Monday, August 8, 2011

Enjoying and Asking Questions

Today's Heaven Letters inspired me to write the following.

From a life changing event when I was 21 I have lived by the simple philosophy of 1) each day Be the best Andy that I can be, and 2) always believe in ever expanding possibilities. Life presents opportunities.

All of my apparent experiences that one might call negative have resulted in the greatest benefits, if I took the time to discern the lesson. The people who have been associated with my times of greatest sorrow, and challenge have helped me become a better lover. Like my son Joshua said when he was 7, "pain makes us stronger".

This world has many conditions that "seem" to be out of order, however, I see them as opportunities for us to create the world that we might dream about. Job security so to speak. Great teachings say "work for the entire world" and leave the results to themselves.

My entire life I have known the simple and profound truth that happiness, as a general state of Being, is the measure of whether we are heading in the direction that we will appreciate the most. We can be happy even during challenging times, or when conditions appear to not be in order - (ultimately we don't know how each condition is guiding us down our own evolutionary path).

In any case, I will be creating whatever I am focusing my energies and attention on. The question then comes, what am I giving my attention to, the things that I would like to see in my life, and appreciating the treasures that come to me in every moment, or something else? Interpreting each moment , experience, event (sometimes the smallest) is one of the greatest gifts life offers me, it is an act of "free-will".

So, the question becomes, what story am I spinning as I go about my day, am I noticing the intuitional guidance that is built into my Being, guiding me to the best results that I am yearning to attain - or something else?

Questions are a great way to get to the bottom of things. Socrates knew what he knew because he asked so many questions - did you know that he knew that we don't "learn", we "remember", because, ultimately we are connected to the One Infinite Creator. Another great teacher pointed to the power of asking questions, or even asking for a little help from the Divine, unseen operating all of this "seen stuff" we think we know so much about in "Ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened for you".

What you appreciate, appreciates.

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