Saturday, September 22, 2012

Word World

I had a dream last night that was grounded in the mundane world, but the meaning that I interpreted this morning upon reflection, was that "the power" to re-create had been handed over from the queen (of England not capitalized on purpose), to us. Up until now, we have been playing a game with words that make us feel like we are tiny, that life is happening to us, that there is something else in charge, there are authorities and any sundry types of concepts, ideas, etc. This is all well and good, and had a purpose. The question is then, do we want to continue to follow these various pathways for creation? I am living and being in something new.

I am pretty sure that this set of insights was a direct result of Desmond Green Sharing on his radio program Reverence for Life, on Friday Sept. 21. This is a direct result of his very powerful, yet short video - the Power of Words. See the video posted below.

Below is what I posted at Facebook today - these concepts of examining where our ideas/beliefs/world came from was first introduced by a Landmark Education workshop I attended in 1997. This workshop catalyzed an experience that I have written about entitled "My Burning Bush".

"We live in a world created through "the word". Look how fat the dictionary is. Before someone, I don't know who, started labeling stuff and assigning meanings, value and judgement, there existed pure potentiality (or no-thing). We are the creators of this potentiality, our soul energies, and we have been playing a very elaborate word game that has created this "reality". I am now speaking the words, connected to the thoughts that are guided by my blissful knowing. The Practice is taking me there via my breath. Everything in this form, in my body, is a creation of my breath and knowing that is taking me back home to love. I can totally trust that the totality of this knows exactly what it is doing, and when I get to That state of trust, I am free!"

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