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Journal entry August 25, 2009

Had a great chat with Tom about 1 thing – GOOD

- Here I am going to cite all of the ways that I can relate to this idea,
   in fact has been a theme resounding in my life for many years.

- Do Good – Nike/Google

    o Life is Good LG symbol.

- Rectifies judgement issue – all goes back to 1 thing.
- My own insights that all apparent evil only exists in human “reality”
   war, famine, disease, actually all demonstrates how powerful we
   are to create against the flow of creation.

- When I observe nature I see no evil.
- Returning to One is the only way to make sense, why would God
   show us the amusement park or candy store but not allow us to go
   there and experience it.

- Analogy of a video game.

- We are playing monopoly here on Earth.

- Computer analogy, dual operating memory but it is really only one
   that mimics duality.

- We have gotten lost down the path of duality.

- Invite people to examine the most tragic, painful experience and not find the good.

- It is about processing, contemplating, evaluating experience.

- Emmett Fox – contemplation is the highest form of meditation.
- The tragic experiences in alcoholics, criminals and people´s lives are what are pushing them to go
   back the other way.

- God is everything.
- God is Good.

- Everything is Good.
- I am Good.
- I bring Good to the World.
- My heart and all of my being comes from God, so I am all Good.

- I will entertain only Good in my experience which is in everything.
- I will not, do not fear death because if it did exist, which it really doesn´t, it is so Good there is nothing
   to be afraid of.

- If dying is the worst thing that can happen to me, which is really Good, what am I making such a big
   deal about?

- My nature is based on infinite Good.
- Need to figure out ways for people to get this into their consciousness – relate to the larger
   experiences of their lives but then to the day to day.

    o Tragic experience, what was the result?

    o Each and every experience it Good.

- Only Good exercises.

- Know that all is one Good, that expresses itself in infinite forms of Good – no matter what judgment
   has previously been attached to it.

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