Friday, April 9, 2010

Poems and The Truth

Poems from April 9, 2010-03-10

The Message

waiting . . .
waiting . . .
waiting . . .
breath . . .
waiting . . .
waiting . . .

We Know

Let´s stop fooling ourselves
we know what we are doing

No Title

This voice in my head
I can´t hear it
It´s not you or me
But it’s the One
I need to listen
I know it´s there
It´s the key to my salvation

New Light

Shades of antiquity
Shelter our thoughts
Chaining us to shadowy reflections
of life at another time
Each day new light shines

The Truth

Why does the truth scare us so much? It is the only thing that exists. It is unavoidable. Undeniable. It is going to get us in the end. So why resist?

Ultimately the true truth is unknowable. Because it is One with God. And yet our only task, ultimately is to seek the truth, accept the truth and be the truth as we understand it. In fact, that is what is always happening any way. But we don´t have to live an ignorant truth. We can seek. That is the most sublime and fulfilling task that we can pursue, accomplish. The truth is Love. And then it is not. But to know the truth of Love as Jesus taught, or even a small portion, is to glimpse the Divine unknowable. The truth is relative, and it is not. The truth is achievable and it is not. For once we have reached the truth, there will be a new truth, and this process goes on into infinity. At least until the day when we emerge, or re-merge with our Source, Our God, the One.

It is the longest journey we can ever take. And yet is closer than the smallest atom. Because we are immersed in the truth. But we will not know the truth as I share these words on this page. Words never explain any more than to be a guide. A roadmap. And the experience becomes itself in process, and from that we have an opportunity to experience the truth, in relative terms.

But to be mindful of this, to be conscious is the most wonderous experience. Because then we can drop all of our worries, woes, plans, intrigues and embarrassments and just tell it like it is. We can just tell people what happened, what is happening, or how we see it, honestly.

True freedom, wonder, glory, adventure emerge from the sincere attempt. But we cannot depend on our mind to guide us in this. We must also be wanting to open a channel to our heart. Because as I have pursued this process, only recently becoming conscious that I should align myself with the pursuit of truth, have I really validated this sense that the path to truth is through my own heart. The truth for me today, is that there is only one path to God, and I believe that Jesus was and is trying to convince me of this, and that path is through my own heart. And each other person´s path is through their hearts.

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