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Freedom with Money

The financial system as it has been managed by the "powers that were" developed a system that put us in a position of dis-empowerment. This is because the beings that were running this old show were not just using the money system for their fear-based power trips, but as a means of keeping us in a state of fear, oppression, anger, etc. These states are all of a low vibration. In a state of low vibration us human beings are susceptible to all kinds of problems. And our energy is easily extracted. I don't know how exactly the energy is gathered by these people who have subdued the majority of us, but in the end it is not important.

What is important is for us, as individual, sovereign beings to understand is that we are solely responsible for our personal energy, vibration. And the situation of the improvement of the human condition, is one of raising our vibrations. This is a simple fact of our existence, and it is known in science and the great religions of the world, everything in existence is created from ONE thing that exists in the various physical and non-physical forms as vibrational energy. Simply, when we are happy and feel loved, we are at a higher vibration. When we are sad, feeling dis-empowered, disconnected and unloved we are of a lower vibration. When we get in a state of low vibration we are susceptible to all kinds of dis-ease and suffering. We are easily controlled. And, I guess, our energies are easily "sucked out" of us, by energy vampires. If not this , then we are easily put in a state of slave mentality and turned into human robots who believe life is about working a job to pay bills. That is if you are lucky, like the people in the United States. In other places, low vibration means various levels of suffering, disease, pestilence, and any other concept of living hell that you can imagine.

At least 14 years ago I realized that all of these ideas were sustained by our belief in them. In fact, we possibly conceived them. I came to this conclusion because I don't observe the same kinds of phenomena in the natural world. With the power of the collective human consciousness we could easily eliminate and rectify all of the "negative" conditions of the world. The power of one individual is so much, as is revealed now in science and has been told in the great spiritual teachings for 1000s of years.

Our problem, previously, is we haven't understood this power. We didn't know how it worked. We didn't really, consciously embrace this idea that we were a "spark of God". We didn't really contemplate and own this very, very powerful concept. Why, I guess we were too busy working at a boring job, playing in this very elaborate Monopoly Game. That is what I have realized, more or less, what the world of financial matters is. Of course, in order to get us fully engaged, immersed and lost in the game, it has had to have many, many engaging elements. But, when one steps back and sees it for what it is, it is apparent that it is just a very elaborate "made up" system for exchanging energy. Now, in our present era on Earth, it doesn't even necessarily take any physical form, paper, gold, etc. The majority is simply virtual money, which at some level is "1s" and "0s" in a computer or in the World Wide Web.

We created money to serve as a tool. And, according to my way of thinking, it isn't working. How do I come to this conclusion? Well, let's look at what would seem to be a silly example - if hammers, in the hands of some really mean bullies became the oppressors of all of us, say these people ran around hitting every one on the head and telling us we had to serve them, well, eventually we would come to the conclusion, because we were in the majority, that we would have to change how we related to hammers. We would take the hammers away from these mean guys. Now, we wouldn't feel like the hammers were our masters, we wouldn't look at the "tools" as the bosses, because the tools are inanimate, they are not alive. We could easily see that it was the people wielding the hammers that we would have to rein in, and take the hammers away from them. (this idea is presented in this entertaining, seemingly simple video "The Tiny Dot")

Now, essentially the second scenario is what we have in the world as it relates to the financial systems. Most of us live as if MONEY is our master. We are all so busy running around worried and thinking about it, that we never stop, and take a step back and realize that this is the nature of the game as it has been orchestrated. If our attention is focused on the money, then our energy is not being utilized effectively. And most of us are focusing our energy, with the belief that there isn't enough to go around. This is a very important part of the game as it has been orchestrated - scarcity ensures dis-empowerment. (for a digression about this idea, see "Is there a lack of Energy").

You see, our real power, the capital that God gave us to work with, can be simplified down to one word - attention. Where are our attention goes, so goes our energy. In the world today, this monopoly game rules. Commerce, trade, business, jobs, banking, finance, accounting, etc., etc. is the show to be watching. Our media is dominated by it. Our decisions are almost solely based on economics. Even decisions to rectify the problems that are created by our myopic economic drive inside the "money monopoly" game is determined by how much it will cost. In most cases, they are not considered and simply called "externalities". Even if you try to examine the money system, and come up with a systematic solution, or partial solution, it is so easy to get distracted in the details. Solutions are almost impossible to come up with because there are too many variables, too many perspectives, too many actuarial considerations, etc., etc. to consider as to be back at square one, rubbing ones head thinking, how can we fix this?

The only way to gain perspective is to step back and see it for what it is. It is made up. We made it up, at least someone before us did. We continue to focus our attention on it, so it continues to exist. It occupies a good majority of our lives and energies, and in most cases, unless you have a lot of it, which few people do in this world, it creates a considerable amount of duress. So, if we are the collective perpetuators of this game, and we are not having that much fun, why don't we change the game?, and if we come to the conclusion we do want to change the game, how do we accomplish that? Well, there are likely two ways. The first would be to figure out how the game works and then try to win the game based on the existing rules. The second would be to step out of the game and start a different game. Or maybe there is a third option, maybe not even make a game, maybe we should just put money back into its position of being a tool. We could play games with money, but money would not be the sole object of life, and so it would be relegated back to a proper position in the scheme of things, simply as a non-living instrument, or a tool to make our lives simpler, to accomplish certain things, like a hammer or screwdriver.

So let's look at these three possible scenarios. The first is to figure out the game and try to stay in it, or win it. Well, we can see people in the world who are doing this. These people are the ones who are reported in Fortune magazine and other publications as being the wealthiest in the world. And the list is constantly jockying, changing. How happy are they? What kind of people are they? I don't know, but I can guess that they are not really happy, because they must have this terrible yearning inside that keeps them wanting to win the game. And, in the end, they will never be satisfied because being the leader in this game is truly fleeting. The second question is kind of tricky because we don't want to stoop to being judgmental, but we can examine the results of their behavior and determine if they are creating satisfactory results. If I am getting rich, or living in opulence, at the expense of others, that likely isn't the best strategy. Whether I believe it or not, at the end of the day, I am paying, or will pay a price (notice even our language has been wrapped around terms in the money system - see essay Re-definition, Collective/Individual, Your Power to Co-Create). This is clearly revealed in both science and spiritual systems "action and reaction", "eye for an eye", "as above so below". There may be a temporary delay in the feedback loop, but there really is no "cheating" or tricking the energetic systems of the cosmos. Of course, we can delude ourselves on this which is the standard fare in the world, especially in circles that have accumulating wealth as their primary objective. But the fact of the matter simply comes down to "what goes around, comes around".

In another way, we can see this in simpler terms. We can't lie to ourselves. Because we know our lies, even though we may convince ourselves otherwise, we are basically just deluding ourselves.

The problem with the money game as it exists, is that it can operate on a basis of dishonesty. You can make a lot of money being a cheater and lier. You can make a lot of money in the business of killing people, and reaping havoc to the natural world and through exploitation of people and the natural resources. In fact, these practices are common among the most successful corporations of the world. This is the game that these people are playing, mostly with themselves, and we have become the unknowing, and dissolusioned pawns of this elaborate game.

But are these people that seem to be in "control" more powerful than us? No. And I can give you innumerable quotes from great teachers to verify this. But this is not important. The important thing to realize, if you are alive, breathing, creating, etc. you too have the Divine spark of the One Infinite Creator inside of you, and you have the same potential, capacities to create vast fortunes and influence in the world. What is the difference? You don't know, consciously. And, you likely have a default program that prevents you from playing the "Service to Self" game. You understand, somewhere deep in your being that the REAL game, is about SERVICE TO OTHERS. (I first learned of this from the Law of One Series, L/L Research)

And as a matter of fact, the Service to Self game has very little power, in the overall scheme of things. That is because the Service to Self game uses fear, oppression, whatever means necessary to have power over others. It will lie, cheat, steal, kill, whatever because it truly believes that that is the path back to Source, God, which is where we are all going. It will even use the means and methods to convince the majority of human beings that the Service to Self modus operandi is the only way to successful living. And that is the game we are playing. And, in order to keep this system in place, we are constantly being bombarded with messages, and energetic controls to keep us in a state of fear, dis-empowerment, frantic distraction have to buy this thing or that thing, bombarded with noise and energetic disruptions to try to keep us in a very low state of vibrations. But! Guess what? It's not working. Because, the power of love, the light quotient, the energy that we truly are, cannot be kept down. Now, as we approach what has been prophesied, (ascension, rapture, second coming, etc.) we are being called home to the One Infinite Creator, at least another step on the yellow brick road, or one rung on the ladder.

How do I know this? For one, because it has been happening to me. But mostly because I knew this, at some level, my whole life. And now, I am observing it all around me. People are looking at their lives and saying "is this all there is?" The American Dream, knowing that the corporations I am buying stuff from are also making billions of dollars building weapons to kill people in other countries. They are realizing, after chasing money, titles, stuff for a lifetime that they feel empty inside and realized that this Service to Self game is empty and un-fulfilling.

Stepping Out of the Matrix
My process of being set free has been a long and arduous one. Am I living without money you might ask? No, I am still using money. Do I not worry about paying bills? Yes, sometimes I feel stressed and the fears start to impinge on my peace of mind, but my situation was such that I didn't have a choice. I had to face my fears. I was in a situation where I didn't earn any money for about 4 years. And you know what? I'm still here. I ate pretty good. I did a lot of things. Many days I had no idea where the resources were going to come from, but they always did. Sometimes there was a few days where I didn't have a dime, but something or other always worked out.

So what I learned from this is, just like I don't worry about the sun shining, or the molecules of my body staying together, and all of the other things that are happening on Earth, the solar system, in my body and in the cosmos - the money system is also being managed by some unseen force. This is clearly stated in sacred texts like the Bhagavad Gita, and the Bible. And I have read many, many things, that state this quite emphatically.

But in my life experiences, I didn't really live like I believed these things. I lived with a "secret" fear. I didn't really trust, God, to take care of this. How do I know this? Because I felt fear. And when I have fear, that, ultimately, means I am not trusting. For many years my primary motivation around money, getting jobs, was based on fear. And, it served its purpose for a long time. It got me to this point. But now, Spirit is requiring another level of faith and trust. I have been put to the test of having nothing, of having none of my old methods of solving problems, of making money work to address my financial situation. And now what I am experiencing are lots of little miracles. Now, things that I need just seem to show up. At this point many of them are little things, like clothing, furniture, food, etc. - but, the important thing is, I can't explain, logically, how or why these things are showing up - but they are. Many times they seem to magically show up in my house, even in my closet. And I could list several examples in the past few months. Yes, I am still using money, but my relationship has changed to be one of trusting, that even though I don't know how I am going to pay rent in a couple weeks, that somehow, something is going to show up.

I woke up this morning thinking about what I have been able to accomplish with no money. It is actually quite impressive. I could make links to many things I have written, strategy that I have been working on, books for friends that I have helped compile, etc. And I will put some of these at the bottom of this essay. But, it's not necessarily important the quantity of what I have done, or even if they succeed, which I actually see happening, at least little synchronistic signs and developments. What is important is that I didn't allow my fears or worries about money keep me from pursuing my dreams. Even though at times I was under tremendous pressure, and stress because I was facing, potentially, my greatest fears, I kept doing what my heart and soul told me that I could do. I kept putting forth the inspirations that were coming to me. I kept Sharing, in my own little way, what I was finding out about the truth of life, creation, of love and what I have seen and learned, or remembered as Socrates believed, to be going on here in this incredible cosmos. I continued to develop my ideas that had been bubbling around in my consciousness. I continued to look for ways to Share what I was finding, discovering, working on. Even though I didn't have a dime. I just kept on going.

In essence, I didn't let my fears and conditioning around money, keep me from having my Vision for the world, and for my life. My vision to be able to inspire people, to teach people, to touch the people around me to know how wonderful they are, to know that we can change all of this, if, we put our heart, soul and minds to the task at hand. And what is that task? I think very simply, to be happy, have fun, to take care of each other, to live in peace, and to take care of the natural world so we can enjoy it now, and into the future.

So what is my solution to the money game? Well, I don't know if I have it all figured out. And I don't think that I necessarily have to. What I do know, is that if we made this game, and if we continue to play in it, and continue to believe it is the only game in town, then it will continue to have its influence in the world. But I do believe it is changing, and changing quickly. The big banks, the Federal Reserve in the US, Euro, etc. are all getting a lot of press. I am not sure if it is not just another grand ponzi-scheme, like the depression, or the real estate scandal of 2008, and I don't want to waste my time and energy trying to figure it out. That, in my view, is a waste of my time and energy. I want to focus on what I want to create, what I want to see in the world. I have written about this in a number of essays posted at my blog. I guess today I will post some links to those in a sort of summary below.

What I can do today, personally, is to put my Vision first. To pursue what my heart is telling me to do. I have a number of things that I do in that regard. I read, Spiritual and uplifting books, I continue to work on the things that make me happy, the things that I feel I can do to make a difference, in my life, in the lives of others, that will help make the world a happier place.

I think, in many respects, we have come to feel that we can't do anything if we don't have money. We have a dream, but then we run into a roadblock when it comes to money. We start to add up costs for stuff we need and don't have, and then we stop. We think we have to go ask permission from the banker, or someone else to pursue our dream. Well, I would have died of boredom if I would have "sold out" to that idea. And, in this process of writing a 462 page book about my Vision, (as well as many, many other things) I have come to the conclusion that we have to put our dream, our vision first! - and then, trust that what we need to accomplish what our hearts tell us we should do, will show up. This is truly how we are supported every day. The air shows up, the sun continues to shine, our internal organs continue to function - like magic. And these same principles work in regards to currencies (that we call money).

Today I am deciding where my attention is going to go, and that is to the creative and wonderful things that I appreciate and am grateful for. I dedicate my time and energy to the powerful thoughts and feelings of joy I get when I think of my family and friends. I continue to refine my ideas about the things that I have been working on creating. I give (important choice of word - instead of pay) attention to those things that want to see in the world. And, I am also discovering that those possibilities are created inside of myself. That is where, as Jesus said "the Kingdom of Heaven" resides. When I find peace inside, I experience peace in my external world. When I learn to trust, and know that everything is progressing, is moving forward, as Wallace D. Wattles stated "the world is going to God, it is wonderful becoming", I find that my whole outlook and subsequent experience changes. And, amazingly, the only thing that changed, the one common-denominator, is me, my perspective!

In simple terms, how we can change the money system, is for people to realize that they cannot lie, cheat and steal to success. They know what they are doing. We can't hid from our secrets, we become those secrets, they end up dominating us.

And an economic system based on these ideas is doomed. We can take the great lessons, inspirations of people like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Krishna, Ghandi, Albert Schweitzer and put our "civilization", or "livilization" on a basis of "Reverence for Life", the Golden Law (and How to Live). We can spend our time, as individuals, and in groups focusing on what we want to see in the world, peace, harmony, abundance for all, instead to the things that we would prefer to go away. We can be grateful and appreciative of the experiences that we have had that have brought us to this point in time, but we can learn the lessons that they have provided and keep doing the ones that we want to keep having, and leave the others behind. In other words, we can learn from our mistakes, and move onto the next evolutionary step in our development, as Divine co-creators, of an Infinite Loving presence that some call God, Infinite Mind, All That Is, Source, etc. We can learn to live and be Love in our day, with others, but especially with ourselves, because in the end, we, ourselves is the greatest gift that the Loving Infinite Creator has endowed us with, here and now, on this incredible paradise we call Earth.

I finished this message on Christmas Eve 2011, and was inspired to go back and review, and highlight some of the more interesting posts over the past few years, while I haven't earned a salary.

I am posting that message next, and it is on some ways connected to this post - see A Grand Review Christmas 2011

Love, Peace and Abundance

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