Saturday, October 29, 2016

Basic IN-Structions

The reason doubts and fears feel debilitating is because they are. Built in are the urgings to stop the mental process that is triggering the feelings (from the solar plexus, or heart area :: not the head = emotions). Usually the thoughts are ventures into the past or future, which are not real, and constructs of the matrix and the money game. The only place of power is the present. NOW. Heed the feelings, prompts and stop the mental train. Take charge of the Self Talk (whether internal or external) and replace with your affirmational dialog. Use your mantras. Appreciate your breath. Breath Deeply and Consciously. Notice your surroundings. Feel the senses of your body. Release the image-based thoughts and ideas. Calm the mental chatter, noise and static. Be present. Go Home! It is your body. And it is giving you perfect feedback to center yourself and know - you are always perfectly supported by Infinite Love!

You Are A Cosmic Superstar!!!!

Doubt = (dwelling on understandings back in time)
Fear = (future events appearing real)

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