Monday, March 7, 2011

Faith or Trust - the Power of Words

in that past couple years I have learned how we have been sidetracked from our power by the mis-use of words - language is power, and we have been severely conditioned to think and say things we have had no idea what we might be doing to ourselves. I recently realized that I am even expected to "pay" attention.

And someone may think I am just ranting here, about some nonsense, but I feel it is time to get to the bottom of things. Language is the first way that we have lost our power, and confidence, as the "co-creators" of our experience. And we need to re-examine the words, and the beliefs behind the words that we use. George Orwell saw this in both Animal Farm and 1984.

I think the word "Trust" is more appropriate as the word "faith" has been highly abused by religious organizations, as has the word "God". I have thought alot about this but just went to the dictionary to check the definition "Faith: 2. belief that is not based on proof."

Trust "confident expectation of something".

For me, this is likely where the confusion has arisen. The "proof" is all around us. Our whole lives, existence, is the "proof". Faith, it appears gives no credence to the fact that we are here, and that thoughts, from some source, is whence all THIS came. And we are "thinking centers". Faith it seems is a disregard for all the evidence that Source, or God, sustains us, and all the minutest particles to stay in perfect balance. But another key, is our consciousness, and that what we think becomes too.

This kind of thinking, or lack of thinking, or inability to reason and make deductions and recognize the connectedness of all of life is the cause of our current conundrums. And it is not just me who has come to this conclusion - Albert Schweitzer said the cause of the world's condition was "men don't think". It is time that we revisit this lost art, "thinking", to begin to wake up to the blatant mis-use of "the word". We often work totally against ourselves in our own speech, mainly because of some collective, mass conditioning.

Having faith works very well for the church, for "belief" in the church which cannot provide, in my opinion, the evidence that they have adequately guided people toward their highest spiritual advancement, maintains mass support - even referring to themselves as "sheep". It is more like what Earl Nightengale identified as slowing society down to accommodate the slowest. I call it mediocrity.

I can see this much more blantantly during my time here in Colombia where the Catholic church rules. In every tiny village and town, the church is the only thing that exhibits grandeur and wealth, with the back-drop of extreme poverty. I know that the church has had the "keys" to spiritual upliftment, but these have not been shared with the masses. For me, they haven't been doing the job that they stepped up to do. And the way that this happens most blatantly is through the conditioning that has occurred, at the subconscious level, via the "Word" and beliefs.

And, I in no way am trying to be argumentative here. I just have not ever written on this topic and felt compelled to write this here now. Leadership, mastery of life, only occurs when a person recognizes the fantasmical gifts and powers that we have been given to create our lives and our world as a collective humanity. And this fact about "the word" has been blatantly in our face from the most authoritative sources, but we haven't really thought about what they were saying "in the beginning was the word". Whether I recognize it or not, somewhere in the process of all of my creations, the WORD has played a critical part of whether or not they came to be.

Trust, for me, says, I know this will happen, even though I may not understand the total mystery. God, or Source sustains all, and if I align and believe a thing to be - it will be because there is plenty of proof in that I am here, thinking an doing something so there must be support from some incredible source. Because this experience, LIFE, is a wonderous adventure an expanding expression of love, who's intent is on ever expanding life that is "a stairway that leads somewhere". What I know, is it is back to the ONE, but in order for me to get there, I have to live my life to the fullest, but then in that process when I see the "kingdom", I have to try to share with others who don't see it themselves because they believe what others have told them.

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