way see my worst behavior). I do it by persistently and patiently following through on the dreams and aspirations that I have to make a difference. The ones that I feel have come directly from my heart. By the way, these are usually the ones that ask me to take the biggest risks, or to challenge conventions.

I´m not sure where this idea the "Love is the Motivator" came from, Benjamin´s heart, my heart, my head? Well, it doesn´t matter really. But it is some food for thought.

With Great Love,



  1. Terrific post! I'm enjoying your new blog and can't wait to read the next one.

  2. Thanks Andy, it's appreciated...
    Best of luck in the blogosphere.

  3. Hi Karen and FastDart, It is very gratifying to have you reading this stuff. All the Best, Andy