Friday, April 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi Friends,

I´m just going to free flow write this morning. I have been having the most wonderful of grounding of experiences.Swirling away in the business of the world, and changes that seem sometimes overwhelming.

And yet, I am glimpsing, occasionally the bottom of the hole. The simple message of "who and what I am", at least in a way that I might experience, or feel that away from the clamor in my mind that has become a habitual state of being.

The bottom of the hole, what I apparently have been so afraid to look into is "the answer". It´s where source resides - or if you prefer God. I am not alone. I don´t have to be afraid. There is nothing that I have to do. There are no emergencies. I am being provided for in all ways. If my body dies today it is no big deal. On and on I can realize that everything is just as it should be NOW.

All across the cosmos, both internal and external some force holds all of this together. And my present is the experience. I have been given this opportunity to find out what this is all about. To create a totally unique one.

But have I been doing that? I don´t think so. I fitted myself into the various cultural and economic belief systems and have been living confined within those spaces. Of course, now, I see this has been all due to my own doings. I can blame no one else. And finding fault is not the point.

It is to recognize that as I awake from this state of confusion, believing all of the stuff that they have told me is important, and examining my perceptions of this "reality" and really getting to the place to allow my own "presence" to flow into me. It is, I think, as I write in very limited terms - the One´s presence entering me. Opening my mind and hearts "eye" to the possibility of creating a new reality. One free from all of the ideas, opinions, and "stuff" that I have concerned myself with for the first 50 years of my life.

I realized in my dreams the other night that all of this that we live within began from the idea of "duality". At that point the cosmos, or creation began to subdivide. And today we can experience all of that diversity. But it is an illusion. Because the only way it can be is ONE. This is what my mind, which uses logic concludes, but more importantly now, as it seems the energies are shifting more to those of harmony and love, I feel it. In some indescribable place, or state - I just feel that I am not alone, and there is a real comfort in this feeling. We have probably called this thing "love". But it is not the love that I generate, or that I feel coming from another person (which of course is wonderful), but this is more like from "the field" as described in the Bhagavad Gita. This sense of being where something is supporting, embracing, interpenetrating me and my life. I am part of it.

With Great Love, Andy

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