Thursday, December 22, 2011

Re-definition, Collective/Individual, Your Power to Re-Create

In the beginning was the word. We have allowed ourselves to become ruled by fear-based, controlling words. This was predicted by Orwell in his book 1984. We need to simply examine where we have become mis-guided and decide how to re-create our collective reality. We have let fear and dishonesty write the rules for our collective experience. We need to find out where we are mis-aligned and begin to focus our thoughts and attention on what we want. The fear model will self-destruct so we must do something now.

Let's examine some of our most popular distractions, and causes of our collective discomfort.

Government: why would we allow "them" to "govern" us? What services do they provide? How are they improving our lives? What they are doing is passing laws which impinge on our freedoms as sovereign beings. They constantly fight, or want to, with other countries. They waste precious resources on destructive activities and destroy our environment. I think we should re-define this whole thing based on our collective Vision and desires and call it something like "Servicement" - we need to go back to the drawing board on this and get rid of all the unnecessary waste and un-functionality. (for more on They, which is an expression of Us, which are the creators of "Theys" see this post Diversify, Cooperate Go Inside).

An interesting side note, when you put a governor on a car engine, it holds it back.

Politicians: root word "poli", this, like the "police" and "policy" (regulatory law!) has caused us so much confusion and suffering. We need to go back to the drawing board on this one in totality. Law makers shouldn't control our resources, our collective pocket book. They should only provide service, in the Spirit of love to make our lives better, more comfortable and advance the evolution of our society. This will be in their best interest too. Maybe call them "Servicians" or something like that. They should make decisions on infrastructure, use systems thinking (which is based on natural. living systems examples), and be required to use the most efficient means, in the simplest fashion with regular evaluation of effectiveness and innovation in the solutions they create.

Money: Same root as "monopoly". We need to have a wholesale re-definition, and un-conditioning with our relationship with money. We need to put it back into the role as a "tool", think of it as an expedient for energy exchange, for goods and services, between living beings. We would not let hammers become our master. Currency is likely a word that could most commonly be used. Eliminating our fears towards it, and removing our feelings that it dominates our lives is important to bring our lives back into balance. To do this we must, as individuals, change our thoughts, but this also can be sped up by our collective re-definition of the role it plays in our "civilization".

Universal Principle: This as discovered by Albert Schwiezter, and taught by Jesus and other great teachers, is the necessary foundation to have a successful, world, civilization. The Golden Law (previously the golden rule via Christianity) and/or Reverence for Life will suffice for a basis for our "new" or, re-created civilization - that sees both individual and collective advancement and evolution back to Source Love as our primary purpose.

Civilization could become "livilization" or "flourishization". Why just be civil, why not flourish?

There may be some other areas that we want to re-define. We can address one by one, such as business, religion, science - any concept that causes us consternation, frustration, and friction. Usually we can find the areas of concern by noticing our emotional reactions, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. But we need not become dismayed or confused. The key is to re-define how we think reality is in our own minds, but also as it relates to our collective experience.

Finally, our obsession, conditioning, propensity to think about the things that we don't want would be best shifted. This is most clearly related by the story told about Mother Theresa where she would not attend a "anti-war" rally, but would gladly be part of a "Peace" event.

To accomplish this, can be quite an undertaking and must occur with each individual. Simple questions can guide us: What do you really want? What do you want to become or accomplish? (it's important not to be confined to dictated by pre-defined job categories or titles on this, unless that's what you want - to be limited by old ideas). How do you prefer to feel?

This is a process of taking back control of our minds. There are many ways to begin to accomplish this: prayer, meditation, concentration, contemplation, spending time in nature, processing experience, enjoying the present, Now current experience, etc.

It can be an incredible journey and process. You can know if you're on the right track by monitoring how you feel. "Follow your bliss" as Joseph Campbell stated.

After you begin to take back control of your thoughts you are on your way back to TRUE freedom. This is an invitation from Spirit and your breath.

Then, spend your days thinking and doing what you dream of. Eliminate contradictory thoughts. Fill your mind with thoughts of what you want: Happiness, joy, peace, gratitude, friendship, fun, adventure, wonder, appreciation, love, excitement, curiousity, "fill in the blank", etc.

This is the way to create the life of your dreams. Find your purpose emanating from your heart. Do what makes your heart and soul sing. Do what you would feel proud for others to know you for what you have accomplished. This is best done by doing what you truly LOVE.

The process of reigning in our "frisky" and undisciplined minds can be tricky, but that's OK. Don't we all love a challenge? It is why we came here. Find a point of attention, your breath, your heart, your third-eye, as Jesus said "But seek ye first the kingdom of God . . ." Matt 6:33 and "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Matt 6:22. As you go through your day, notice your thoughts. Where are they? Where are they going? This is your personal endowment from the Infinite Mind. Is it concentrated, or disseminated and being wasted?

Learn to focus your mind, your attention, on what it is you want to create. What would Love have you do? Become your own Master. And Share!

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