Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Joy effervesces
from deep in my being,
as if from the atoms themselves.
The nature of my true life,
expressing itself,
untangling beliefs and ideas.
The light at an energetic level,
spiraling up, releasing, revealing,
silly perceptions introduced
into consciousness for a play.
An unread demonstration of possibility,
as thought ingrains alternatives
of things that just might be.
The ropes and chains of past prisons
cannot any more impede
the nature of life, the stuff we're made,
has as its purpose love.
But all is allowed its own expression,
the totality is endowed,
the possibilities are endless
the limits aren't defined.
Now my heart relinquishes
old patterns not endowed.
These old ideas just don't fit
my choice is one of joy,
and the idea to trust the process
is all that is required.
No worries, no pain, no fear.
For that which sustains,
is and always was,
giving me permission
to express what I see best.
The only issue was contradictions,
mis-understandings of what is.
But now emerging deep within me
the incredibly open mind,
the heart that has always compelled
no longer do I have to find
for it was always in me,
and it was never lost.
But now I realize the real truth,
that it is the heart of the One.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Andy! This is channeling of the conscious deep breathing kind, which satisfies body, soul and mind....
    (((((((((((BIG BREATH HUGS TO ALL)))))))))))