Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Whole Shebang

We are like "reality spiders" spinning the webs of stories and experiences of our lives. This insight got me sober starting 33 years ago around my dishonesty with myself. Desmond Green set the thinking wheels in motion again when he said a couple days back "spiders carry their homes inside of them, just like we do." I laughed when I began to think about us here sitting in our homes.

We are seeing, walking, talking, sensing, feeling virtual reality, life production systems of God's Breath.
(see last messages of Paramahansa Yogananda)

You WILL!!! live through your fears, fortunately with a significant, "buffering", in most cases.

EYE AM MY BREATH "snort through your nostrils", EYE AM MY BREATH, "snort through your nostrils", EYE AM MY BREATH. (to see effects of forceful breathing from nostrils, see research of Marcel Vogel)

To get the most of God's love and support, breathe deeply, consciously and appreciatingly. Keep aligning yourself with "Service to Others" which is the operating system planet earth is running on --yes, like a computer.

Service to others includes all of life.

Eliminate from your consciousness fear based "accusational", judgmental thoughts like shame, blame, guilt, remorse, jealousy. Unless of course you want to experience these things. That is your choice.

To charge your prayers, but not from a submissive, down trodden feeling place, but from a charged, loving expression of the Infinite Creator, think, kind, loving healing thoughts and blow through your nostrils.

Think, speak and feel, to the best of your ability, kind, loving thoughts while breathing deeply, consciously, appreciatingly towards those you want to benefit from your love.

In actuality, this should be everybody, especially those people whom you think, or feel, or believe, you hate. But that too is your choice.

The "dirty little secret" of hate will be removed from your heart, or it will consume you.

Reverence for Life = Golden Way (Jesus) = Service to Others
(which, by the way, is the ultimate "service to self" modality to align with God, Spirit, Source, Infinite Love)

Take charge of the words you are speaking and thinking - to yourself, and others. However, don't be too hard on yourself. Replace habituated words with firmness, gentleness and loving kindness.


What I, Eye Am seeing, is my breath projected out of inside of me. My living, external reality, is like the spiders web that is spun out of itself, where it lives and acts.

The spider carries its home inside of itself. Just like we do. Desmond D. Green
(I was given this same analogous insight on July 12, 1981 when I realized I couldn't continue to lie. I have been clean of drugs and alcohol since July 13th of that year).

For access to tools and resources to acquire your "skill-sets" for this "new reality", visit the Reverence for Life University. For languaging, see Trust Your Breath by Desmond D. Green

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them." Galileo Galilei

Reverence for Life see Albert Schweitzer, article by Rene Wadlow

For some thoughts on The Golden Way (formerly golden rule) see How do we simplify this model? and How to Live

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