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Team/Individual Experience Plan & Study Guide ~ Newday Wellness

Working Together – Coaching, teams/tribes - Collaboration with  Newday Wellness
creating a life-long Practice and fellowship of personal and group support.

Here is Newday's curriculum for your Multi-dimensional healing/wellness experience in Kochi, India.

Consider this an individual actualization course. The following materials have been compiled over a 32 year process of spiritual growth, seeking and individual transformation,
Shared by Dr. Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D. (Andy)

The following outline sets up a "course", or preparation for both individuals and groups who are participating in the Newday Wellness experience, or for that matter, any new venture into personal growth and transformation. The following are suggestions for individuals to read, contemplate and potentially use as guideposts for discovering YOUR-SELF, which ultimately is what we are all here to discover (quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson). This resource is closely associated with the Reverence for Life University which was officially launched in Jamaica in 1994, and has since been evolving into the "University of You!" At the bottom of this post you will find several Websites that are available for individual, community and organization re-creation.

Two quotes to start are "We are all in this together" and "Be the Love and Peace You want to Experience in the World" ~ Andy

“Authority without vision is the author of much confusion.” Desmond Donald Green

Our Vision is to create harmonious playing/working relationships to fulfill the members of the group’s personal aspirations and visions; to support the whole being, spiritual, physical, mental. To create an environment which maintains integrity of the group while assuring that no member “falls through the cracks”. Where, potentially, a long-term support and encouragement group is formed to allow each of the members to thrive and realize their personal potentials to the fullest. To create a fun and full-filling experience that will inspire each person to go realize the potential of NOW and to go forward with their lives with enthusiasm, joy and abundance. Eye Am Breathing this Reality into Being, NOW.

Mantra: "MY BREATH IS MY PARADISE OF ORIGINAL SWEETNESS" - it is recommended that this be repeated as often as possible, either verbally, or in thought.

Timelessness of the Experience
Our now moments reach into our future and past. We can transform our past by changing a belief now. As we embrace each now, our future is altered. 


All of your physical, mental and spiritual abilities are focused together, then in the brilliant concentration of "present" experience. You are not at the mercy of the past, or of previous convictions, unless you believe that you are. If you fully comprehend your power in the present, you will realize that action at that point also alters the past, its beliefs and your reactions.

In other words I am telling you that your present beliefs, in a manner of speaking, are like the directions given to the entire personality, simultaneously organizing and reorganizing past experience according to your current concepts of reality.

The future--the probable future--is being altered in the same way, or course. To look backward for the source of current problems can lead you into the habit of seeking only negative episodes from your past, and prevent you from experiencing it as a source of pleasure, accomplishment, or success (very intently).

You are structuring your earlier life through the dissatisfaction of the present, and therefore reinforcing your problems.

It is as if you were reading a history book that was devoted only to the failures, cruelties and errors of the race, ignoring all of its accomplishments. Such practices can lead you to use your own "history" so that it gives a very distorted picture of who and what you are--a picture that then paints your present circumstances.

Those given to such practices--constant examination of the past in order to discover what is wrong in the present--too often miss the point. Instead, they constantly reinforce the negative experience from which they are trying to escape. Their initial problems were caused precisely as a result of the same kind of thinking. A great many unsatisfactory conditions result because individuals become frightened at various periods in their lives, doubt themselves, and begin to concentrate of "negative" aspects.

The question. "What is wrong with me?" will only lead you to create further limitations, and to reinforce those that you do have, through exaggerating such activities in the present and projecting them into the future.

Which you? Which world? These questions are to be answered in the "now" as you understand it, through the realization that your power of action is in the present and not in the past. Your only effective point of changing any aspect of your world lies in that miraculous instant connection of spirit and self through neurological impact.  

To rid yourself of annoying restrictions then, my dear friend, you repattern your past from the present. Whatever your circumstances, you use the past as a rich source looking through it for your successes, restructuring it. When you search it looking for what is wrong, then you become blind to what was right, in those terms, so that the past only mirrors the shortcomings that now face you.

Excerpt from Seth book, Nature of Personal Reality, by Jane Roberts

 Basic Texts – Required Reading
The Practice ( Global Citizenship Passport as pdf), by Desmond D. Green
Angels in Experience, by Dawn Vaz-Green - available from Lulu for purchase.

There are several Web portals associated with this project. The main portal is the Reverence for Life University

Application of The Practice for both the Individual and the Group
The Practice will provide the foundational principles/guidelines for both the individual and the group experience. The reason is to keep the group dynamics based on solid footing while keeping the process of group communications and interactions as simple as possible. Of course, each group is free to develop their own processes based on their own ideas or referencing other materials and experience.
Our emphasis on The Practice is simply to provide guidelines that will keep the group playing and working together for the common goals of the individuals and the group. Special attention should be given to the principles of “Trust”, “Spirit of Generosity” and “Breath Based vs Imaged Based Relationships”.

Here is a General Outline of the preparation for this Course/Experience
1. Preparations - for trip, familiarization with Newday program and India experience.
2. Studying, contemplation, journaling.
3. Specific preparations for travel.
4. Completing the preliminary reading and reflection and writing.
5. Preparing, adjusting, contributing to be part of the team experience.
6. Study Newday process and expectations/requirements.
7. Prepare personal Study guide, plan and statement as extensive as desired.
 - see Recreation Experience Model -
8. Travel to
9. Onsite Experience
10. Return home, and processing of the experience


Although every person, ultimately, determines what their benefits will be from any experience, we do have some suggestions for what could be expected as a result of their participation in the Newday (Reverence for Life) experiences. Here are those suggestions: (r = required, s = suggested)

~ Vision/Mission Statement (r)
      It would be highly beneficial for each student/participant to have a written statement of their Vision that  results from their experiences. (More information can be found at the Vision Excelerator about the importance of written, "non-contradictory" statements about a person's intention for themselves.)
~ Continuation Plan (Health, Wellness, Excercise, Practice) (r)
     Newday (RFL) will Share a specific set of activities to continue the health and wellness benefits of the experiences. This item is about developing a personal plan/strategy for continuing the experiences after we return from India. This item may or may not include activities with your team/tribe.
~ Vision Strategy - Life, Bigger Picture (s) - what do you want to create? Who are you? What is your grandest dream? What would like to create as a legacy?
~ Completed journal with reflections from experiences (r)
    - this is each persons personal property. There will be no requirement to share this with anyone, unless the participant desires to share with others. There may be some benefits to Sharing, but truly there will be no expectations to do so.
~ Ideas for continuing working with team/tribe (s)
~ Bucket list (s)
    - inspired by the movie "The Bucket List", this would be an initial set of life experiences that each participant is interested in experiencing. There will be a lot of latitude for how this is expressed.

~ what do you want to add?

Recommended Reading – outside, some of these books are included as digital books available for download and on the memory stick provided with this experience.
Other Recommended Reading
Trust Your Breath by Desmond D. Green - pdf
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz - pdf
Dreaming Yourself Awake by B. Alan Wallace
Bhagavad Gita - I personally really appreciate the translation by Juan Mascaro
Nature & Walking, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau
The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles - pdf
The Master Key by Charlees Haanel - pdf
The Mouse and the Magician by Dawn Vaz-Green
The Leader Who is Hardly Known by Stephen V. Simpson
The Processing Pinnacle by Stephen V. Simpson
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
Jesus the Son of Man pdf, by Kahil Gibran
When Love Guides Your Thoughts pdf edited by Andrew N. Skadberg, Ph.D.
Autobiography of a Yogi  pdf, by Paramahansa Yogananda
Spirit Guides We Are Not Alone by Iris Belhayes
Law of One Series pdf by Ra
The Nature of Personal Reality, A Seth Book, by Jane Roberts

Ask Questions - and Answer, Eventually
~ What do I hope to get out of the experience?
~ What do I need to heal, physical/mental/spiritual/emotional?
~ What am I willing to do to change?
~ How am I willing to adapt to work effectively with my team/tribe?
~ The experience starts now (see Recreation Experience Model) and goes until . . . . ?
~ I Am my own living art project/sculpture/symphony! Who, what, do I want to BE and do?
~ What can I give/share with Newday and this process we are creating? (see Spirit of Generosity, The
~ What am I willing to let go of/surrender? (I have a Vision, essay by Andy Skadberg)
~ What fears or concerns do I have?
~ How committed am I to this process?
~ How open am I to new ideas?
~ Am I willing to change?
~ What Vision do I have for my life from this point forward? Dreams. Aspirations.

Prepatory Essays to Read: written and/or compiled by Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D.
If you enjoy the above essays, you may want to read a few more that you can access from these links.
Is There a Lack of Energy - an examination of the idea of "scarcity", which is predominant in our economic system.
Light Star Study Group
Calling All to Action - Evaluation, Examination, Introspection
Essays by Albert Schweitzer 
World Proclamation of Emancipation 2011
The Practice - the Breath Process

Other Web sites associated with this process
The Moods Channel - Desmond Green
Vision Excelerator - Idea, organization, business incubation
Global Breath Consciousness Institute
Rural Innovation Institute
Eye Am Sharing
Breathe Consciously
Experience Co-Evolution Group - Consultancy for region, community, business development, diversification and tourism
Buddha Relics Quad Cities

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