Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Grand Review Christmas 2011 - Accomplishments and Sharings

A Review - accomplishments without being paid

After writing the message yesterday, I was inspired to compile this Christmas Message 2011, to go back and look at what has been accomplished over the past few years. Blogging is great, but I think stuff can get kind of lost. So, here is a summary of some of the more pertinent messages, as they might relate to the end of this incredible year of 2011, and as we head into 2012, which I do believe is going to be an amazingly, wonderful year of transformation and growth, for the entire world. I am very optimistic, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Ok, so I went through my past blogs, looking for the "gems". This is all stuff that has been created without money. These ideas are simply Shared, in the interest of raising vibrations, and helping people realize that Life is really pretty incredible

Andy's Aha Moment, thanks to Mutual of Omaha for this (hehe this was a real bad hair day, I didn't know I was going to do this).
My first radio interview, associated with the World Reverence for Life University, thanks to Desmond Green and Gregory Miller with Voice of People Radio

Love Transcends
Diversify, Cooperate, Go inside - A meandering thought stream.
World Proclamation for Emancipation 2011
My Vision in a Nutshell
Peace Making
Homelessness, Bulk Mail, Corporations, Change
The Man Who Planted Trees - an inspirational story
Questioning Beliefs
Cracking the Money Bands - Metatron
A Simple Solution - the Public Private Enterprise - John DeSantis
Summary of Creation - succinct summary of What IS.
Ignorance is Not Bliss

Foundational to Our New "Civilization", the Universal Principle "Reverence for Life" and excerpt - a espoused by Albert Schweitzer

Wake Up America
Never Outside - a poem
A Real Opportunity - Time to Change - the Media
Let's Be Straightforward
Unconditional Love - a Flow of Thoughts
Love is the Motivator

Vision Excelerator - is a business, idea incubator. This is about helping people to realize their dreams

Book, by Andrew Skadberg, encapsulating the Vision, a comprehensive strategy to build a bridge to the future.
"Vision – We Are Re-Creating the World: A Resource Manual “tool-box” for Revitalization and Empowerment through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness".

Jamaica Self Management Institute and Reverence for Life University

13LightMessages - meaningful essays, poetry and resources that have helped me Share my ideas, and enhanced my experience here.

Rural Innovation Institute - a resource center being developed as a virtual educational institute focusing on sustainability, innovation, cooperation and creativity.

Solomon Source - a few blogs, more along the lines of my work and related to strategy for re-creating the world.

Experiential University, Blog - some postings of online courses and materials, primarily aimed at the tourism industry.

Here are the other books that I wrote, compiled or edited and made available digitally in the last few years. They are free for download from these links. I have at least 4 other books well on there way, waiting for me to finish them.

When Love Guides Your Thoughts - written by Solomon, edited by Andrew Skadberg
I Am Sharing, Thoughts, Experiences and Learning about Love and Service - by Andrew Skadberg
Poems and Essays about Love, Life and One by Andrew Skadber
Your Breath - The Key by Andrew Skadberg
Global Citizenship Passport, by Desmond Green, compiled by Andy
Essenes Teachings and Study Guide - organized by Tom Dooley and edited/compiled by Andy

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