Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Vastness of Self

If we expect to have freedoms, then we must extend freedoms to others. Prior to realizing our own powers and before understanding the nature of what constitutes the totality of our own being we rarely "tune in" to our own natural freedoms. As a result, we manifest unwillingness to grant full freedom to others. We justify this usually be mistrusting others to use freedoms wisely.

These attitudes are the result of the lack of an ability to recognize the scope and vastness of the self and that of others. The idea that the whole being is the personality that directs and uses a body is the basic idea that gets us into trouble. For us to deny our vastness is similar to having a hair on the head deny the existence of the rest of the body.

We are so vast as beings that our strength and power if totally unleashed upon this plane would cause energy vortexes of devastating power unparalleled in any universe.

Imagine, if you will, a man 75,000 feet tall trying to step into a doll's house without wrecking it. That is a pale description of the wide disparity between the power and size of a being and the size of this universe. This universe is so small that in order for us to play in it we must miniaturize a tiny part of ourselves. We simply dip a toe into it. When we dip our big toe into the water the whole body experiences it -- the warmth, the wetness, the delightful sensation -- it is the same with the way we dip a small part of ourselves into the physical universe, planet Earth.

Not, our big toe is in now way totally representative of our body as a whole, yet it is a very real and vital part of the structure. Our big toe cannot understand the vastness of the whole body any more than we can totally understand the vastness of our whole being as long as we are in a physical universe trance state.

No one can tell us in truth that we can never know ourselves. It simply isn't true. We can not but know ourselves.

We are so vast as beings that our strength and power, vitality and love can change entire worlds. We can change our worlds into whatever we wish them to be. We can change this one into a world of peace, love, unity, laughter and fun. We can learn to create art so devastatingly wonderful that people will stand for days looking at it without moving. We can create a world that almost reflects our vastness as beings. There is no physical plane that can fully reflect us as we really are. All that we are simply cannot be reflected or contained in any physical universe.

Now, when we refer to this world as small and ourselves as large, understand that these are terms relative to the physical universe only. Large and small are comparative terms and are only of value in the describing of physical structures. There is no measure of the "size" of a being. But for purposes of laying out a concept, these are the criteria upon which we can share reality with you.

The use of a jet engine to power a child's tricycle would certainly result in its destruction as well as part of the neighborhood. The size, thrust and power of a being if introduced fully into this plane would simply annihilate it.

We Relate to This Universe In Several Ways

1. Temporary and partial suspension of Real Reality.
2. Telepathic recognition of its structure and content.
3. Energy thrusts from inner beingness to physical body.
4. Telepathic recognition of societal agreements.
5. Willingness to play the game of physical existence and take the inherent consequences of it.
6. Telepathic agreements concerning the laws of this universe -- just how far we will or will not stretch the laws in order to satisfy our goals.

excerpt from pp 56-57 Spirit Guides: We Are Not Alone, by Iris Belhayes with Enid

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