Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mother's love

Mother cosmos
from your womb comes all
winter, spring, summer and fall
life emerges from within
breathing, growing, no hesitating, spiraling spin
love manifesting, in myriad forms
passions embrace, supporting norms
cascading, dancing, swirling
singing, procuring, twirling
observations in wonder
eye appreciate, in spite of illusory asunder
questions, doubts
worries about
what might have been, what is, what will be
all just imaginations, configurations, of part, of what's free
in my now, breathing moment do eye attend to the play
trusting this natural, full-filling process to stay
in peace, harmony, and bliss
there is absolutely, positively, nothing amiss
a wonder-full adventure embarked upon
morning, evening and night until dawn
does your infinite loving presence so support
the unlimited abundance of perfect rapport
in the present now moment
do eye accept without foment
your eternal, loving embrace
without fear, remorse, shame, yes no trace
my love is undying
of this eye realize without vying
because its from you
and for this eye'll be true