Saturday, December 8, 2012

A little chuckle

Love always wins,
because love dissolves,
winners and losers,
it reaches around
all boundaries
no conflicts, no travails,
love, loves.
Always, all-ways.
Like the breath solves
all problems
because none exist
the mind says "yes" or "no"
"right" or "wrong"
the breath supplies both
and you and me.
When I say "hate",
it rides the breath.
No thoughts solve
infinite conundrums, perplexities,
but the breath does
it goes "ha" "ha" "ha"
silly mind, just trust me
I'm your supply
and it's OK, you can play your game
but when you get tired, or weary
or heavy, or dreary
just turn back to me
I'll always be here
All That Is
That you are experiencing
It's what I'm here for
But when you tire of one game
There will be another
If you choose peace, love and abundance,
guess what?

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