Sunday, December 30, 2018

Intercession - Embodiment

There are no interlopers between us and our Source. Lastly Jesus. And those that would position themselves to put Jesus Christ in a position of an interloper, a barrier between receiving, or allowing God's blessings to enter their lives are the most blasphemous, but also our greatest teachers of ignorance. (e.g. churches, priests, gurus, pharisees, etc.)

This is why Jesus got so vehement when he talked about them.

In the marketplace he could see "the future" in the now, what our confusion would to - our "pain and suffering" because he could feel it.

All this is fine and good, except if it takes us away from our most immediate and personal communion with God, Source, Love.

Our Breath.

That's why it is best not to try to think, untangle and "figure this all out."

It is simplest to just Consciously and Deeply Breathe it out - because God has already worked everything out and WE are on the ride.

As we personally own, do, be, experience, accept and allow this to be ours, and then share

- then we become the living embodiment of what Jesus demonstrated, share and pointed out in

John 20: 15-22

The living embodiment of the love of God, is us, as our breath - breathing us

Endowing, proportioning, perfectly, forever in One Breath.

The Deeper and more Consciously we breathe - the better the fire burns for endowing and purifying our living waters
   - this is the re-birth, the baptism that Jesus was inviting us to know, feel and experience

And the greatest part is we don't really have to do anything because this is what is happening to us - and it has always been in the works.

God truly does know, what God is doing.

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Mountain

I climbed to the top of the mountain,
to see what I could see,
to know what I could know,
to learn what I might learn,
to dream what I might dream
I guess because of my very nature.
What I saw was so astounding
What I learned was so profound
What I dreamed was so beautiful
And I looked and felt and smelled
Turning in each of the four directions
Beauty, wonder, immensity
Seeming no end to the experience
My mind swirled and danced
I had to share this message
This thing that I had found
My eyes and mind appreciating, creating
Knowing all that is around
Something inside, seeing outside
Both combined as one
One mind, one eye, one heart
One Love, One Breath
By myself it was so wonder-full
But then somewhat empty
So I thought, yearned, dreamed for some one
With which that I could share

I had written this some time ago, and I believe it is included in my I Am Sharing book, available for free at
This essay was republished in the Minnekahta_eMessenger, Volume VI, Number 43, Friday, December 7, 2018

God First

God, I put you first! Whether I had admitted it, or spoke it, you know that my heart has been aligned. I love you. I love life.

After reading Emmett Fox's essay "The Yoga of Love" I realize that my path has been to a pure state of love. I need not speak of it. I ask for the power and guidance to demonstrate it, to represent it, for love is the only substance and meaning.

I am eternally grateful for the experience of your love.

Every day my consciousness expands in knowing, and not-knowing, because the wonder is ever-expanding. I have spend many years in the desert of intellectualism, only to discover that all thought expands from source and is shared without regard to my ignorance.

As I open my heart, mind, soul and perceptions I find a new reality that results from experience.

If I am the least bit aware and attentive, I discover amazing new realities abounding. Thank your for your love. As I discard limited perception and open my mind to my heart's guidance, I find indescribable peace, joy and wonder.

How could all this be? How can I be? How could I have missed the simple perfection that surrounds me at all scales in myriad forms? Consciousness is an eternal playground.

As I learn that my mind is intended to partner with your heart, and my heart to rest, in that space it will regard itself no more in a place of desperate searching and seeking.

My thoughts recognize their place and are freed to contribute with efficiency and ease. My breath dances into my lungs, extends its wings into every cell of my body through your divine purpose. My mind with its wondrous resources aligns itself with that purpose to be you - Love.

Thank You divine, universal Love for allowing me to experience this Grand Adventure. I am your consciousness and I now commit to the design with deliberate and loving intent. Empower me to fulfill the privilege in a way that honors all that you are. Endow me with your knowing with each thought and action and breath that I take. I Love You!

I had written this some time ago, and I believe it is included in my I Am Sharing book, available for free at

This essay was republished in the Minnekahta_eMessenger, Volume VI, Number 43, Friday, December 7, 2018

Saturday, December 8, 2018


Not a "thinking" thing, it is a being, breathing thing - of course the intellect has a part to play, but it is not master. The Body is indicating that a centering must occur, to really enjoy the full fruits of our infinite endowment.

All that is required is Conscious, Deep, Appreciative Breathing - One at a Time, to show gratitude for the handle and endowment - 25,000 times a day.

By feeding the whole body, including the brain with adequate fuel (water is born of the fire) - the inherent benefits will be enjoyed and expanded upon - in a very personal experience. These benefits are: happiness, health, wealth, freedom, wisdom and sweetness.

Taking full ownership of our experience is key to expanding and gifting to "other selves" with permission to do same.

This whole process can be summed up in the simple phrase "Just Breathe" and the fullness of this will manifest like a million, billion trees that reside in the potential of a seed.

The great thing is, all of this was the intention of that which we all are, already.
This essay was inspired by Desmond D. Green's "streaming" We are our pre-existing properties from December 7, 2018

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