Friday, May 10, 2013

Reverence for Life University

Sarah launched Reverence for Life University on Facebook today.

An auspicious day/event!!!!

I posted from Seth "War finally will teach you to revere life". - from The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts

The Breath is taking us to Reverence for Life/One Love.

The University of YOU!!!!

We need not abdicate, hand over, our authority outside. Our breath authorizes us to create with Reverence for Life.

Conscious Deep Breathing and The Practice is a skill-set that automatically registers our consciousness in our breath opening us to greater and greater awareness of infinite abundance and limitless potential supported through the One with infinite awareness. Conscious Deep Breathing installs trust. The Breath is the process underway that cannot be denied or resisted.

Reverence for Life University delivers first this skill-set to help each discover that they are, already what they have been looking for.

Utilizing the only building block of life we are given full authority to create in alignment with Reverence for Life in the Now moment, one conscious deep breath at a time.

Sealing Our Head Gasket
Desmond uses the metaphor of a head gasket of an automobile engine to exemplify what the results are after acquiring this "skill-set" which results from the physical action of CDB. Essentially without this skill-set the energy that comes through our conscious channel results in a total loss of power and that the oil, water, fuel.oxygen mixture and proper compression for proper function is lost. Oil gets blown all over the engine compartment until the engine, eventually, will seize up from improper lubrication, or the engine will overheat from loss of cooling fluid. This metaphor/analogy works well for our purposes.

Seal your head gasket, which happens automatically through Conscious Deep Breathing. Appreciate the process which is underway, and has been going on.

The Midas of the Conscious Deep Breathing Skill-set
Desmond also makes another analogy to Midas the muffler company. Midas installs mufflers when people bring their car to the shop. They do not go out searching for cars, or try to install mufflers on cars that people are not ready to get their muffler replaced. They wait for the people who are ready and come to get their mufflers replaced. We will use the same approach at the Reverence for Life University.

Today our new faculty member Cory joined a school on another vibrational level. He had spoken of May 9th being an important date and when I asked him what had come up he said essentially, he was going to a new school.

Finally, yesterday Desmond arrived in Jamaica where he will be meeting with the Director of the pulmonary section of the medical school of the University of West Indies to begin conducting research into the various benefits from the offerings of the Reverence for Life University.

I also completed a nice outline for the Reverence for Life University website that I will be working on over the next few days.

This concludes the official recording of the launching of Reverence for Life.

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