Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The New Jericho

As the walls of the New Jericho come tumbling down, or the veil is lifted, or the curtain is pulled back on the Wizard, many will be shocked and astounded to learn of the atrocities that have been perpetrated IN YOUR NAME!

Fear not. While these discoveries pass before your eyes, if you act with steadfastness and Charity, the knowing of Reverence for Life can become the foundation of your journeys forward. Ultimately, these events have no lasting bearing because the Truth is that this the ONE's experience(s), not ours. As Shakespeare wrote "All the world's a stage, all the men and women merely players."

The Power of Life is such a simple Truth. We all exist in ONE BREATH. The horrors and the stories we repeat become ours. If we believe them, they become ours. If we argue for them, the become our possessions.

The beautiful, loving design ordained by God, All That Is, The One Infinite Creator has built in protections. We cannot, in no shape or form, "screw it up."

We get to experience it! As if it is ours. Which it is. Because we are one with the ONE.

The formula for life is simple - Live with the greatest loving intent that you can day to day, progressively. Bring this energy into all of your dealings, to the best of your ability.

The dualistic mind is a tricky one. It has a real hard time accepting the fact that there in only ONE thing here.

This is not a problem. One bodies and our Breath knows. Our life experiences occur by what we do with our next breath. And our mind can be trained to fall into it's proper role through The Practice and Breath Tapping.

The image-based consciousness cannot be reasoned with That does not matter. What matters is to do things that make you feel at peace. Become Breath Conscious. Become Breath Appreciative. Connect with the Mother Earth - spending time in nature connecting your heart - we call it "Hearthing".

Replacing all of the "busy-ness" of the image-based reality, which is crumbling like the Berlin Wall, find the Joys. Love, Life, that is Being delivered to YOU, Right Directly In Your Face - 25,000 times a day.

This is your. This is you. This is all of Ours.

We are all in this together. Because there is no way to get out.

Live it. Enjoy it. Revere it.


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