Monday, August 3, 2015

Finding the Peace Within

One of the greatest things I can do
Is find the peace within
Just to stop for a moment,
or two, or three
the business outside
in the world of men
spins around
swirling, distracting, taunting
more, more, more
it says
"pay attention to me"
it is interesting, intriguing, fun,
for awhile
then, as it demands its price -
"More, LOOK AT ME - I am it!"
my centered feelings, twinge "no"!
but the voices in my head
say, "go for it, it's the plan, the game.
it's the best show in the town."
the further I go,  the more it demands
meanwhile, what I am says
together this creates
this playscape called life
but the further I go
the more that I find
that the enjoyment of what's outside
is an inside game
the more I find my grounding
my centering within
I find vast peace
and appreciation
the demands of the outside
fall into their role
an expression of the vast inside
just waiting to be shared
is not a forced thing, 
or contrived
but what is truly real
some call it love
which it is
but I can call it me
for it is what I am
and I cannot escape it
for as I continue to go within
to find the peace in this world
its the only decent thing to share
and it is truly mine
the greatest gift I can find

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