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Reverence for Life, Golden Way, The Practice

The Practice, 8 simple principles as a practical integration of Reverence for Life into one's life.

I believe these principles will provide a simple set of guidelines (state of mind or attitude) for individuals to successfully create in the energy of Love, or Unity Consciousness. This is the new platform for creation, the new reality, or operating system, that we have moved into. No more contradictory creation.

This model is scalable, meaning it will work for individuals, small groups, communities, organizations, etc.

8 Principles/steps of The Practice - Reverence for Life, as shared by Desmond

1. Breath Consciousness - (video about Breathing, Desmond Green)
2. Languaging (Self talk) - what are we saying, in our spoken words, in our mental conversations
(The Power of Words, video Desmond Green).
3. Nutrition - the old adage "You are what you eat".
4. Playfulness (exercise) - how are we using our bodies, are we active? - Moods - Tracking
5. Vision - if a course has not been set for one's life, how can one expect to arrive at a destination (like a ship). - I have a Vision, an essay I wrote incorporating quotes from Jesus, Lao Tsu, Gita
6. Complete Self Acceptance - you were made perfect, you are loved. Do you believe this? This point addresses directly was Desmond speaks of regarding "accusational theology and psychology".
7. Spirit of Generosity - as the Beatles sang "the love you take, is equal to the love you make". Are you sharing?
8. Trust - whether we know this, we live by trust. We trust the sun will shine, the earth will rotate on its axis, our molecules will maintain their integrity. Only in the human consciousness has the idea of not trusting become prevalent. It is not serving us. free Pdf, Global Citizenship Passport   ::   Daily Template pdf 1 page

I have come to the conclusion that Reverence for Life, as realized by Albert Schweitzer is equivalent to what we most commonly know as "The Golden Rule" - "do unto others as you would have done unto you" - Jesus. I personally believe this is the "Golden Way", as rules can and will be broken. This is a statement of the operation of the cosmos.

How do we simplify this model is an essay I wrote on The Golden Rule and Reverence for Life.
How to live is another essays which introduces how practical Reverence for Life is.

As we develop teams, helping them work together, but also to know that they are creating with the purest of intentions, that will be in alignment with the New Earth, Unity Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness.

Conscious, Conscientious Self Consciousness - aware of all of life as aspects of "other Self".

My brother Torbjorn said to me in 1981 "how can you expect others to love you if you don't love yourself". I processed/digested this and wrote the experience down in 1997 - "Realization of Self Love".


this is the evidence and the action of ONE LOVE which All are contained and supported within.
Love Transcends   ::    Your Promise     ::     Love is the Motivator     ::     Unusual Love Messages

"We Are All In This Together" - is a statement of truth. We are One Life, on this Earth, in the Cosmos. My understanding of this was placed in me in an experience from 1979 - Thirty Years to Tell This Story
The Big Picture - In Simple Terms

From the movie Avatar, "you cannot put anything in a full cup". Our breath is the ultimate metaphor for this concept. Why do we believe we have to accumulate stuff?

The Breath - empty your cup (exhale), fill your cup (inhale).

For more information, or a course on "success working in teams", see this Team Individual Experience Plan/Study Guide

For a more advanced interpretation of The Practice and how it integrates into the human experience see
"The Practice - The Breath Process"

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The Moods Channel - Desmond Green's dedicated Web channel.
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