Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ignorance is Not Bliss

July 25, 2010

Bliss is a state of alignment with the Divine. We are at a place where ignoring for the convenience of keeping the status quo is not acceptable. If all on the world were in harmony, all people fed, clothed, housed, no wars, and no destruction of the environment was taking place we might excuse resting on our laurels. But we are not there. As the light of the truth shines upon our being the creators and maintaners of conditions which are not in alignment with Reverence for Life we discover we have responsibility. As we discover our minds have greater capacity for understanding, we can apply that knowledge to develop ways to Be which are in alignment with Spirit. Spirit rewards alignment with true bliss, peace, tranquility, appreciation, expanding life. This is expressed on an individual level as feelings of ease and comfort, also less conflict. The collective experience of humanity is a mirror for our individual expressions and will result in the same rewards, inner contentment with an unfolding, expanding of horizons of what life is really about.

But to achieve this new freedom, happiness and expanded life we must look to the shadows of our lives, and our minds, and discover whether how we are living and doing align with Reverence for Life. At first this might seem difficult. Fear tends to dog our efforts as if what we find will be something terrible, something we cannot face. But there is nothing in creation that is not good. And it is also the case with these areas that we have been ignoring within ourselves and in the greater humanity. We will discover great wisdoms and treasures from whence we can grow our new life and re-create the world. The metaphorical ashes from whence the Phoenix rises. Or another analogy is that from these remnants of a conveniently ignored way of thinking and being, we discover these frailties to be fertilizer for our new garden. The garden of a new life and world. It is apparent that our ways of many things are not in alignment with Spirit - polluted water, air, diminished soil, etc., etc. And the solutions are really elementary. These are well within our collective grasp and of course as individuals. In fact most of the solutions already exist.

We must ask ourselves why are we unwilling to implement these ways of being? What are we afraid of? It is apparent to me that these situations are about looking in our own closets, so to speak, to examine what skeletons are there. In truth we cannot hide from ourselves. We really know everything, whether we currently understand how this could be true. We cannot look to anyone but ourselves for the solutions. And we all have to take responsibility. There is no one who is going to clean up our mess for us. The next question is "What am I going to do?" Am I willing to let go of my "conveniences", my fears, in order to change? Am I willing to let go of all of my habits, at least those that do not align with Spirit (measured by Reverence for Life)?

I am positive that on the other side of this "letting go" is a whole new array of "conveniences", blessings, adventures that are so far beyond our imagined possibilities, at least, and especially, measured against this reality of collective mediocrity that we find ourselves immersed in. In fact, our track record in regards to our environmental position is a failure. On our current course as a species we will not survive. If you want a test, go consume five of the new cleaning products, or chemicals that are being put out into our environment for a couple of weeks and see how long you survive.

A few weeks back a very simple idea came to me for how we should decide whether or not a new chemical should be unleashed into the environment. It would be "can you drink it"? Radical? Of course based upon our current paradigm. But in Spirit, in Reverence for Life, I think we would discover it to be the only practical solution. In order for us to survive we need to be able to drink from the rivers again, to breathe the air.

I suspect, or at some level know, that once we start acting with this level of commitment to Reverence for Life (or honoring God´s creation) that a whole new spectrum of possibilities will open up to us. Things beyond those proposed by science fiction, or in our dreams. This is because this will allow us to tap into the powers of Creation, of Life, of Love. Instead of going against the flows of life, which is apparent from the resistance and destructiveness of our current methods, we will tap into the force and power that created All That Is. If it can do this, like create the entire Cosmos and all life (not even considering the infinite), what possibilities exist if we work in cooperation with it? Try to imagine the possibilities.

And this is not about getting angry or blaming anyone, especially ourselves. That is another trap of the old consciousness, guilt, blame, etc. And we did it this way for a reason. We may not see why with clarity for awhile, but eventually we will.

The key is to take responsibility, change our behaviors, and act from an ethic of Reverence for Life, or the Golden Law. But this is not just about people, it must be for all of life. Because all of life, physical, material expression is an expression of Spirit.

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