Friday, November 18, 2011

Attention and Creation - a Few Thoughts

If I ask "where will I be NOW and in the future"? Then I must be willing to look at the processes, thoughts and feelings, that I am entertaining. Attention is the word for the creative flow of energy that motivates things to be created.

If I allow my attention to dribble away on menial, or insignificant items of distraction, my precious energies that emerge from my creative Being will be wasted. At this time it appears to be paramount to "give attention" to those things that I want to manifest in my life, and thus in the world around.

Many "new" teachers are coming forth with seemingly new information, or "spins" on the story of what it means to be a co-creator. These ideas that they are presenting are imbedded, as I have come to find, in many ancient teachings, although our capabilities to understand some of these esoteric texts, or translated messages has diminished. There are innumerable reasons for this that are not really important to discuss here, now. You, the reader, may want to investigate because in the larger context it is important because these limitations happen both within an individual, and have been part of the collective conditioning which is one of the most important phenomena that we are seeing in the world - people are waking up to the idea that things are not quite as they seem (e.g. the Occupy movement is a manifestation, although one my jury is still out on).

The point of this message today, is for the reader to notice, or "give attention" to their attention. Where is one's creative energy going? To worries, to distractions, to contributing to greater disharmony in your life and then also in the life and world around. Of course, this idea may seem like a form of "nit picking", but is it? Imagine, what your attention accomplishes. Have you ever been able to accomplish anything without it?

In these times of change, the external world seems to be screaming for attention. One only need to turn on the TV and see the cacophony of "attention, or energy vampires" graciously offering you the opportunity to lend your energy to their cause. And that is what exactly happens, your creative energy goes to those things that you look at, lend your thoughts of comprehension to, and then entertain as part of your reality, which then brings more power to that you are observing. Now, if you add emotional energy to it, then we really get the creative energies flowing.

This is the message of the movie "The Wizard of Oz". As long as we are willing observers, and even participants, then the show will go on. This is what has been going on for a very long time with the media, politics, the bankers, and in general "the powers that were". They have been gratuitously sucking our creative energies out of us, as we "pay" attention to their magic show. You see, it doesn't matter whether or not you agree with them or not, either way, they got your attention, and they are drawing your creative energy into their game.

This is the whole idea behind "the elite", the powers that were. In fact, divide and conquer is the most basic strategy. Keep us arguing over insignificant details, or paying attention to some silly story, like sex scandals, while they are pulling some stunt behind the curtain. Remember Bill Clinton and Monica? Got your attention didn't I? - even long after the fact.

For me, the key to my peace of mind, and thus peace in my life, is to become very attentive to my attention. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it is not. And it is not so difficult to do this. Joseph Campbell said "follow your bliss". You see, we have this wonderful operating system that God, or the One Infinite Creator built us with - it is our feelings. It provides us constant and immediate "bio-feedback" about what we are creating. If we are feeling peaceful, happy, joyous then we can be pretty sure that what we are creating is aligning with our individual and the greater good of the world. If we are feeling what we call negative emotions, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, hate - then we are likely creating something that is going down a path we may not prefer, unless we have as our goal to learn something - at the end of this process it will likely be about how to relinquish these feelings and replace them with positive ones, or of harmony and peace. I have actually come to the conclusion that all lessons are about us learning about love, but that can open up a whole other digression.

Of course, we do live in a world where polarity exists, and one of the most challenging lessons in this world is not want to fight, that which we think we disagree with, or are supposed to clear out of our lives. Actually, it doesn't make much sense to get mad at the dark, or shadows because they add so much to our experience. Where would the light and colors shine, if we didn't have dark. As we move towards more awareness of who and what we are, and what life is about, I believe we will come to have a much greater understanding of the purpose of the darker, or negative sides to life. Ultimately we cannot hide from them, for if we do, we are only deluding ourselves. I have to admit, that I am still really working on how this part of life works. Sometimes I really struggle,

I do agree with other teachers who say that there are two basic emotions, that emerge from the lower three chakras which is something more and more people are learning about. Those emotions, in words are "love" and "fear" - one emerges from a sense being in oneness, or connection, the other from a sense of separation, and a response in survival mode. Then those feeling energies go up and meet, in the center of our bodies, with the thoughts we are entertaining in our minds (the upper three chakras). These energies meet in our hearts. And then, from our hearts, we "breathe our reality into being" as put forward by Gregg Braden in his presentation "Language of the Divine Mind". Essentially, we invite the creation of "reality" from the soup of quantum possibilities (or the mind of God). This is where the waves become particles, as contemplated by Einstein.

I found Gregg's presentation to be a very good convergence of science and religion (another ploy of divide and conquer by the powers that were). This breathing our heart energized thoughts and feelings into creation is how we create our world - via the creative vehicle we call our attention.

Human beings, which I believe we are emerging into a new form of Being I might call "human galacticus" have immense powers of creation. This fact emerges in many places, but for simplicity the Bible quotes such as: "made in the image and likeness", and "you will do all I do, and more" from Jesus should suffice to get the point across.

These days, I spend much of my time bringing my attention to those things that bring me peace, or that I feel are going to make a greater contribution to the world. I have long known that pursuits to satiate my own little interests, or to just take care of my own, (stuff, job, family) not giving consideration to the greater impacts to the world around me are a dubious pursuit. And sometimes discerning what those are have not been easy. In my life, I have forgone many comforts and attachments to "what I wanted" for what I believed to be for the greater good - mainly for me to fulfill my mission in life. And, today I am not totally sure that I have not made some huge mistakes in this area, as others will likely attest. But the old adage "you can't please all of the people, all of the time" is quite true in this regard. All one can do, is what they believe to be the best they can. And Abraham Lincoln said, "I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won't amount to anything".
The guide for this comes from these internal mechanisms that were built into us. Steve Jobs mentioned them in one of his talks before his passing - "follow your heart and intuition".

One final suggestion relates to words; you may have noticed some "odd" terms during this essay, such as "powers that were" and "giving attention", it is very important to notice the words that we are using, their content, the program or agenda they are forwarding or contributing to. So much of what we say, we are not even aware what we are saying. The import of this suggestion is far more significant than I can relay in a paragraph or two. "In the beginning was the word" is a very well known quote from the Bible. It is not there by mistake.

The words we use, in our thoughts, when we speak or write them, have power - they are creative. They are vibrational in nature and are a creative force in our world, and in the cosmos, whether we are aware of it or not. Behind them can be powerful thoughts and feelings. And when we use them, we are contributing those energies, those creations to make our lives, and contribute to the world we live in.

George Orwell wrote about the power of words, and how "the powers that were" can manipulate the language to control. We live in a world where people are talking to themselves in their head and hurting themselves and also speaking words with power, that continue to hold in form many of the things that we as a collective community would prefer to let go of. One example is "pay attention". This simple phrase exemplifies how indoctrinated we are to think in terms of monetary exchange. What I have discovered, as I essentially forced myself out of the "fear-based money matrix", is that day to day, we "share our attention" to perpetuate a reality that has us as prisoners. I have been amazed as I have been able to "step back" and listen to the cacophony of messages (radio, TV, conversations, arguments) that bombard us, day in and day out, about money. It is like the most important thing in the world. At times I have imagined the collective energy that goes into this human created system (mainly a conditioned fear that there is not enough to go around - which is an artificially created situation), that has caused so much fear and suffering. I have seen people counting stacks of cash from their pockets, and imagined people on wallstreet watching numbers on screens, and people stressing over numbers on pieces of paper (bills and debt), and the collective attention dedicated to something that at first, was supposed to make our lives simpler, but now we have become abject servants and slaves to this creation. This is where the majority of people's lives, via there attention is going - and it doesn't seem like much fun when I watch most people.

Don't get me wrong, I see money as a very important tool, but we must put it back in right perspective. I feel things like love, sharing, service, community, family and many other things deserve a much greater portion of my creative energy. And this flow can be monitored simply by me noticing what I am giving my attention to.

Finally, I need to give credit to a friend, Ronald Wopereis, who first introduced me to the idea of the importance of our attention. If fact he has written a book on the subject "Bilocality and the inner world of attention".

All the Best,

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