Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't be afraid - It's all Love

There is no reason to be afraid. I am tentative to almost bring up the idea of "fear" because there is a paradox. Jung captured it in the idea "what you resist, persists". In any case, we have to be able to look at what we "think" is going on, and face it, and come to terms with it. In regards to fear, is that it is just an idea. Of course one could go into a lengthy discourse on the subject. About how it is a biological survival mechanism, blah, blah, blah. One of the most ridiculous quotes, that was invented and broadly adapted in the United States of America was "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself". OMG - can you believe we bought into that? I did - I even re-quoted it.

Anyway, not to get into a long diatribe, why don't we have to be afraid? Because God did not leave us, or forget us - we are not disconnected from the source of this beautiful creation, the All That Is. If we had been forgotten, then we wouldn't be here.

I took a walk by the Mississippi River just a few minutes ago. I was thinking about love. That which is the source, supply and product of all that we are, what is, and there is absolutely no disconnect from original source because if there were, IT, whatever It is, you, me, trees, flowers, bugs, stars, galaxies, universes, the infinitude - IT would cease to exist. There is no way for any part of the cosmos, from the smallest particle to the infinitude of universes and dimensions for any part to be cut off.

However, in our power, we have adequately created the experience of separation. But this part of our story is over, as I have been experiencing. It is time for the conversion of our collective experience to one of peace, harmony and abundance. Many are looking outside, at the moving pictures, distractions, inversions of energetic, chaotic display hoping to hook onto a semblance of balance but the material manifestation is fleeting, continually moving.

The true center (the zero point), of the spiral, the storm, resides within our own Being, which in this physical dimension is an emanation with its center-point within our physical bodies. The "collective human, external creation" has so much static and chaos as to be an impossible place of grounding. It is similar to if you spill water on an electronic circuit board - the ground will be lost and the functionality of the system is totally lost. To seek the peace in the ever changing show, in the outside world is an act of futility. It truly is a significant form of entertainment, but your consciousness will lose itself in the ever changing patterns and emotional turmoil that is swirling around the globe.

The best use of your energies, attention at this time is to be sure to connect, at least for a portion of each day, to the center of your conscious emanations. Each human being is a quantum, multi-dimensional portal of the Divine spark of life. Each being transposes the energy and consciousness of the Infinite Mind into a creative vehicle, co-creative partner in Life. Essentially, via the breath as the vehicle of the Spirit energies, we transform thoughts and feelings into physical manifestations on this plane of existence. The energy patterns have been diverted and controlled as a mechanism to teach us what the possibility would be for the disconnect from the Source Love, but this was only an illusory process. It was only an experiment, a test. But now our re-connect is well underway, essentially a total remembering of our Cosmic nature and what our part has been in this grand endeavor on this tiny sphere, but which has been a total success in contributing a vast array of experience to the Infinite Collective. The disconnect has ended, but what is required now is the individuated consciousness, You in other words, to re-establish the connection. It happens through your allowing, knowing and the action required is simply to become cognizant of your breath and its Divine Blueprint - embedded in the action of breathing deeply, and consciously, in and out. Then watch with wonder in the transformation, the transmutation of your experience.

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