Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Breath Comes First

 ~ Andy Skadberg, today

God/Source/Love gave you a gift, even as you were in your mothers womb - your breath, before that you were sharing your breath with her.

God wants our appreciation for the gift of life. We can easily survive without our eyes, but not our breath. It is like a waveform, continually moving the Divine substance of consciousness, light and matter (all vibrations) in and out of your physical, spiritual being. To overlook and not appreciate this gift has created the ills of the world. But this is all for experience. To experience lack, confusion, poverty, fear and any sundry words, concepts, beliefs - but these are merely creations of shallow breathing thought, that are still, riding on the breath. As we come to the bottom of this barrel, you must relinquish old beliefs because the new consciousness program does not support that which, apparently, contradicts life. Holding on to old battered and tattered luggage will not serve you and your new opportunities. To accelerate and facilitate your new "consciousness fitting" (that is occurring by Divine Decree) you can "grease the skids" by appreciating your breath. Thank God for it. Be happy as you go about your day, noticing. Noticing. Noticing. Your thoughts. Your loves. Your trees. Your hairs. Your bees (if they aren't dormant sleeping/breathing for the winter).

A great use of free-will, your power of choice, is to be grateful for that which gives you life - your breath. Want to test the theory? Stop breathing for 15 minutes and try to consider these ideas. Try to tell someone how breathing isn't important. Stop, notice and Thank Your God for your breath, because it is what supplies you with life. Then, in acknowledging this first gift, first, all the rest of your gifts will come bombarding you in a way that will astound you. This awareness will make you invincible to any apparent threats. God has no threats for you. They are only the constructs of shallow breathing creatures which soon will be a thing of the past in this world. Be grateful. Take the first step of your new journey. You cannot take a new journey starting with a second step. Knowing that you are appreciative of your full endowment will empower you to create with Reverence for Life, the most fulfilling activity you will ever partake of. You will be able to use each breath to the fullest, launching your greatest Love creations back out to be enjoyed by everyone, including Your God, that has been anxiously awaiting you to show your full appreciation for this thing that has been so "in our face" that most of us have been missing it.

Be blessed, and get your free "Global Citizenship Passport" book which will give you instructions on how to perfect your Breath Consciousness "skill-set" - it's just like riding a bike, you need to teach yourself how to do it to enjoy it to the fullest. www.reverenceforlifeuniversity.com

Collective Success

The success of collective experiences must be based on solid ground, supporting individual success. This is why "breath consciousness" is so critical. As we have to let go of old thinking programs/viruses to create our new world. A virus infected brain (ego) will not allow itself to be transformed as it is afraid if it lets go, it will cease to exist. Not being aware that it's greater good will be served by this too (family is another scale that needs dramatic support for "letting go"). The physical act of conscious deep breathing makes this inevitable process more smooth, and as comfortable as possible. I truly believe the new programs are being in-loaded, but we can accelerate the process, individually, which will have the greatest effect for the collective.