Sunday, September 14, 2014

What is happening

 A friend on Facebook posted something about giving truth serum to leaders, and that if we take death out of the picture there is nothing to be afraid of. It inspired this response, which was something I have been pondering as of late. Just hadn't put it into words.

Andy Skadberg Beautiful Sophie Maya - take death out of the "show" and all of our drama looks pretty funny. We don't get this upset when we watch a movie, and we are the movie makers here. And I believe most of us are pretty tired of the weirdness and are ready for something new.

If I bring that NEW into MY experience, INSIDE, and really feel that knowing and joy, there is no way I won't experience it on the outside. That is our joy, to come out of this "apparent" dream.

I used to say as a kid "I like to hit my head against the wall because it feels so good when I stop." When we, collectively, look back on all our sad stories, we will be so happy. They are not sustainable. Life, Love, God did not come here to kill itself. We create, and live all of our experiences so simply, it has escaped us. One Breath at a Time. We can find Joy in each breath. It puts us in the NOW. When we can know, own, love and be happy to own all that we have experienced, felt, perceived, thought, etc., etc. - it is all ours, and we can be joyful for all of it. We, EACH, are the center of creation. One Breath at a Time. My friend, Desmond Green, who introduced me to my breath has dreams that predict the future. He has his whole life and he has been around awhile. He recently called and told me he had a dream where we were having an incredibly joyful party, dancing, cheering, etc. We are very close. The key is to get the mother of all skill-sets. Breath Consciousness. We have been creating with the cart before the horse. It is time to get things in place, knowing we are already in place, and supported by Infinite Love. We always have been, we just weren't told about it. But our experience can show us it is true. It has been so "in our face" we missed it. Even 20,000 times a day.

To have an argument against is a simple test. Blow out all of the air from your body. Then make an argument (without breathing in). Stay stopped breathing. It is simple, doesn't require any analysis. It is happening to us. We are being forced to go through this. Like when a baby is going to be born, there is no "putting it back". And I am sure it is pretty uncomfortable being squeezed like that. But we can know the thing that is behind it knows exactly what is going down. We are supported and going to a very, very wonderful place - right here on Earth.

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