Friday, February 11, 2011

13 Things - suggestions for learning English, or other stuff

Here is a little outline that I share in my English classes. It may seem simple, but under these ideas and practices are deep meanings that one should consider. Like the iceberg that we only see the tip of, by applying these ideas, and contemplating why they would be included in this list will give you a greater understanding of how to accomplish things, with ease.

1. Learn by doing
2. Self Confidence
3. Be open to suggestions
4. Practice, Practice, Practice
5. Watch English movies, with subtitles (nice movies, preferably)
6. Listen and talk to native speakers
7. You speak English - you are not just learning
8. Don't translate to Spanish
9. Be on time!
10. Have Fun!
11. Be your own best friend
12. Read English out loud
13. Relax, remember to breathe

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