Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finding OurSelves

It seems that everybody "thinks" they are looking for something. In the end we are looking for ourselves. We are with ourselves so there is nothing necessary to accomplish. So, after you discover this simple fact, then you can get on with the business at hand - to Be and Create - if that is what you choose.

You are your Breath - this a simple but incredibly empowering thing to know, feel and Be. This is revealed through many, if not all, of the great spiritual sources* and has been "downloaded", once again, by our dear friend Desmond Green. We are Sharing this download.

So how do you find that you are yourself and that you are not lost? It is time for some Self Study - we have some suggested readings and contemplations.

1. The Practice, by Desmond Green (included in the book Global Citizenship Passport
2. When Love Guides Your Thoughts, compiled and edited by Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D.
3. The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles
4. The Master Key, by Charles Haanel

If you read these books and do your best to allow the ideas to sink into your mind, consciousness and heart you will have begun the process of establishing a new foundation in your life.

However, if you are not motivated to read or study, the most important book to allow to influence your life and how you proceed, is The Practice.

Also, Conscious Deep Breathing as a discipline will do more as a single activity than any other practice. However, reading, accepting and contemplating the other principles will accelerate and enhance your ability to create the life you are yearning for.

A simple truth - if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.

Why not allow your breath to show you a new way? and allow the Spirit of Divine Love to move through you, while you are conscious of it, and have your life be transformed.

Come join us at the Global Breath Consciousness Institute and Reverence for Life Fellowship

*Your Breath - The Key, by Andrew Skadberg

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