Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do Good

Complicity with “the devil” to take care of “our own” is not acceptable in the Christ consciousness. This goes for the entire world. Corporations, who claim rights of individuals, do not have a soul created in the beginning by the One Infinite Creator. Thus, the collective responsibility and “soul-ness”, if such exists, is distributed throughout the entire organization of people. No one can escape the karmic responsibility they incur by accepting and continuing to work for entities that do harm to people or nature. If we truly want to change the world, we must eliminate this concept that the responsibility for wrong actions somehow falls through the cracks in the gyrations and legal shenanigans and elaborations. We may think we are fooling someone, but we aren’t. We know – in our hearts. Divine Law does not allow for escaping the realities of the consequences of our actions, this is covered by both the Law of Cause and Effect and the Golden Law. It is time we stand up and face this “real reality” and know that the Kingdom of God, Paradise, Nirvana is simply waiting on the other side of a door when we recognize that our job is to re-present our knowing that what we do, and what those that we are affiliated with, we have responsibility for. It is time to step forward and face the truth, that we cannot escape the truth. Our actions have repercussions. However, we need not be afraid, for clemency (forgiveness) is always available when we decide to alter our course and decide to contribute to unification, peace, love and abundance and accept the glories and wonders that are anxiously awaiting to pour down on us as soon as we courageously face the fear of change – not just accepting the way things are, and simply saying, as one common voice, "enough is enough". We will be astounded at the rapidity of the transformation and transmutation as we release the energies the Divine has been building up behind the world’s people’s desire for things to improve for all. We have just been afraid whether or not our families will be taken care of. There are no “buts” in this process. It is either “Do Good” or perish in the fires of conformity and acceptance of less than the best – the quagmire of mediocrity. These doldrums, the human tendency to think we can escape from ourselves, each other, and the Laws of the Cosmos have come to an end. It is now time to step up to the plate and represent our knowing that we truly are expressions of Love, and as such need to embrace the opportunities, that are abundant beyond our comprehension, to make a shift in our actions at all levels. When a large enough group of individuals make a conscious decision we will be astounded at the rapidity of the shift (I am sure it is already occurring), and then we will enter the true glory of what it means to be a Divine Creation.

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