Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waiting for You

We are One.
Living as two.
But two is not the truth,
of this you can be sure.
The One created this illusory reality,
In order to define,
An expression outside itself.
That being only love.
But that experiment is now complete.
A new reality will emerge.
A continuation of Divine Love.
But contrary to what we think we know,
this will truly be one of Free Will.
No longer vibrationally concurred.
A new opening will emerge.
Transitioning us to experience infinite Love.
But the choice will always be yours.
As it truly always has.
This adventure will emerge.
from the thoughts and fears you have.
So process now your ancient woes.
Replace with only Peace and Love.
From That which all emerges.
This peace yours and ours.
You will find it in your heart.
It is accessible through your Breath.
And yes, it is as simple as that!
But be diligent dear one.
For the new world will respond.
With eagerness and joy.
Delivering your wildest dreams.
Whether of fear or joy.
But if regrets or hate be your dominant trait,
that will assure that fate.
So come now to trust God.
The One who's always been,
supporting you.
One single breath - One by One.
A new amazing world awaits.
One fully immersed in Love.
But the actual experience,
will be totally up to you.
As it always has.
So now my friend, my love
What will You choose?
Your experience waits for you.

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