Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Journey

Where our true Being resides,
is of no distance, but is inside.
Experience has revealed and shown,
that this understanding is very little known.
But the truth emerges,
amongst our emotional surges.
Energetic expressions of our soul,
These inherent values that make us whole.
The process starts simply with our breath.
The ego resists as it imagines its death.
But gently guide this errant child.
Conditions, patience, courage moving mild.
Will lead us back to our abundant source.
Occasionally straying we might from our course.
But no regrets, no looking back,
Because no permanence remains of the past.
Our adventure is an ever-flowing state of now.
Extending in all directions, peaceful, avow.
The essence of our Being, our living world.
Is anxiously awaiting, twisting, turning, a swirl
A vortex, spiral, abundantly light.
Encouraging, coaxing, teasing us from our flight.
It is so easy and natural as the breath.
The energies cascading, emerging from the depth.
Of our inner Being our original source.
No reflection, expenditures required on our course.
Allowing, experiencing, enjoying what is ours.
The truth of Love is with us now.
Ever present, abundance, accessible easily to those devout.
Simply follow your heart´s urging down its path.
A process of knowing, manifesting based on no journeys past.
It is here in this moment as present from the One.
Just take your next breath, relax, enjoy and know you´ve begun.

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